• Maggie O’Neill: Vote For Your Daughter

    Listen to Maggie O’Neill discuss why she strongly believes that art can support and drive societal change. For over two decades, Maggie has contributed to the vibrant arts scene of Washington D.C. making her name and work synonymous with artistic innovation, entrepreneurship, and activism. Her newest project, Vote For Your Daughter, leverages the visual and emotional impact of 51 statues representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Each statue was designed to educate voters about the challenges facing women and girls, and spark conversation, foster empathy, and inspire action. While the statues are all similar, no two are alike. That is because the issues facing women are different in every state. The most important thing is to be aware of the issues, and use our power and vote, specifically, vote for our daughters.


    Join Maggie and Dr. Nancy for a powerful conversation about how much we need to raise the bar to help regain individual freedoms for women and girls.

    30m - Mar 22, 2024
  • Jasmine K. Minhas: Advocating for Social Justice

    Learn how Jasmine Minhas uses her principles of selfless service (seva) from her Sikh upbringing and her unwavering commitment to equity and justice to demonstrate how a single person can be a force for change.

    With a degree in French, history and science from Bucknell University, she isn’t waiting for her law degree to work for systemic change. Among her many professional achievements, Jasmine played a pivotal role in the enactment of historic gun safety legislation in Delaware, shared her talents with ACLU of Delaware and is volunteering on two state campaigns for office. And she’s only getting started. Don’t miss this story of the power found in serving others.

    30m - Mar 8, 2024
  • Christian Nunes - Fighting for Equality

    Join us in exploring the dynamic leadership of Christian Nunes, the second African American president of the National Organization for Women (NOW). Through her inclusive and intersectional approach, Nunes is reshaping the future of feminism in the United States. Discover how her background in social work and community organizing drives NOW's initiatives for marginalized communities, advocating for gender, racial, and immigrant rights. Learn how Nunes' personal journey, despite initial hesitation with the term "feminism," aligns with NOW's mission to empower women from all walks of life. Don't miss out on this inspiring story of resilience and activism! 

    31m - Feb 27, 2024
  • Brianna Baker-Championing Justice for Black Girls Nationwide

    Discover the inspiring journey of Brianna Baker as she leads the charge for justice and empowerment for Black girls across the country. From personal experiences to nationwide advocacy and program development that creates safe spaces and paths for Black girls to thrive. Witness how Brianna is transforming the narrative and celebrating the talents and abilities of Black girls. Join the movement and uplift Black girls everywhere. Visit justiceforblackgirls.com to learn more and get involved.

    32m - Feb 13, 2024
  • Crystal Quade-A Rising Voice for Equality in Middle America

    As the 2024 election season unfolds, Crystal Quade has emerged as a powerful advocate for equality and working-class Americans in Middle America. Currently serving as Minority Leader in the Missouri House of Representatives, Crystal shares her journey from a challenging rural upbringing to becoming the first in her family to graduate high school and attend college. Now, she's on a mission to address the gaps in government support for middle America, vying to become Missouri's first female governor.

    26m - Jan 30, 2024
  • Elisa Parker-Empowering Tomorrow--Equal Voice, Equal Future for All

    Join us for an engaging discussion with Elisa Parker, with the ERA Coalition and Fund for Women’s Equality, as we dive into the intricate aspects of gender inequality and the pursuit of the Equal Rights Amendment. During this conversation, Elisa will shed light on her impactful work, which revolves around empowerment, opportunities, and collaboration. She will explore the intersections of media and advocacy, not only in Hollywood but also with women's voices organizations nationwide.

    28m - Jan 16, 2024
  • Zakiya Thomas-Bringing People Together to Make Equality a Reality

    Zakiya Thomas is President and CEO of the ERA Coalition and the Fund for Women’s Equality. An agent for change, Zakiya leads a diverse coalition of over 290 partner organizations, representing 80 million people, all fighting for equality. The Coalition advocates for gender, racial, and reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and much more under the unifying banner of sex equality and the goal to enshrine the Equal Rights Amendment into the US Constitution. Zakiya is an astute political strategist, adept campaign manager, and experienced nonprofit manager. Additionally, Zakiya is an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown Law teaching a nonpartisan course on how to run for political office and volunteers on several nonprofit boards ranging from protecting reproductive rights to individual financial empowerment.

    27m - Jan 2, 2024
  • Kathy Caprino-Guiding Women Toward Rewarding and Exceptional Careers

    Kathy Caprino has seen the power that can be unleashed when women discover and unlock their potential. As an international career and leadership coach, writer, speaker, and educator, she is dedicated to helping women build rewarding and impactful careers. Her mission is to create what she calls “finding brave moments” that empower women to close the power gaps in their professional pursuits and soar to new heights.

    Kathy's commitment to empowering women led her to write "The Most Powerful You: Seven Bravery-Boosting Paths to Career Bliss." In her book, she explores the concept of power gaps, which are the ways women inadvertently give away their power or struggle to recognize their unique talents and accomplishments. Through her work, Kathy highlights the importance of women recognizing their strengths, standing out confidently, and embracing their true potential.

    34m - Dec 11, 2023
  • Kirthi Jayakumar and Keturah Shammah-Connecting and Uplifting Women Worldwide Through Mentorship

    Kirthi Jayakumar and Keturah Shammah are women driven by similar missions. While they grew up worlds apart, they were brought together through the power of World Pulse, an independent, women-led social network for social change. By harnessing the power of technology to accelerate women's leadership, the organization not only connecting women, it is speeding up the pace towards gender equity.

    32m - Nov 24, 2023
  • Julie Hermelin-Building Empathy and Influencing Change Through Storytelling

    Julie Hermelin is way out front in the drive to help social profit and for-profit organizations connect their messages with their audiences through impactful storytelling. As co-founder and managing partner of Gutsy Media, a narrative change storytelling studio, Julie is using storytelling to change the way we engage with complex issues and to transform the way people think. By opening what she calls “windows of consideration,” into the lives of her audiences, she frames the message in a way they can find themselves in it.

    22m - Nov 7, 2023
  • Tiffany Shlain and Sawyer Steele: Rallying for Equal Rights

    In a world yearning for positive change, Tiffany Shlain and Sawyer Steele emerge as two dynamic change-makers. Tiffany is an artist, Emmy-nominated filmmaker, celebrated author, and founder of the Webby Award. Complementing Tiffany's creative brilliance, Sawyer is an Emmy-nominated film producer and with Tiffany, co-founded Let It Ripple Film Studio. As successful as they are individually, Tiffany and Sawyer have also been an unstoppable force for good in their 17 years of working together. A common theme within their work is a call for unity, the idea that everyone's voice matters, and that their rights deserve unwavering protection.

    24m - Oct 24, 2023
  • Ashley Avis-Shattering Stereotypes and Creating Change Through Film

    Ashely Avis is an award-winning writer, director, editor, and passionate advocate for horses. She has completed five feature films and is the founder and president of the Wild Beauty Foundation.

    Her recent remake of "Black Beauty" for Disney+ not only modernized the classic tale but also shed light on the pressing issue of wild horse preservation in the American West. Witnessing the plight of wild horses during the filming process sparked her commitment to advocating for their protection and welfare. Through the Wild Beauty Foundation, Ashley seeks to bring about positive change for wild horses in the United States.

    Her most recent documentary, "Wild Beauty Mustang: Spirit of the West," is a journalistic exposé into the corruption befalling wild horses. The film has been hailed as “ground-breaking” and received a special Congressional commendation in 2023.

    26m - Oct 10, 2023
  • Lauren Schiller and Hadley Dynak-From Podcast to Page-Creating a Vision for a Feminist Future

    Lauren Schiller and Hadley Dynak are the co-authors of "It's a Good Day to Change the World: Inspiration and Advice for a Feminist Future.” The two women's paths converged when they met through mutual connections, recognizing their shared passion for making a difference. Together, they embarked on a mission to create a book that would inspire others to be part of the feminist future they envision. Through the stories and advice of the women featured in their book, Lauren and Hadley aim to inspire readers to believe in their capacity to make a difference and to contribute to a more equal, just, and joyful world.

    30m - Sep 26, 2023
  • Heidi Sieck-Mobilizing the Majority for Reproductive Justice

    Heidi Sieck is a civic entrepreneur and a powerful advocate for reproductive freedom and gender equality. As founder and chief empowerment officer of #VoteProChoice, Heidi has created a platform that arms voters with comprehensive information about candidates' stances not only on reproductive rights, but also on the broader issues of healthy communities and economic equity in the context of reproductive justice.

    32m - Sep 11, 2023
  • Jackie Glenn-Bridging the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Divide

    Dr. Jackie Glenn is a prominent force in the drive to make diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) a given in the workplace. For more than 30 years, Dr. Jackie has connected the dots between DE&I, innovation, and profitability. Her work has influenced positive and lasting change in corporate culture, reinforcing diversity, equity and inclusion as a business imperative. Her book, Lift As I Climb: An Immigrant Girl’s Journey Through Corporate America,  chronicles her remarkable rise to success and provides an inspirational roadmap for those who would like to follow in her footsteps.

    31m - Aug 8, 2023
  • Empowering Women and Advancing Equality Globally

    Mona Sinha is the Executive Director of Equality Now and a renowned advocate for gender equality and women's empowerment. The seeds of standing up for social justice and women's rights sprouted early. She was the youngest of three daughters, growing up in Calcutta, where more value was placed on boys than girls. Early awareness of the gender disparity shaped her passion for challenging the status quo and helped her become a vital force in elevating the economic agency of women and amplifying women leaders worldwide.

    37m - Jul 25, 2023
  • Dr. Jane Haven-Empowering Girls To Take The Reins Of Their Lives

    As executive director of Taking The Reins, an urban farm and equestrian program in Los Angeles, Dr. Jane Haven is leading an effort to close the confidence gap and empower the next generation of women to be confident, courageous, and prepared to drive their lives in the direction they want to go. From her childhood in Western Colorado to her current role as a clinical psychologist and executive director of Taking The Reins, Dr. Haven’s story is one of triumph over insecurities and using her passion for horses as an opportunity to pay empowerment forward for young girls in underserved urban areas.

    33m - Jul 11, 2023
  • Adam Torres-The Power of Our Stories: Creating a Mission-Driven Book

    Adam Torres has made amplifying stories his life's work. Adam is co-founder of Mission Matters, a full-service media agency specializing in podcasts, publishing, social media and PR. He is the author of several books and an international speaker. Adam and Dr. Nancy discuss their shared passion for empowering individuals and amplifying voices, and announce that Women Connect4Good will partner with Mission Matters for their second book of women authors, this time speaking to the theme, "women helping women."

    28m - Jun 19, 2023
  • Lisa Lutoff-Perlo--Making Waves as the First Woman President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises

    Lisa Lutoff-Perlo shares the story of her 38-year career from door-to-door sales at Royal Caribbean to CEO of Celebrity Cruise Lines and how she credits being open to learning, caring about people, and the support of the male mentors to her successful path to the C-Suite.

    31m - Jun 6, 2023
  • Danna Beal-Shining a Light on Workplace Culture

    Danna Beal tells about how the main point of her new book, The Illuminated Workplace: Shining a Light on Workplace Culture, is for everyone to understand that they are part of the workplace culture--from top management to new hires and they are responsible for the outcomes of their behavior. She hopes to share how we can rebuild relationships and replace fear with trust and compassion to create the safest, most authentic work culture.

    33m - May 23, 2023
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