Stand in the face of compromise | Gary Thompson

32m | Aug 13, 2023

Culture is always changing and reshaping. Some of these changes leave followers of Jesus(God) in conflict. What do you do when all that you believe in seems to be pressed down and pushed aside by culture? How do you handle the pressure to compromise who God has called you to be and do? What will we do when the very things we believe and hold true land us in the bullseye of cancel(culture), criticism, contempt, or even incarceration? The good news is that in every circumstance and situation, God’s Word has the answer for us. How we live, think, act, and respond to an ever-changing culture has been laid out for us. The book of Daniel is a great example of how to do these things. In Daniel we see believers in such a conflict. They are being pinched, pressured and even mandated to abandon their faith. In Daniel we see the response of God followers. They STAND. In the face of great hostility, they STAND. In the areas of compromise, they STAND. Instead of abandoning their faith, they STAND in it. In next 4 weeks, we will look at these faithful followers and learn lessons that are so applicable to our lives today. We will learn to STAND.

Eastridge Church South Campus