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easy a's

we are best friends with a decade between us, each on an awakening journey. we believe that life should be easy...not to say it won't be complicated, but we are committed to living a life with more ease and less struggle. join us on the journey!


easy as...doing what feels good
Show Details20min 48s
easy as...tarot + intuition
Show Details44min 44s
easy as...getting back in the saddle
Show Details36min 49s
easy as...feeding your soul
Show Details1hr 1min
easy as...shadow work
Show Details45min 35s
easy as...reframing cancer
Show Details57min 37s
easy as...squirrel talk edition
Show Details38min 59s
easy as...awakening
Show Details1hr
easy as...showing up
Show Details44min 34s
easy as...unblocking limiting beliefs
Show Details44min 5s
easy as...beans
Show Details36min 35s
easy as...universal timing
Show Details39min 42s