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The Jim Stroud Podcast explores the discoveries and trends forming the future of our lives. Brain to brain communication, robot bosses, microchip implants for workers and immortality as an employee benefit are all happening now! If you want to know what's next, subscribe to this podcast and visit to read the transcript and view related resources. | I am conducting a listener survey. Please take 30 seconds to complete this form. Thank you in advance.


Killer Robots are Real and They're Coming to Get You!
Show Details12min 2s
IAR: How To Turn Job Descriptions into Marketing Pieces
Show Details24min 47s
IAR: My Interview with Jeff Amster
Show Details28min
TRL: Tattoos in the Workplace
Show Details23min 8s
Listener Update - 9.19.19
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IAR: My Interview with Sachin Gupta, CEO of HackerEarth
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Up next... Synthetic Brains
Show Details13min 53s
Robots are Now Hiring Humans
Show Details13min 58s
The Future of Marketing is Product Placement
Show Details8min 24s
Would you take the death test?
Show Details8min 7s
Is the future of work at home or at the office?
Show Details18min 16s
The Future of Work is Racism
Show Details17min 27s
I Don't Trust The Media. This is Why...
Show Details14min 22s
Hashtag Delete Facebook
Show Details15min 5s
Immortality for Sale But, Who Wants to Live Forever?
Show Details13min 19s
How To Hire Ex-Offenders [Cheri Garcia Interview]
Show Details34min 56s
Why are we so lonely? I blame social media.
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The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Business
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Listener Update - 7.6.2019
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What happens to your data when you die?
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Listener Update - 6.15.19
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Freedom of Thought
Show Details11min 43s
What is The Jim Stroud Podcast all about?
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Amazon wants to know more, more and more about you!
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Listener Update - 5.27.19
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Google Tracks Everything You Buy
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Big Brother in the Office
Show Details10min 50s
Mo' Data, Mo' Problems
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Listener Update - May 3, 2019
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So, machines are firing people now?
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Transhumanism and Discrimination in the Future of Work
Show Details13min 32s
Big Data Knows You’re Going to Quit Your Job Before You Do
Show Details11min 28s
Is it right to profit on prison labor?
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Listener Update - April 1, 2019
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Would you work for a machine?
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The Pros and Cons of Predictive Policing
Show Details12min 9s
Whatever happened to employee privacy?
Show Details8min 13s
The Future of Student Loan Debt
Show Details8min 10s
Who will win the Minimum Wage Fight for 15?
Show Details13min 7s
When will robots replace recruiters?
Show Details12min 33s
Big Brother Goes Shopping
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Facebook Is Not Your Friend
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Barcoding the Homeless
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Discussing Trump in the Workplace
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Would you ride in a car without a driver?
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How To Stop Tech Addiction
Show Details12min 13s
Privacy is dead and dying more each day
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Santa Claus & the Free Gift of Universal Basic Income
Show Details13min 26s
What happens when designer babies enter the workforce?
Show Details12min 25s
A Future Talk with Dr. Tracey Wilen
Show Details21min 33s
Microchipping Employees is a No-good, Horrible and Terrible Idea
Show Details9min 10s
How Emerging Technology is Disrupting the Training and Development Industry
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Listener Update - Happy Thanksgiving 2018
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Is Immortality the Best Employee Benefit?
Show Details9min 13s
Proud Parents are Enabling the Identity Theft of their Kids
Show Details9min 7s
This is what happens when you crowdsource morality!
Show Details6min 21s
Human Cloning: The Answer to Talent Scarcity
Show Details12min 4s
Brain to Brain Communication… Its a thing.
Show Details8min 34s
How 2 Recruit Like a Developer
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