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Unjustified True Beliefs

The podcast where philosophy meets data science. All beliefs are unjustified, and we are trying to disprove them, continue listening if you're a sceptic.

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Work Life Balance
Show Details30min
Day & Night Dreams
Show Details40min 17s
Is self help helping us?
Show Details48min 9s
Game theory in real life
Show Details39min 57s
How sports help in character building?
Show Details45min 10s
The cycle of health, wealth & love
Show Details32min 36s
Algorithms for everyday decisions
Show Details36min 6s
Alternative to corporate nine to five
Show Details27min 40s
Lifehacks from Bhagavad Gita
Show Details42min 56s
How travel changes us?
Show Details48min 10s
Neuroscience for happiness
Show Details1hr 4min
Do first impression last?
Show Details42min 32s
Understanding Bayes Theorem
Show Details42min
Show Details37min 39s
Law of attraction
Show Details58min 57s
Memory biases
Show Details1hr 9min
Zeitgeist- Season 1 Recap
Show Details1hr 18min
Wisdom of the crowd
Show Details1hr 6min
Are cultural stereotypes true?
Show Details1hr 13min
The twelve Jugian archetypes
Show Details1hr 10min
Is it easier to pay attention to what we believe in?
Show Details1hr 27min
Do we live to eat or eat to live?
Show Details1hr 6min
Do TV shows and movies shape who we become?
Show Details1hr 11min
How do we know when we are wrong?
Show Details1hr 1min
Does learning get harder as we grow?
Show Details57min 29s
Music & It's effects on our mind
Show Details1hr 10min
Who are we? - Body, mind or emotions?
Show Details58min 46s
Cognitive Bias (Part 1) - English audio
Show Details48min 19s
Life as a vector and selecting the path to success
Show Details1hr 20min