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Microdosing Philosophy

A survey of philosophers and their ideas primarily on topics of ethics and metaphysics.


Basic Propositional arguments
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Critcal Thinking: part2
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Critcial Thinking: An Introduction
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Bitzer's Idea of Constraints
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Bitzer's Rhetorical Theory: Exigence and Audience
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Bitzer's Rhetorical Situation part one
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Booth's Rhetorical Stance
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A quick look at Aristotle's Modes of Appeal
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Rhetoric: an introduction
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Lucretius and Epicureanism
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Stoic Philosophy
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Plato's Phaedo: Part Two
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Plato's Phaedo: Part One
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Plato's Euthyphro
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Plato: a basic introduction
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Arsitotle on the Soul (De Anima)
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Substance in Aristotle's Meatphysics VII
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Aristotle: Accounting for change in the world
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Kant's Groundwork on a Metaphysics of Morals: Section 2
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Kant's Groundwork on Morals, Part one
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The background to Kant's Ethics
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A quick note on ethical relativism
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Mill's Eudaimonistic Utilitarianism
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Bentham's Hedonic Calculus
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Bentham and Utilitarianism
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18th C. Britain had a very brutal and unjust legal code. Bentham thought that the people who created laws and punishments needed to be guided by a rational principle, not by personal whims or biases. He proposed that we consider the utility of the laws and punishments for creating the greatest happiness and least pain for the community and its members. The principle of Utilitarianism should be the basis of our ethical, moral, and legal systems.

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Published Oct 19, 2020 at 3:50am
An Introduction to Ethics
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Welcome to Philosophy
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