The Ghostology Podcast

In this podcast, author and paranormal investigator Scott V Brian and co-host Kevin Bowerman recount true life ghost stories they have encountered in decades of paranormal research. With soothing background tracks, this podcast will lure you in to connect with tales from what lies beyond. If you are into real haunting tales of ghosts, poltergeists, and spooky happenings, this podcast is for you! First episodes to be released August 2021 on Red Circle, to be available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and other major platforms.


The Living Ghost
Show Details16min 22s
OE Bell
Show Details15min 26s
The Old Post Office
Show Details25min 1s
Unknown Ghosts
Show Details13min 57s
Firth High School Part 2
Show Details22min 30s
Firth High School Part 1
Show Details18min 55s
Crisis Events
Show Details16min 19s
Kids N Ghosts
Show Details22min 22s
John Olsen: Paranormal Author Part 2
Show Details19min 42s
John Olsen: Paranormal Author Part 1
Show Details21min 12s
Show Details14min 33s
The Lights of Vienna
Show Details20min 47s
Show Details9min 42s