Yeah No I Know

Yeah Know I Know is with three blondes and a mic. The podcast is all about life as a business owner, mother, relationships, dating stories and more with Brooklin, Jenna and Kristen Leanne.


Ep 11 | Instagram Vs Reality
Show Details54min 32s
Ep 10 | How & WHEN To MOVE ON | Divorce, Relationships
Show Details45min 45s
Ep 9 | Let's Talk RELATIONSHIPS! + Answering Your Q's
Show Details1hr 8min
Thanksgiving Traditions? SELF CARE Ideas & Motivation During The Holidays | Ep 8 Yeah No I Know
Show Details47min 27s
Can't We All Just Get Along?? | Ep. 7
Show Details34min 23s
Being The Bread Winners & How It Affects Our Relationships | Ep 6
Show Details49min 37s
Answering Q's: Pregnancy, Birth Plan, Epidural vs Natural birth and More! | Ep. 5
Show Details54min 28s
Do You Believe In The Afterlife? Sharing Ghost Stories! | Ep. 4
Show Details53min 47s
Miscarriage: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly | Ep. 3
Show Details47min 8s
The Pregnant Virgin | Ep. 2
Show Details38min 57s
Get In Loser, We're Starting a Podcast | Ep. 1
Show Details40min 42s
Yeah, No I know The Podcast | PREVIEW
Show Details2min 35s