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The Power Trip: A Journey Through the Power Rangers Franchise

To celebrate the 29th anniversary of Power Rangers, Michael Hamilton (Kaiju Weekly, The Kaiju Groupie Podcast) and Nathan Marchand (The Monster Island Film Vault, Henshin Men) embark on a journey through every season of the famous morphenomenal franchise.


Episode 24 - Power Rangers: Beast Morphers
Show Details4hr 33min
Episode 23: Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Show Details4hr 9min
Lightning Round #13 – The Monster Island Film Vault, Episode 61: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers – ‘Green with Evil’ (Reupload, Abridged)
Show Details1hr 43min
Lightning Round #12: Pumpkin Rapper Spice (MMPR S1 EP. 25 & 54)
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 22: Saban’s Power Rangers (2017) | Ft. Jack ‘GMan’ Hudgens
Show Details3hr 27min
Episode 21: Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge | Ft. Alex Cornett of Monsters vs. Men
Show Details3hr 46min
Lightning Round #11: A Conversation with Ron Wasserman
Show Details1hr 4min
Lightning Round #10: Power Rangers Unauthorized Crossover with The Giant Sized Violence Podcast
Show Details1hr 25min
Episode 20: Power Rangers (Super) Megaforce
Show Details4hr 13min
Lightning Round #9: Power Rangers: Dino Fury Season 2 Part 2 First Reactions
Show Details51min 29s
Lightning Round #8: A Conversation with Jackie Marchand
Show Details1hr 54min
Episode 19: Power Rangers (Super) Samurai | Ft. Billy and Jimmy Wilson of Zeo to Hero
Hide Details3hr 30min

To kick off the Neo-Saban and Hasbro Eras, Michael and Nathan bring on Jimmy and Billy of the Zeo to Hero podcast—which leads to some sibling squabbles between the guests! Why? Because Billy requested to guest host for Power Rangers Samurai. This series infamously adapted its Sentai counterpart, Shinkenger, exactly, going so far as to have a Caucasian red ranger with a Japanese last name. Then they set it in the most western-looking “Japanese” city ever. Talk about awkward! Nathan loses his mind over how awful the premiere is—even going so far as to issue an apology to the Turbo movie! When Rantmaster apologizes, you know it’s bad. But is it the worst they’ve seen? Listen to find out!





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Our theme songs are from the album Power of the Grid by Niall Stenson. We also use “Galaxy Quest (Instrumental)” by HeavenWraith from the OCRemix album Jet Force Gemini: Mizar Attacks! All film and audio clips belong to their respective copyright holders, and no infringement is intended or implied. 

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3hr 30min
Published Sep 16, 2022 at 7:30pm
Lightning Round #7: All Podcasts Attack Special: Days of the Dead: All Monsters Attack Convention
Show Details1hr 15min
Lightning Round #6: Ranking the Disney Era of Power Rangers / MMPR Re-Versioned
Show Details1hr 37min
Episode 18: Power Rangers RPM | Ft. Chris Cooke
Show Details4hr 9min
Episode 17: Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Show Details3hr 41min
Episode 16 - Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive
Show Details3hr 39min
Episode 15: Power Rangers Mystic Force
Show Details3hr 29min
Episode 14: Power Rangers SPD (feat. J.R. Villers of The Drift Space)
Show Details3hr 55min
Episode 13 - Power Rangers: Dino Thunder (feat. Kaiju Kim)
Show Details3hr 22min
Episode 12 - Power Rangers: Ninja Storm
Show Details2hr 44min
Episode 11: Power Rangers Wild Force
Show Details3hr 7min
Lightning Round #5: Ranking the Saban Era of Power Rangers
Show Details1hr 24min
Episode 10: Power Rangers Time Force
Show Details3hr 32min
Episode 09: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Show Details2hr 50min
Lightning Round #4: Nathan's Power Trip to Indiana Comic-Con to Meet Jason David Frank
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 08 - Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy
Show Details2hr 43min
Episode 07: Power Rangers In Space
Show Details2hr 35min
Episode 06 - Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie / Power Rangers Turbo
Show Details2hr 8min
Lightning Round #3: An Interview with Karl Dutton, Creator of Power Rangers: The Audio Drama
Show Details1hr 23min
Episode 05: Power Rangers Zeo
Show Details2hr 43min
Lightning Round #2: "Glow up of Squabbling Hoboes" (feat. Jim and Billy of the Zeo to Hero Podcast)
Show Details1hr 43min
Episode 04: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Season 3) / Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers
Show Details2hr 5min
Lightning Round #1: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Eps. 113-115 – ‘A Friend in Need’ | The Power Trip x Henshin Men
Show Details1hr 38min
Episode 03: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie
Show Details1hr 36min
Episode 02: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (Season 2)
Show Details1hr 45min
Episode 01: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (Season 1)
Show Details1hr 54min
Episode 00: "Day of the Info Dump-ster" (Introduction to The Power Trip Podcast)
Show Details59min 39s
TRAILER - The Power Trip: A Journey through the Power Rangers Franchise
Show Details1min 19s