How Do We Relate To People Like That? - part 1

Season 1 | Episode 11
31m | Feb 24, 2021

On Inauguration Day, Dave Warnock joined us to discuss the social and political divide in the US. We explored how to go about "bridging the gap" with people who appear to oppose everything we value.

We talked about strained relations with family, deconversion from Christianity, and yes... even politics.

This wasn't the easiest subject matter to navigate, and we ended up with more questions than answers. That said, we were able to identify common ground that wasn't immediately obvious.

Dave is a former conservative Evangelical pastor and church leader, an atheist activist, a public speaker, and the founder of Dying Out Loud - a work that raises awareness for ALS, dying with dignity, and coping with a terminal diagnosis without God.

Dave himself is dealing with a terminal ALS diagnosis, but encourages everyone to "carpe the fucking diem," his reminder to live every moment to its fullest!

To learn more about Dave, visit his website

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