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Jeff Ma discusses sports betting, touts, Kornheiser & more!
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NFL Week 5 Gambling Picks (Against the Spread)
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2019 NFL Gambling Picks Week 5! Chris and Gary are joined by Jon Roser from Grind City Media, and the trio jump in with NFL gambling picks against the spread for Week 5. Gary and Chris are doing a competition this year to pick a minimum of 4 NFL games each week (totals or against the spread), including putting a dollar amount on it, and we're keeping track of who can profit the most over on the website! If you'd like to see where we stand on the year, visit here: 

On this episode, we pick these games:

  • [4:05] Ravens @ Steelers
  • [4:45] Patriots @ Redskins
  • [6:30] Bills @ Titans
  • [8:10] Bears @ Raiders
  • [10:45] Jaguars @ Panthers
  • [12:58] Vikings @ NY Giants
  • [16:00] Rams @ Seahawks (Thursday)
  • [16:38] Colts @ Chiefs
  • [18:35] Browns @ 49ers (Monday)

After the picks, [24:27] TJ Rives, from the 3 Dog Thursday Podcast, joins us for his weekly segment to discuss some NFL underdogs!


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37min 23s
Published Oct 3, 2019 at 9:55am
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Andrew Luck retires, Lamar Miller ACL, Mississippi St NCAA sanctions
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Which CFB team goes from unranked to Top 10?
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Which CFB team goes from Top 10 to unranked?
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WCE Daily: 7/29/19 - Goldstrike Casino Moneyline, Koepka wins, football is back, Bama vs Wisc CFB home & home
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WCE Daily: 7/11/19 - Westbook traded for Chris Paul, Mike Vrabel, Grayson Allen, NFL 18 game schedule, guns, rattlesnakes, uranium, and Kentucky Deluxe
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WCE Daily: 7/10/19 - 9 CFB Coaches on the Hot Seat, UCF QB breaks ankle (not Wimbush), CA Bill to allow athletes to profit from name advances
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WCE Daily: 7/9/19 - Kawhi & Paul George to Clippers, did Saban want Texas job?, HBOMax, Verlander vs MLB
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2019 Sun Belt West College Football Previews & Predictions
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2019 Sun Belt East College Football Previews & Predictions
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WCE Daily: 7/3/19 - Grizzlies trade Chandler Parsons, USWNT beats England, Kevin Ollie, USC lawsuit
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WCE Daily: 7/1/19 - Bobby Bonilla Day, NBA Free Agency (KD & Kyrie, Kawhi, Warriors, etc), #My5Movies
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WCE Daily: 6/28/19 - USWNT beats France, NJ bests NV profits, NBA FA, early payouts
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2019 Conference USA West College Football Previews & Predictions
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2019 Conference USA East College Football Previews & Predictions
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WCE Daily: 6/25/19 - CFB Win Totals, Melo return?, Rocker leads Vandy to CWS Game 2 win
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WCE Daily: 6/24/19 - Auburn President out, Cam Newton told no, NBA replacing "owner," UConn to Big East, NCAA Pres warns state of California
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WCE Daily: 6/21/19 - Dame Lillard / Marvin Bagley dis tracks, LSU football church bagman, wrong hats at NBA draft
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WCE Daily: 6/20/19 - NBA Draft Day (Top 5 best picks, Top 5 busts), Al Horford & Harrison Barnes opt out (is KD injury to blame?)
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WCE Daily: 6/19/19 - Grizzles trade Mike Conley to Jazz, CP3 trade request, AD to Lakers
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WCE: 2019 MAC West College Football Previews & Predictions
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WCE: 2019 MAC East College Football Preview & Predictions
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WCE Daily: 6/13/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 6 picks, Kemba Walker, NCAA basketball, Blues
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WCE Daily: 6/12/19 - USWNT, Big Papi , NBA Finals, Blues Bruins, Raiders on Hardknocks
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WCE Daily: 6/11/19 - Durant injury, new Grizzlies coach, Osama bin Dabo?, FSU privatizing
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WCE Daily: 6/10/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 5 Picks, UFC 238, Bieber vs Cruise, UA donation, Ortiz
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WCE Daily: 6/7/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 4 picks, Blues, Golovkin, Tyreek Hill, NFL Cowboys
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WCE Daily: 6/5/19 - Trent Williams, Warriors Raptors Gm 3 picks, SEC, AAC, Tony Stark
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WCE Daily: 6/4/19 - Andy Ruiz, NBA Finals, Gerald McCoy to Panthers, Khabib is back
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WCE Daily: 5/30/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 1 pick, CFB TV Times, Godzilla & Rambo, CFB lines
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WCE Daily: 5/29/19 - Rockets shopping everyone, SEC on CBS initial schedule, Wilder v Ortiz II
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WCE Daily: 5/28/19 - Rob Pelinka Dark Knight story, RIP sport legends, RJ Hampton, Will Wade
Show Details17min 5s
WCE Daily: 5/24/19 - Texas A&M hires Bjork, de Sousa reinstated, Bowen, NFL QBs chugging
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WCE Daily: 5/23/19 - Tom Bowen scandal, Mike Conley for Gordon Hayward?, All-NBA, etc
Show Details45min 15s
WCE Daily: 5/22/19 - St. Thomas kicked out, Michigan hires Juwan Howard, NBA All-Defensive, picks
Show Details10min 14s
WCE Daily: 5/21/19 - Warriors sweep, Reuben Foster, Edelman, Firemen vs Snakes, CFB predictions
Show Details39min 29s
WCE Daily: 5/20/19 - Trendon Watford, Deontay Wilder KO, Game of Thrones finale, Magic, picks
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WCE Daily: 5/17/19 - Penny & Precious, Tyreke Evans out of NBA, Deontay Wilder, PGA, picks
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WCE Daily: 5/16/19 - Patrick Peterson suspended, Koepka, Big 10 revenue, Bielema buyout, picks
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WCE: 5/15/19 - NBA lottery - could Zion not go to New Orleans? / College Football 2019 futures bets
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WCE Daily: 5/14/19 - #NBADraftLottery, Memphis AD resigns, NCAA video games, Memphis recruiting
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WCE Daily: 5/13/19 - Top CFB jobs, Cavs hire John Beilein, NBA Conference Finals, etc
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WCE Daily: 5/9/19 - Doug Baldwin cut, Kevin Durant injury, Florida DB transfers, Fox Sports Bets
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WCE Daily: 5/8/19 - Top 25 CFB coaches, Klay Thompson mad, Saban predicts Game of Thrones, picks
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WCE 276: 10 Games That Changed College Football History
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WCE 275: 2019 NFL Draft Grades and Recap!
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WCE Daily: 5/6/19 - XFL TV deals, Kentucky Derby controversy, Clemson recruit...
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WCE Daily: 5/2/19 - NBA & MLB demand gambling fees, 90s band rips Bryce Harper, NCAA injuries & more
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WCE Daily: 5/1/19 - Sean Miller paid Ayton, Rick Barnes lied about UCLA, AAF investor, picks
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WCE Daily: 4/30/19 - FBI hoops trial explained, ESPN the Magazine done, TN sports gambling, picks
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WCE Daily: 4/29/19 - NBA refs love Warriors, NFL Draft breaks records, Will Wade FBI, picks
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WCE Daily: 4/26/19 - Dabo Swinney new contract, NFL Draft notes, daily gambling picks
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WCE Daily: 4/25/19 - NFL Draft Top 5 busts & can't misses, NCAA denies waivers, Clemson FBI, picks
Show Details21min 32s
WCE Daily: 4/24/19 - Lillard's shot vs OKC, Kansas contract with Adidas, FBI hoops trial, picks
Show Details11min 28s
WCE Daily: 4/23/19 - Dwayne Haskins red flags, CFB players in hoops trial, Superbook to NJ, picks
Show Details18min 53s
WCE Daily: 4/22/19 - Wonderlic scores, No Peyton Manning for MNF, Sunday Ticket, Picks!
Show Details15min 57s
WCE Daily: 4/19/19 - Will Wade unlikely to testify, Raiders excuse scouts, GoT piracy, daily picks!
Show Details13min 54s
WCE Daily: 4/18/19 - NFL 2019 schedule release, AAC / SEC alliance, Daily Gam...
Show Details10min 39s
WCE Daily: 4/17/19 - Joe Alleva resigning, AAF bankruptcy, CFB FPI Top 10, Pac 12, Picks
Show Details21min 45s
WCE Daily: 4/16/19 - $1.2M Tiger Woods bet, Russell Wilson, Rick Barnes, NYT ...
Show Details24min 49s
WCE Daily: 4/15/19 - Tiger Woods wins Masters, LSU reinstates Will Wade, daily picks
Show Details15min 44s
WCE Daily: 4/12/19 - Grizzlies front office, Masters, Game of Thrones, CFB spring, Disney+
Show Details18min 48s
WCE Daily: 4/11/19 - Louisville vs NCAA, NBA Playoffs, Tiger Woods & Masters, So Miss coach quits
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WCE Daily: 4/10/19 - ESPN's new Big 12 deal, Magic resigns, Brooks Koepka weight loss
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WCE 274: Next CFB team to win 1st title, Rapid Fire Q&A, Masters bets
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WCE Daily: 4/9/19 - UVA vs TTU recap, 2020 NCAAB odds, UCLA hires Cronin, AL vs OK, TN gambling bill
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WCE Daily: 4/8/19 - UVA v Texas Tech picks, UCLA & Rick Barnes, Tuberville Senate, TN gambling
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WCE Daily: 4/5/19 - Will Wade's new attorney, CFB spring games, School too good?, Final Four picks
Show Details14min 16s
WCE Daily: 4/4/19 - McGregor / Khabib, AAF fallout continues, $26k drunk parlay, Bezos divorce
Show Details12min 10s
WCE Daily: 4/3/19 - Buzz to A&M, TCU cancels spring game, UCLA & Jamie Dixon, Texas Tech $300k bet?
Show Details13min 13s
WCE 273: 2019 Final Four Preview / 2019 NFL Team Totals
Show Details56min 35s
WCE Daily: 4/2/19 - AAF shuts down, Stackhouse to Vandy, Sampson stays at Houston
Show Details17min 31s
WCE Daily: 4/1/19 - April Fools, Cheer for rivals?, Elite 8, Calipari lifetime contract, Rick Byrd
Show Details21min 54s
WCE Daily: 3/29/19 - Colgate rented Ohio St's band, XFL gets more money, Sweet 16 recap & picks!
Show Details24min 59s
WCE Daily: 3/28/19 - Will Wade's middle man, Nevada Feb profit, TN sports betting, Sweet 16 picks
Show Details14min 26s
WCE Daily: 3/27/19 - Bama hires Nate Oats, NFL PI rule change, AAF in danger of folding?
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WCE 272: 2019 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Previews, Picks, and Predictions
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WCE: 3/26/19 - McGregor retires, Eminem AAF idea, Romo wants $10M, Prohm exte...
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WCE Daily: 3/25/19 NCAA Tournament recap, Michael Avenatti Nike scandal, Gronk, Bama fires Avery
Show Details20min 19s
WCE Daily: 3/20/19 - Calipari to UCLA rumors, Petrino over budget, CBB picks
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WCE 271: NCAA Bracket Breakdown, Mike Trout contract, CFB 2019 opening lines, Johnny Manziel AAF
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WCE: 3/19/19 Missouri attendance, Deontay Wilder, ESPN leaks WCBB field, CBB picks!
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2019 NCAA Tournament Selection Immediate Reaction!
Show Details23min 24s
WCE Daily: 3/14/19 - Will Wade and LSU release statements, NCAAB picks!
Show Details10min 7s
WCE Daily: 3/13/19 Odell Beckham Jr to Browns, Will Wade remains suspended, NCAAB picks
Show Details14min 53s
WCE Daily: 3/12/19 - College Entrance scam, SEC Basketball Tournament, NFL Free Agency, NCAAB picks
Show Details18min 28s
WCE Daily: 3/11/19 - NCAA Tournament bubble, FOX new CFB show, NCAAB picks!
Show Details13min 53s
WCE: 3/8/19 - Will Wade suspended, College Basketball bubble games, NCAAB Pic...
Show Details18min 23s
WCE Daily: 3/7/19 - LSU's Will Wade on 2nd wiretap, FBI is NOT going after schools, NCAAB Picks!
Show Details18min 25s
WCE Daily: 3/6/19 - Alabama basketball program, possible Avery Johnson replacements, CBB picks!
Show Details20min 43s
WCE 270: College Football / NFL Q&A
Show Details50min
WCE Daily: 3/5/19 - Adidas recruiting scandal sentencing, Bowl game changes, NCAAB picks
Show Details11min 27s
WCE Daily: 3/4/19 - NCAA Tournament bubble teams, Big 10 Commissioner retiring, NCAAB picks!
Show Details19min
3/1/19 - Big 12 Pac 12 alliance, Beer Wars in NOLA, ESPN daily gambling show,...
Show Details12min 22s
WCE 269: CFB QnA, NCAAB national title favs, Heisman odds, top party schools
Show Details1hr 47min
WCE Daily: 2/26/19 - 9 teams that can win NCAAB National Title, Georgia Tech at Mer...
Show Details10min 36s
WCE Daily: 2/25/19 - Sean Miller & Will Wade subpoenaed, NCAA Tournament bubble, NCAAB picks!
Show Details18min 3s
WCE: 2/21/19 - AUB/UGA schedule change, CFB 2019 early lines, NCAAB picks!
Show Details9min 40s
WCE Daily: 2/20/19 - Bama basketball rant, Duke UNC ticket prices, NCAAB picks!
Show Details11min 22s
WCE 268: AAF investment and Week 2 reaction, NCAAB futures, CFB futures and S&P+ rankings
Show Details1hr 39min
WCE Daily: 2/19/19 - AAF $250M investment, Tyson Fury signs with ESPN, etc
Show Details13min 11s
WCE Daily: 2/18/19 - NCAA Tournament bubble teams, Steve Spurrier trolls Tennessee, NCAAB picks
Show Details9min 45s
WCE Daily: 2/15/19 - Fake recruit ranked by Rivals, Kaepernick settles collusion, NCAA, CBB picks
Show Details16min 45s
WCE Daily: 2/14/19 NJ limits HS FB practice, NFL wants NBA commish, AAF week 2 odds, CBB picks
Show Details15min 34s
WCE Daily: 2/13/19 - Pilot pulls ESPN ads, Pac 12 Network, UK loss to LSU, Barry Odom mad, CBB picks
Show Details15min 23s
WCE Daily: 2/12/19 - Ole Miss vacates wins, mobile gambling, JaMarcus, Kyler Murray odds, picks!
Show Details14min 51s
WCE Daily: 2/11/19 - Clemson may have provided PEDs, AAF Week 1 Recap, NCAA seeds, picks!
Show Details15min 6s
WCE Daily: 2/8/19 - Turner partners with Caesars, AAF week 1 betting preview, and NCAAB picks!
Show Details12min 56s
WCE Daily: 2/7/19 - No Mobile Gambling in Mississippi, Marc Gasol to Raptors, and NCAAB picks
Show Details8min 57s
WCE Daily: 2/6/19 - CFB National Signing Day and NCAAB picks!
Show Details10min 22s
WCE 267: Super Bowl 53 (Patriots vs Rams) Recap
Show Details56min 40s
WCE Daily: 2/5/19 - AAF Preview, Vegas & NJ Super Bowl money, jogger kills mtn lion, NCAAB picks
Show Details16min 21s
WCE Daily: 2/4/19 - Super Bowl reaction, Adnan Virk fired, Southern Miss & Art Briles, NCAAB Picks
Show Details14min 53s
WCE Daily: 2/1/19 - Trevor leave Clemson?, Baker to Patriots, $2M Super Bowl bet, NCAAB picks
Show Details15min 39s
WCE Daily: 1/31/19 - Missouri bowl ban, Nevada Casino revenue, Super Bowl money, NCAAB picks
Show Details16min
WCE 266: Super Bowl 53 Preview and Picks, Prop Bets, NFC and AFC Champ Game recaps
Show Details1hr 46min
WCE Daily: 1/30/19 - NCAA possibly changing CFB OT, Pac 12 recruiting down, new Bama hir...
Show Details12min 31s
WCE Daily: 1/29/19 - Barstool kicked out, McGregor Khabib suspensions, Romo's worth, picks
Show Details15min 12s
WCE Daily: 1/28/19 - Clemson drug testing, Saints Rams officials from SoCal, Stoops, CBB...
Show Details16min 1s
WCE Daily: 1/25/19 - Pac 12 game moving, Super Bowl props, MS mobile betting, SB line moves, picks
Show Details18min 21s
WCE Daily: 1/24/19 - Super Bowl whining, betting on SB53, CFB futures, support gator, picks!
Show Details15min 2s
WCE Daily: Jan 23rd, 2019 - Grizzlies could move from Memphis, BBQ Bowl?, and CBB picks!
Show Details11min 56s
WCE Daily: Jan 22, 2019 - NFL faces lawsuit, KC fires DC, Cejudo beats Dillashaw and CBB picks
Show Details16min 53s
WCE Daily: Jan 18th, 2019 - Hollywood Tunica Sun Jan 20, worst Super Bowl matchup, UFC/ESPN+ an...
Show Details13min 51s
WCE 265: NFL Divisional Recap, NFC and AFC Championship Previews, CFB transfers, and NFL hires
Show Details1hr 54min
WCE Daily: Jan 17th, 2019 - WCE Live in Tunica, Texas QB transferring, Phil Fulmer, CBB picks
Show Details13min 56s
WCE Daily: Jan 16, 2019 - Hurts to Oklahoma, Martell to Miami, Travis Scott, Picks!
Show Details20min 59s
WCE Daily: Jan 15, 2019 - 1/15/19 - Big 12 Title Game, Wimbush to UCF, NCAAB picks and more!
Show Details18min 53s
WCE Daily: Jan 14, 2019 -Super Bowl odds, UGA coaches fake, Kyler Murray, Ole Miss and NCAAB picks!
Show Details17min 58s
WCE 264: NFL Wildcard Recaps, Divisional Round Previews, Coaching Changes
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WCE 263: Bama Clemson breakdown and recap, Bowl Game rapid fire recaps
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WCE 262: NFL Week 17 Recap, NFL Playoff Wildcard Previews and Picks
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WCE 261: College Football Playoff Recap, Bama Clemson Championship Preview, Coaching Changes
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WCE 260: NFL Week 15 Recap, Week 16 Preview and Picks, CFB Bowl Picks
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WCE 259: Bowl Previews Dec 31 - Jan 1st!
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WCE 258: Bowl Previews Dec 26-29th!
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WCE 257: NFL Week 14 Recap, Week 15 Preview and Picks, CFB ATS Picks and 8 team playoff?
Show Details2hr 12min
WCE 256: Bowl Previews Dec 18-22nd!
Show Details35min 33s
WCE 255: College Football coaching changes and Dec 15th bowl previews
Show Details1hr 5min
WCE 254: NFL Week 13 Recap, NFL Week 14 Preview & Picks, Best and Worst Bowls, Army v Navy, Heisman
Show Details1hr 56min
WCE 253: NFL Week 12 Recap and Rank, CFB Week 14 Picks and Preview, NFL Week 13 Picks and Preview
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WCE 252: College Football Week 13 Recap, Top 10 Rankings, and Playoff Predictions
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WCE 251: NFL Week 12 and College Football Week 13 Previews and Picks!
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WCE 250: College Football Week 12 Recap, Top 10, Playoff Predictions
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WCE 249: NFL Week 10 Recap, NFL Week 11 and CFB Week 12 Previews and Picks, CFP Top 25 Reaction
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WCE 248: College Football Week 11 Recap, Top 10, and Playoff Predictions
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WCE 247: NFL Wk 9 Recap & Rankings, NFL Wk 10 & CFB Wk 11 Preview & Picks, CFP Top 25 Reaction
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WCE 246: College Football Week 10 Recap, Top 10, and Playoff Predictions
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WCE 245: NFL Week 8 Recap, Playoff Ranking reaction, CFB Week 10 and NFL Week 9 preview and picks
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WCE 244: College Football Week 9 Recap, Top 10 and Playoff Predictions
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WCE 243: NFL Week 7 Recap and Rankings, CFB Week 9 Preview and Picks, NFL Week 8 Preview and Picks
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WCE 242: College Football Week 8 Recap, WCE Top 10, and Playoff Predictions!
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WCE 241: NFL Week 6 Recap and Rankings, CFB Week 8 Preview & Picks, NFL Week 7 Preview & Picks
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WCE 240: CFB Week 7 Recap, Top 10, and Playoff Predictions
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WCE 239: NFL Week 5 Recap & Top 5 Bottom 5, CFB Week 7 Preview & Picks, NFL Week 6 Preview & Picks
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WCE 238: CFB Week 6 Recap, WCE Top 10, Playoff Predictions
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WCE 237: NFL Week 4 Recap, CFB Week 6 / NFL Week 5 Preview and Picks, McGregor Khabib picks!
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WCE 236: College Football Week 5 Recap, WCE Top 10, Playoff Prediction
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WCE 235: NFL Week 3 recap, CFB Week 5 Preview & Picks, NFL Week 4 Preview & Picks!
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WCE 234: College Football Week 4 Recap!
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WCE 233: CFB Week 4 Preview and Gambling Picks, NFL Week 3 Preview and Gambling Picks!
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WCE 232: College Football Week 3 recap, NFL Week 2 recap
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WCE 231: NFL Week 1 Recap, NFL Week 2 Preview, CFB & NFL Gambling Picks!
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WCE 230: College Football Week 2 recap, CFB Week 3 Preview
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WCE 229: NFL Week 1 Preview, College Football and NFL gambling picks
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WCE 228: College Football Week 1 Recap, CFB Week 2 Preview
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WCE 227: AFC & NFC West Previews, NFL Playoff picks, CFB Week 1 preview, CFB gambling picks!
Show Details1hr 17min
WCE 226: CFB Playoff predictions, Big 12 & Pac 12 previews!
Show Details1hr 23min
WCE 225: NFL Previews - AFC & NFC North, AFC East
Show Details1hr 2min
WCE 224: CFB Previews! ACC divisions and Notre Dame!
Show Details1hr 5min
WCE 223: NFL Previews! NFC South, AFC South, NFC East
Show Details44min 55s
WCE 222: Chris Fallica interview, Big 10 preview, Memphis CFB preview, Top 10 uniforms
Show Details1hr 30min
WCE 221: Interview with Mohamed Massaquoi, Urban Meyer scandal, McGregor, Jalen Hurts
Show Details1hr 27min
WCE 220: SEC West predictions, CFB TV landscape, Top 10 CFB coaches, etc
Show Details1hr 26min
WCE 219: SEC East Preview, Goodell blocks Josh Gordon, MLB expansion
Show Details1hr 17min
WCE 218: Josh Rosen knows how to fix the NCAA, Big 12's new slogan, big stars need to participate
Show Details1hr 8min
WCE 217: Boogie Cousins, Grizzlies, Jeff Long, Tiger vs Phil, Big 12 vs SEC
Show Details1hr 3min
WCE 216: Finebaum, NCAA Revenue, Baylor, Lebron
Show Details53min 46s
WCE 215: NCAA transfers and redshirt, Gambling in MS, NFL rules, Jameis Winston
Show Details52min 47s
WCE 214: 05.29.18 / NBA Finals set, CFB Games of the Year lines & stories
Show Details1hr 17min
WCE 213: 04.30.18 / NFL Draft recap, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs
Show Details1hr 27min
WCE 212: 04.25.18 / NFL Draft, NBA and NHL playoffs, College Basketball, Jalen Hurts
Show Details1hr 14min
WCE 211.2: 04.16.18 / WWE, Cockfighting, and ESPN's morning show ratings bombing
Show Details57min 43s
WCE 211.1: 04.16.18 / Tom Mars vs Ole Miss again, Miss St students burglarize Bama, UFC and McGregor
Show Details52min 51s
WCE 210: 04.06.18 / McGregor attacks UFC, Mike Miller hired at Memphis, Masters talk
Show Details58min 42s
WCE 209: 04.02.18 / College Basketball Title, NFL Draft QBs & is any player worth 2 1sts?, MLB back
Show Details50min 20s
WCE 208: 03.29.18 / Odell Beckham Jr, Penny expectations, Grizzlies, Johnny Manziel, MLB, Final Four
Show Details39min 31s
WCE 207: 03.26.18 / Final Four, NBA Draft, CFB home-and-homes, NFL Free Agency
Show Details1hr 16min
WCE 206: 03.22.18 / Sweet 16 gambling picks
Show Details27min 18s
WCE 205: 03.21.18 / NCAA Tournament opening weekend recap
Show Details34min 38s
WCE 204: 03.19.18 / Everything about Penny to Memphis
Show Details29min 57s
WCE 203: 03.11.18 / NCAA Tournament Selection recap
Show Details1hr 4min
WCE 202: 03.08.18 / Penny to Memphis, SEC Tourney and Bubble Teams, Bama Pro Day, Peyton Manning
Show Details51min 8s
WCE 200: 03.01.18 / NFL replaces Papa John's, Sean Miller vs ESPN, Nate Robinson, Flag Football, etc
Show Details47min 56s
Ep199-02.26.18 / Memphis basketball, FBI College Basketball, Bortles, Kansas trivia
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep198-02.26.18 / Peter Burns interview from the SEC Network
Show Details24min 50s
Ep197-02.21.18 / Zach Bingham (AtoZ Sports) talks Titans, Rebel Rags, Beale St Music Fest
Show Details1hr 17min
Ep196-02.19.18 / Barstool fires Rapaport, March Madness, Fergie anthem, NBA All-Star game
Show Details53min 51s
Ep195-02.15.18 / Ole Miss appeal, SEC basketball, NFL Draft on FOX
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep194-02.12.18 / ESPN loves Michael Bennett, NCAA tournament seeding, Winter Olympics, etc
Show Details57min 48s
Ep193-02.08.18 / CFB Signing Day, Josh McDaniels says no to Colts, UFC needs McGregor back
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep192-02.05.18 / Super Bowl 52 Full Recap (plays, drama, stats, Timberlake)
Show Details56min 44s
Ep191-01.31.18 / Alex Smith trade, FOX gets TNF, Super Bowl preview
Show Details57min 46s
Ep190-01.28.18 / XFL returns, Mich St under fire, Senior Bowl, UConn vs NCAA
Show Details1hr 12min
Ep189-01.24.18 / Chris is back from Vegas, Nassar, Vrabel, Desert Stories, NFL Recap
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep188-01.22.18 / College Football 2018 opening lines, 12 worst CFB games of 2017
Show Details15min 49s
Ep187-01.17.18 / Dr. David Ridpath, Chris's trip to Vegas, Hugh Freeze to Alabama, NFL Playoffs, etc
Show Details1hr 23min
Ep186-01.15.18 / NFL playoff recap, coaching changes, etc
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep185-01.11.18 / Alabama vs Georgia recap, LSU hires Steve Ensminger
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep184-01.07.18 / College Football Playoff National Title Preview - Alabama vs Georgia
Show Details32min 33s
Ep183-01.04.18 / Scuzz from West Lot Pirates, Bowl Season recap, NFL Playoffs
Show Details1hr 20min
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-10 / Jan 1st slate
Show Details37min 53s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-9 / Dec 30th slate
Show Details20min 57s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-8 / Dec 29th slate
Show Details21min 31s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-7 / Dec 28th slate
Show Details18min 55s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-6 / Dec 27th slate
Show Details24min 33s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-5 / Dec 26th slate
Show Details18min
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-4 / Dec 23-24th slate
Show Details33min 25s
Show Details27min 21s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-3 / Dec 21-22nd slate
Show Details17min 15s
Ep181-12.20.17 / NFL Recap, Herm Edwards at Ariz St, etc
Show Details57min 4s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-2 / Dec 19-20th slate
Show Details16min 16s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-1 / Dec 16th slate
Show Details34min 31s
Ep180-12.14.17 / GET THAT MONEY and BIG GAME THURSDAY (NFL gambling picks, etc)
Show Details28min 52s
Ep179-12.13.17 / Coco, Army Navy, and NFL
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep178-12.08.17 / BIG GAME FRIDAY NFL Preview Show
Show Details21min 45s
Ep177-12.07.17 / GET THAT MONEY NFL gambling picks and Sports Gambling Legalization?
Show Details37min 33s
Ep176-12.06.17 / SEC Football news and coaching changes discussion
Show Details58min 4s
Ep175-12.05.17 / CFB Recap (Championship Week)
Show Details19min 7s
Ep174-12.01.17 / Ole Miss sanctions released and Tennesee fires Currie
Show Details43min 19s
Ep173-12.01.17 / BIG GAME FRIDAY and Tennessee Coaching Search
Show Details44min
Ep172 - 11.30.17 / GET THAT MONEY and Coaching Search discussion
Show Details47min 38s
Ep171-11.29.17 / Coaching Rumors & NFL Discussion
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep170-11.28.17 / CFB Recap (Iron Bowl and more, Playoffs, Coaching Changes)
Show Details1hr 30min
Ep169-11.22.17 / Cecil Hurt ( interview, Iron Bowl Preview
Show Details21min 49s
Ep168-11.22.17 / Ole Miss player and Tom Mars case, Big Game Previews
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep167-11.22.17 / GET THAT MONEY, Kevin Sumlin fired, Chip Kelly Florida or UCLA
Show Details48min 41s
Ep166-11.21.17 / College Football Week 12 Recap
Show Details40min 51s
Ep165-11.17.17 / Big Game Friday CFB and NFL preview show
Show Details40min 31s
Ep164-11.16.17 / GET THAT MONEY College Football and NFL gambling picks
Show Details21min 3s
Ep162-11.14.17 / College Football Week 11 Recap
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep161-11.10.17 / Big Game Friday previews for College Football and the NFL
Show Details45min 50s
Ep160-11.09.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details35min 50s
Ep159-11.08.17 / Ole Miss sanctions delay?, NFL Recap, Pastner NCAA problems
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep158-11.07.17 / CFB Week 10 Recap
Show Details51min 22s
Ep157-11.03.17 / Big Game Friday (CFB and NFL preview show)
Show Details46min
Ep156-11.02.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details28min 44s
Ep155-11.01.17 / Keith Easterwood interview
Show Details48min 28s
Ep154-10.31.17 / Denny Thompson ( and CFB Recap Week 9
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep153-10.27.17 / Butch Jones to Ole Miss? and Big Game Friday previews
Show Details50min 12s
Ep152-10.26.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details47min 2s
Ep151-10.25.17 / Gary Parrish of CBS Sports
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep150-10.24.17 / CFB Week 8 Recap, Top 10, Discussion about CFB Ratings and Time Slots
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep149-10.20.17 / Big Game Friday Preview show
Show Details26min 22s
Ep148-10.19.17 / Josh Parcell ( and GET THAT MONEY gambling picks
Show Details49min 40s
Ep147-10.18.17 / NFL Recap and update on our playoff picks
Show Details36min 13s
Ep146-10.17.17 / Ole Miss settles with Nutt, CFB Week 7 Recap
Show Details37min 14s
Ep145-10.13.17 / GET THAT MONEY! CFB and NFL picks
Show Details14min 21s
Ep144-10.10.17 / CFB recap, top 10, and more from Orlando!
Show Details18min 3s
Ep143-10.06.17 / Big Game Friday - Biggest CFB and NFL games of the weekend
Show Details38min 49s
Ep142-10.05.17 / GET THAT MONEY! CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details36min 20s
Ep141-10.04.17 / Vegas shootings, Tom Petty & NFL recap
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep140-10.03.17 / CFB Week 5 Recap
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep139-09.29.17 / Big Game Friday (Biggest CFB and NFL game breakdowns)
Show Details27min
Ep138-09.28.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details33min 14s
Ep137-09.27.17 / College Basketball scandal and NFL recap
Show Details43min
Ep136-09.26.17 / CFB Week 4 recap
Show Details58min 28s
Ep135-09.22.17 / CFB & NFL biggest games of the weekend
Show Details48min 29s
Ep134-09.21.17 / GET THAT MONEY! CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details38min 19s
Ep133-09.20.17 / RebelGrove's Neal McCready and Wall St Journal's Andrew Beaton interviews
Show Details37min 30s
Ep132-09.19.17 / CFB & NFL recap
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep131-09.15.17 / CFB and NFL Biggest Games Preview
Show Details32min 6s