A Podcast Called Fresh

Miles Amadeus Prower, host of the offensively black I, Black Man Podcast, is joined by an assortment of cohosts to talk comics, movies, music and much more on the blerd podcast to end all nerd podcasts.


The Master Class Series: Genesis Vol 1
Show Details36min 18s
A New Challenger Appears! (Isola #1-9 and Carole and Tuesday Season 1 Review)
Show Details36min 38s
Powers of X #04 Review (Dedicated to Unc Rich and Sarafina)
Show Details30min 4s
Review of House of X and Powers of X #03
Show Details24min 13s
Black Cat #01-03 and Livewire Vol. 1- Fugitive Review
Show Details34min 1s
House of X #2 and Savage Avengers #1-4 Review and Deep Dive
Show Details26min 50s
Deep dive into The Children of the Atom and Spider-Man: Far From Home(Part 2 of Episode 8) featuring Marcus Robinson
Show Details2hr 30min
Mutant Fanboying, House of X, Powers of X, and Uncanny X-Men Reviews
Show Details42min 32s
Punisher : War Machine, WWE/AEW PPV and Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z Review ft The MFCU
Show Details54min 1s
Review of Immortal Hulk TPB Vol 1-2, New Guardians of the Galaxy and The Dressing Down of Zack Snyder
Show Details34min 26s
Transformers: The Movie review/ Father's Day Bonus Episode/Dedication To Aaron(Commercial Free)
Show Details56min 40s
Episode 4 Part 2: The Continued Review of Jason Aaron's Avengers and Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 4 : The One Where They Were Supposed To Review The Avengers featuring Handsome Bane of ILAPOW(HAPPY BIRTHDAY)
Show Details37min 7s
Episode 3: Riff or Review for Avengers Endgame
Show Details39min 37s
Episode 2: Lets Hear It For The Boy (featuring Handsome Bane of It's Like A Podcast Or Whatever)
Show Details39min 24s
Part Two of Episode 1- The Watchers Become The Engineers
Show Details44min 6s
Episode 1 - The Watchers Become The Engineers
Show Details30min 27s