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WCE Daily: 7/22/19 - CFB Hall of Fame trip, Pat Fitzgerald vs phones, No Tyreek Hill suspension
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2019 American (AAC) West College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details30min 51s
2019 American (AAC) East College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details26min 36s
2019 FBS Independents (Notre Dame, etc) College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details30min 50s
2019 Mountain West (MWC) West College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details27min 41s
2019 Mountain West (MWC) Mountain College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details29min 41s
WCE Daily: 7/11/19 - Westbook traded for Chris Paul, Mike Vrabel, Grayson Allen, NFL 18 game schedule, guns, rattlesnakes, uranium, and Kentucky Deluxe
Show Details39min 35s
WCE Daily: 7/10/19 - 9 CFB Coaches on the Hot Seat, UCF QB breaks ankle (not Wimbush), CA Bill to allow athletes to profit from name advances
Show Details20min 4s
WCE Daily: 7/9/19 - Kawhi & Paul George to Clippers, did Saban want Texas job?, HBOMax, Verlander vs MLB
Show Details18min 34s
2019 Sun Belt West College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details30min 41s
2019 Sun Belt East College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details31min 15s
WCE Daily: 7/3/19 - Grizzlies trade Chandler Parsons, USWNT beats England, Kevin Ollie, USC lawsuit
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On today's show:

- a Jim Beam distillery caught on fire, and 45,000+ barrells of bourbon went up in flames

- Memphis Grizzlies have traded Chandler Parsons to the Atlanta Hawks for Miles Plumlee and Soloman Hill

- the USWNT beat England in the Women's World Cup yesterday, which puts them in the finals on Sunday

- former UConn basketball head coach Kevin Ollie was hammered with a 3 year show-cause by the NCAA yesterday

- former USC football assistant coach Rick Courtright has filed a lawsuit against USC alleging he was forced out after reporting possible NCAA violations


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17min 13s
Published Jul 3, 2019 at 6:51pm
WCE Daily: 7/1/19 - Bobby Bonilla Day, NBA Free Agency (KD & Kyrie, Kawhi, Warriors, etc), #My5Movies
Show Details19min 39s
WCE Daily: 6/28/19 - USWNT beats France, NJ bests NV profits, NBA FA, early payouts
Show Details12min 1s
2019 Conference USA West College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details27min 23s
2019 Conference USA East College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details27min 55s
WCE Daily: 6/25/19 - CFB Win Totals, Melo return?, Rocker leads Vandy to CWS Game 2 win
Show Details9min 36s
WCE Daily: 6/24/19 - Auburn President out, Cam Newton told no, NBA replacing "owner," UConn to Big East, NCAA Pres warns state of California
Show Details25min 22s
WCE Daily: 6/21/19 - Dame Lillard / Marvin Bagley dis tracks, LSU football church bagman, wrong hats at NBA draft
Show Details7min 20s
WCE Daily: 6/20/19 - NBA Draft Day (Top 5 best picks, Top 5 busts), Al Horford & Harrison Barnes opt out (is KD injury to blame?)
Show Details13min 33s
WCE Daily: 6/19/19 - Grizzles trade Mike Conley to Jazz, CP3 trade request, AD to Lakers
Show Details10min 56s
WCE: 2019 MAC West College Football Previews & Predictions
Show Details25min 51s
WCE: 2019 MAC East College Football Preview & Predictions
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WCE Daily: 6/13/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 6 picks, Kemba Walker, NCAA basketball, Blues
Show Details12min 37s
WCE Daily: 6/12/19 - USWNT, Big Papi , NBA Finals, Blues Bruins, Raiders on Hardknocks
Show Details35min 34s
WCE Daily: 6/11/19 - Durant injury, new Grizzlies coach, Osama bin Dabo?, FSU privatizing
Show Details12min 55s
WCE Daily: 6/10/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 5 Picks, UFC 238, Bieber vs Cruise, UA donation, Ortiz
Show Details17min 31s
WCE Daily: 6/7/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 4 picks, Blues, Golovkin, Tyreek Hill, NFL Cowboys
Show Details43min 3s
WCE Daily: 6/5/19 - Trent Williams, Warriors Raptors Gm 3 picks, SEC, AAC, Tony Stark
Show Details15min 57s
WCE Daily: 6/4/19 - Andy Ruiz, NBA Finals, Gerald McCoy to Panthers, Khabib is back
Show Details44min 49s
WCE Daily: 5/30/19 - Warriors Raptors Game 1 pick, CFB TV Times, Godzilla & Rambo, CFB lines
Show Details12min 24s
WCE Daily: 5/29/19 - Rockets shopping everyone, SEC on CBS initial schedule, Wilder v Ortiz II
Show Details15min 37s
WCE Daily: 5/28/19 - Rob Pelinka Dark Knight story, RIP sport legends, RJ Hampton, Will Wade
Show Details17min 5s
WCE Daily: 5/24/19 - Texas A&M hires Bjork, de Sousa reinstated, Bowen, NFL QBs chugging
Show Details15min 26s
WCE Daily: 5/23/19 - Tom Bowen scandal, Mike Conley for Gordon Hayward?, All-NBA, etc
Show Details45min 15s
WCE Daily: 5/22/19 - St. Thomas kicked out, Michigan hires Juwan Howard, NBA All-Defensive, picks
Show Details10min 14s
WCE Daily: 5/21/19 - Warriors sweep, Reuben Foster, Edelman, Firemen vs Snakes, CFB predictions
Show Details39min 29s
WCE Daily: 5/20/19 - Trendon Watford, Deontay Wilder KO, Game of Thrones finale, Magic, picks
Show Details13min 38s
WCE Daily: 5/17/19 - Penny & Precious, Tyreke Evans out of NBA, Deontay Wilder, PGA, picks
Show Details12min 19s
WCE Daily: 5/16/19 - Patrick Peterson suspended, Koepka, Big 10 revenue, Bielema buyout, picks
Show Details12min 42s
WCE: 5/15/19 - NBA lottery - could Zion not go to New Orleans? / College Football 2019 futures bets
Show Details59min
WCE Daily: 5/14/19 - #NBADraftLottery, Memphis AD resigns, NCAA video games, Memphis recruiting
Show Details14min 13s
WCE Daily: 5/13/19 - Top CFB jobs, Cavs hire John Beilein, NBA Conference Finals, etc
Show Details17min 22s
WCE Daily: 5/9/19 - Doug Baldwin cut, Kevin Durant injury, Florida DB transfers, Fox Sports Bets
Show Details16min 13s
WCE Daily: 5/8/19 - Top 25 CFB coaches, Klay Thompson mad, Saban predicts Game of Thrones, picks
Show Details13min 18s
WCE 276: 10 Games That Changed College Football History
Show Details56min 36s
WCE 275: 2019 NFL Draft Grades and Recap!
Show Details1hr 21min
WCE Daily: 5/6/19 - XFL TV deals, Kentucky Derby controversy, Clemson recruit...
Show Details20min 33s
WCE Daily: 5/2/19 - NBA & MLB demand gambling fees, 90s band rips Bryce Harper, NCAA injuries & more
Show Details17min 11s
WCE Daily: 5/1/19 - Sean Miller paid Ayton, Rick Barnes lied about UCLA, AAF investor, picks
Show Details14min 8s
WCE Daily: 4/30/19 - FBI hoops trial explained, ESPN the Magazine done, TN sports gambling, picks
Show Details13min 16s
WCE Daily: 4/29/19 - NBA refs love Warriors, NFL Draft breaks records, Will Wade FBI, picks
Show Details16min 9s
WCE Daily: 4/26/19 - Dabo Swinney new contract, NFL Draft notes, daily gambling picks
Show Details11min 32s
WCE Daily: 4/25/19 - NFL Draft Top 5 busts & can't misses, NCAA denies waivers, Clemson FBI, picks
Show Details21min 32s
WCE Daily: 4/24/19 - Lillard's shot vs OKC, Kansas contract with Adidas, FBI hoops trial, picks
Show Details11min 28s
WCE Daily: 4/23/19 - Dwayne Haskins red flags, CFB players in hoops trial, Superbook to NJ, picks
Show Details18min 53s
WCE Daily: 4/22/19 - Wonderlic scores, No Peyton Manning for MNF, Sunday Ticket, Picks!
Show Details15min 57s
WCE Daily: 4/19/19 - Will Wade unlikely to testify, Raiders excuse scouts, GoT piracy, daily picks!
Show Details13min 54s
WCE Daily: 4/18/19 - NFL 2019 schedule release, AAC / SEC alliance, Daily Gam...
Show Details10min 39s
WCE Daily: 4/17/19 - Joe Alleva resigning, AAF bankruptcy, CFB FPI Top 10, Pac 12, Picks
Show Details21min 45s
WCE Daily: 4/16/19 - $1.2M Tiger Woods bet, Russell Wilson, Rick Barnes, NYT ...
Show Details24min 49s
WCE Daily: 4/15/19 - Tiger Woods wins Masters, LSU reinstates Will Wade, daily picks
Show Details15min 44s
WCE Daily: 4/12/19 - Grizzlies front office, Masters, Game of Thrones, CFB spring, Disney+
Show Details18min 48s
WCE Daily: 4/11/19 - Louisville vs NCAA, NBA Playoffs, Tiger Woods & Masters, So Miss coach quits
Show Details15min 4s
WCE Daily: 4/10/19 - ESPN's new Big 12 deal, Magic resigns, Brooks Koepka weight loss
Show Details14min 57s
WCE 274: Next CFB team to win 1st title, Rapid Fire Q&A, Masters bets
Show Details1hr 18min
WCE Daily: 4/9/19 - UVA vs TTU recap, 2020 NCAAB odds, UCLA hires Cronin, AL vs OK, TN gambling bill
Show Details16min 49s
WCE Daily: 4/8/19 - UVA v Texas Tech picks, UCLA & Rick Barnes, Tuberville Senate, TN gambling
Show Details13min 33s
WCE Daily: 4/5/19 - Will Wade's new attorney, CFB spring games, School too good?, Final Four picks
Show Details14min 16s
WCE Daily: 4/4/19 - McGregor / Khabib, AAF fallout continues, $26k drunk parlay, Bezos divorce
Show Details12min 10s
WCE Daily: 4/3/19 - Buzz to A&M, TCU cancels spring game, UCLA & Jamie Dixon, Texas Tech $300k bet?
Show Details13min 13s
WCE 273: 2019 Final Four Preview / 2019 NFL Team Totals
Show Details56min 35s
WCE Daily: 4/2/19 - AAF shuts down, Stackhouse to Vandy, Sampson stays at Houston
Show Details17min 31s
WCE Daily: 4/1/19 - April Fools, Cheer for rivals?, Elite 8, Calipari lifetime contract, Rick Byrd
Show Details21min 54s
WCE Daily: 3/29/19 - Colgate rented Ohio St's band, XFL gets more money, Sweet 16 recap & picks!
Show Details24min 59s
WCE Daily: 3/28/19 - Will Wade's middle man, Nevada Feb profit, TN sports betting, Sweet 16 picks
Show Details14min 26s
WCE Daily: 3/27/19 - Bama hires Nate Oats, NFL PI rule change, AAF in danger of folding?
Show Details14min 35s
WCE 272: 2019 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Previews, Picks, and Predictions
Show Details56min 32s
WCE: 3/26/19 - McGregor retires, Eminem AAF idea, Romo wants $10M, Prohm exte...
Show Details18min 14s
WCE Daily: 3/25/19 NCAA Tournament recap, Michael Avenatti Nike scandal, Gronk, Bama fires Avery
Show Details20min 19s
WCE Daily: 3/20/19 - Calipari to UCLA rumors, Petrino over budget, CBB picks
Show Details11min 45s
WCE 271: NCAA Bracket Breakdown, Mike Trout contract, CFB 2019 opening lines, Johnny Manziel AAF
Show Details1hr 25min
WCE: 3/19/19 Missouri attendance, Deontay Wilder, ESPN leaks WCBB field, CBB picks!
Show Details14min 23s
2019 NCAA Tournament Selection Immediate Reaction!
Show Details23min 24s
WCE Daily: 3/14/19 - Will Wade and LSU release statements, NCAAB picks!
Show Details10min 7s
WCE Daily: 3/13/19 Odell Beckham Jr to Browns, Will Wade remains suspended, NCAAB picks
Show Details14min 53s
WCE Daily: 3/12/19 - College Entrance scam, SEC Basketball Tournament, NFL Free Agency, NCAAB picks
Show Details18min 28s
WCE Daily: 3/11/19 - NCAA Tournament bubble, FOX new CFB show, NCAAB picks!
Show Details13min 53s
WCE: 3/8/19 - Will Wade suspended, College Basketball bubble games, NCAAB Pic...
Show Details18min 23s
WCE Daily: 3/7/19 - LSU's Will Wade on 2nd wiretap, FBI is NOT going after schools, NCAAB Picks!
Show Details18min 25s
WCE Daily: 3/6/19 - Alabama basketball program, possible Avery Johnson replacements, CBB picks!
Show Details20min 43s
WCE 270: College Football / NFL Q&A
Show Details50min
WCE Daily: 3/5/19 - Adidas recruiting scandal sentencing, Bowl game changes, NCAAB picks
Show Details11min 27s
WCE Daily: 3/4/19 - NCAA Tournament bubble teams, Big 10 Commissioner retiring, NCAAB picks!
Show Details19min
3/1/19 - Big 12 Pac 12 alliance, Beer Wars in NOLA, ESPN daily gambling show,...
Show Details12min 22s
WCE 269: CFB QnA, NCAAB national title favs, Heisman odds, top party schools
Show Details1hr 47min
WCE Daily: 2/26/19 - 9 teams that can win NCAAB National Title, Georgia Tech at Mer...
Show Details10min 36s
WCE Daily: 2/25/19 - Sean Miller & Will Wade subpoenaed, NCAA Tournament bubble, NCAAB picks!
Show Details18min 3s
WCE: 2/21/19 - AUB/UGA schedule change, CFB 2019 early lines, NCAAB picks!
Show Details9min 40s
WCE Daily: 2/20/19 - Bama basketball rant, Duke UNC ticket prices, NCAAB picks!
Show Details11min 22s
WCE 268: AAF investment and Week 2 reaction, NCAAB futures, CFB futures and S&P+ rankings
Show Details1hr 39min
WCE Daily: 2/19/19 - AAF $250M investment, Tyson Fury signs with ESPN, etc
Show Details13min 11s
WCE Daily: 2/18/19 - NCAA Tournament bubble teams, Steve Spurrier trolls Tennessee, NCAAB picks
Show Details9min 45s
WCE Daily: 2/15/19 - Fake recruit ranked by Rivals, Kaepernick settles collusion, NCAA, CBB picks
Show Details16min 45s
WCE Daily: 2/14/19 NJ limits HS FB practice, NFL wants NBA commish, AAF week 2 odds, CBB picks
Show Details15min 34s
WCE Daily: 2/13/19 - Pilot pulls ESPN ads, Pac 12 Network, UK loss to LSU, Barry Odom mad, CBB picks
Show Details15min 23s
WCE Daily: 2/12/19 - Ole Miss vacates wins, mobile gambling, JaMarcus, Kyler Murray odds, picks!
Show Details14min 51s
WCE Daily: 2/11/19 - Clemson may have provided PEDs, AAF Week 1 Recap, NCAA seeds, picks!
Show Details15min 6s
WCE Daily: 2/8/19 - Turner partners with Caesars, AAF week 1 betting preview, and NCAAB picks!
Show Details12min 56s
WCE Daily: 2/7/19 - No Mobile Gambling in Mississippi, Marc Gasol to Raptors, and NCAAB picks
Show Details8min 57s
WCE Daily: 2/6/19 - CFB National Signing Day and NCAAB picks!
Show Details10min 22s
WCE 267: Super Bowl 53 (Patriots vs Rams) Recap
Show Details56min 40s
WCE Daily: 2/5/19 - AAF Preview, Vegas & NJ Super Bowl money, jogger kills mtn lion, NCAAB picks
Show Details16min 21s
WCE Daily: 2/4/19 - Super Bowl reaction, Adnan Virk fired, Southern Miss & Art Briles, NCAAB Picks
Show Details14min 53s
WCE Daily: 2/1/19 - Trevor leave Clemson?, Baker to Patriots, $2M Super Bowl bet, NCAAB picks
Show Details15min 39s
WCE Daily: 1/31/19 - Missouri bowl ban, Nevada Casino revenue, Super Bowl money, NCAAB picks
Show Details16min
WCE 266: Super Bowl 53 Preview and Picks, Prop Bets, NFC and AFC Champ Game recaps
Show Details1hr 46min
WCE Daily: 1/30/19 - NCAA possibly changing CFB OT, Pac 12 recruiting down, new Bama hir...
Show Details12min 31s
WCE Daily: 1/29/19 - Barstool kicked out, McGregor Khabib suspensions, Romo's worth, picks
Show Details15min 12s
WCE Daily: 1/28/19 - Clemson drug testing, Saints Rams officials from SoCal, Stoops, CBB...
Show Details16min 1s
WCE Daily: 1/25/19 - Pac 12 game moving, Super Bowl props, MS mobile betting, SB line moves, picks
Show Details18min 21s
WCE Daily: 1/24/19 - Super Bowl whining, betting on SB53, CFB futures, support gator, picks!
Show Details15min 2s
WCE Daily: Jan 23rd, 2019 - Grizzlies could move from Memphis, BBQ Bowl?, and CBB picks!
Show Details11min 56s
WCE Daily: Jan 22, 2019 - NFL faces lawsuit, KC fires DC, Cejudo beats Dillashaw and CBB picks
Show Details16min 53s
WCE Daily: Jan 18th, 2019 - Hollywood Tunica Sun Jan 20, worst Super Bowl matchup, UFC/ESPN+ an...
Show Details13min 51s
WCE 265: NFL Divisional Recap, NFC and AFC Championship Previews, CFB transfers, and NFL hires
Show Details1hr 54min
WCE Daily: Jan 17th, 2019 - WCE Live in Tunica, Texas QB transferring, Phil Fulmer, CBB picks
Show Details13min 56s
WCE Daily: Jan 16, 2019 - Hurts to Oklahoma, Martell to Miami, Travis Scott, Picks!
Show Details20min 59s
WCE Daily: Jan 15, 2019 - 1/15/19 - Big 12 Title Game, Wimbush to UCF, NCAAB picks and more!
Show Details18min 53s
WCE Daily: Jan 14, 2019 -Super Bowl odds, UGA coaches fake, Kyler Murray, Ole Miss and NCAAB picks!
Show Details17min 58s
WCE 264: NFL Wildcard Recaps, Divisional Round Previews, Coaching Changes
Show Details48min 59s
WCE 263: Bama Clemson breakdown and recap, Bowl Game rapid fire recaps
Show Details1hr 20min
WCE 262: NFL Week 17 Recap, NFL Playoff Wildcard Previews and Picks
Show Details56min 49s
WCE 261: College Football Playoff Recap, Bama Clemson Championship Preview, Coaching Changes
Show Details56min 17s
WCE 260: NFL Week 15 Recap, Week 16 Preview and Picks, CFB Bowl Picks
Show Details1hr 35min
WCE 259: Bowl Previews Dec 31 - Jan 1st!
Show Details49min 14s
WCE 258: Bowl Previews Dec 26-29th!
Show Details1hr
WCE 257: NFL Week 14 Recap, Week 15 Preview and Picks, CFB ATS Picks and 8 team playoff?
Show Details2hr 12min
WCE 256: Bowl Previews Dec 18-22nd!
Show Details35min 33s
WCE 255: College Football coaching changes and Dec 15th bowl previews
Show Details1hr 5min
WCE 254: NFL Week 13 Recap, NFL Week 14 Preview & Picks, Best and Worst Bowls, Army v Navy, Heisman
Show Details1hr 56min
WCE 253: NFL Week 12 Recap and Rank, CFB Week 14 Picks and Preview, NFL Week 13 Picks and Preview
Show Details2hr 29min
WCE 252: College Football Week 13 Recap, Top 10 Rankings, and Playoff Predictions
Show Details1hr 45min
WCE 251: NFL Week 12 and College Football Week 13 Previews and Picks!
Show Details1hr 41min
WCE 250: College Football Week 12 Recap, Top 10, Playoff Predictions
Show Details1hr 7min
WCE 249: NFL Week 10 Recap, NFL Week 11 and CFB Week 12 Previews and Picks, CFP Top 25 Reaction
Show Details2hr 10min
WCE 248: College Football Week 11 Recap, Top 10, and Playoff Predictions
Show Details1hr 24min
WCE 247: NFL Wk 9 Recap & Rankings, NFL Wk 10 & CFB Wk 11 Preview & Picks, CFP Top 25 Reaction
Show Details2hr 29min
WCE 246: College Football Week 10 Recap, Top 10, and Playoff Predictions
Show Details59min 47s
WCE 245: NFL Week 8 Recap, Playoff Ranking reaction, CFB Week 10 and NFL Week 9 preview and picks
Show Details2hr 18min
WCE 244: College Football Week 9 Recap, Top 10 and Playoff Predictions
Show Details53min 58s
WCE 243: NFL Week 7 Recap and Rankings, CFB Week 9 Preview and Picks, NFL Week 8 Preview and Picks
Show Details1hr 46min
WCE 242: College Football Week 8 Recap, WCE Top 10, and Playoff Predictions!
Show Details51min 6s
WCE 241: NFL Week 6 Recap and Rankings, CFB Week 8 Preview & Picks, NFL Week 7 Preview & Picks
Show Details1hr 54min
WCE 240: CFB Week 7 Recap, Top 10, and Playoff Predictions
Show Details57min 22s
WCE 239: NFL Week 5 Recap & Top 5 Bottom 5, CFB Week 7 Preview & Picks, NFL Week 6 Preview & Picks
Show Details1hr 54min
WCE 238: CFB Week 6 Recap, WCE Top 10, Playoff Predictions
Show Details31min 21s
WCE 237: NFL Week 4 Recap, CFB Week 6 / NFL Week 5 Preview and Picks, McGregor Khabib picks!
Show Details2hr
WCE 236: College Football Week 5 Recap, WCE Top 10, Playoff Prediction
Show Details47min 1s
WCE 235: NFL Week 3 recap, CFB Week 5 Preview & Picks, NFL Week 4 Preview & Picks!
Show Details1hr 46min
WCE 234: College Football Week 4 Recap!
Show Details33min 2s
WCE 233: CFB Week 4 Preview and Gambling Picks, NFL Week 3 Preview and Gambling Picks!
Show Details1hr 42min
WCE 232: College Football Week 3 recap, NFL Week 2 recap
Show Details51min 51s
WCE 231: NFL Week 1 Recap, NFL Week 2 Preview, CFB & NFL Gambling Picks!
Show Details1hr 22min
WCE 230: College Football Week 2 recap, CFB Week 3 Preview
Show Details1hr 4min
WCE 229: NFL Week 1 Preview, College Football and NFL gambling picks
Show Details57min 49s
WCE 228: College Football Week 1 Recap, CFB Week 2 Preview
Show Details50min 58s
WCE 227: AFC & NFC West Previews, NFL Playoff picks, CFB Week 1 preview, CFB gambling picks!
Show Details1hr 17min
WCE 226: CFB Playoff predictions, Big 12 & Pac 12 previews!
Show Details1hr 23min
WCE 225: NFL Previews - AFC & NFC North, AFC East
Show Details1hr 2min
WCE 224: CFB Previews! ACC divisions and Notre Dame!
Show Details1hr 5min
WCE 223: NFL Previews! NFC South, AFC South, NFC East
Show Details44min 55s
WCE 222: Chris Fallica interview, Big 10 preview, Memphis CFB preview, Top 10 uniforms
Show Details1hr 30min
WCE 221: Interview with Mohamed Massaquoi, Urban Meyer scandal, McGregor, Jalen Hurts
Show Details1hr 27min
WCE 220: SEC West predictions, CFB TV landscape, Top 10 CFB coaches, etc
Show Details1hr 26min
WCE 219: SEC East Preview, Goodell blocks Josh Gordon, MLB expansion
Show Details1hr 17min
WCE 218: Josh Rosen knows how to fix the NCAA, Big 12's new slogan, big stars need to participate
Show Details1hr 8min
WCE 217: Boogie Cousins, Grizzlies, Jeff Long, Tiger vs Phil, Big 12 vs SEC
Show Details1hr 3min
WCE 216: Finebaum, NCAA Revenue, Baylor, Lebron
Show Details53min 46s
WCE 215: NCAA transfers and redshirt, Gambling in MS, NFL rules, Jameis Winston
Show Details52min 47s
WCE 214: 05.29.18 / NBA Finals set, CFB Games of the Year lines & stories
Show Details1hr 17min
WCE 213: 04.30.18 / NFL Draft recap, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs
Show Details1hr 27min
WCE 212: 04.25.18 / NFL Draft, NBA and NHL playoffs, College Basketball, Jalen Hurts
Show Details1hr 14min
WCE 211.2: 04.16.18 / WWE, Cockfighting, and ESPN's morning show ratings bombing
Show Details57min 43s
WCE 211.1: 04.16.18 / Tom Mars vs Ole Miss again, Miss St students burglarize Bama, UFC and McGregor
Show Details52min 51s
WCE 210: 04.06.18 / McGregor attacks UFC, Mike Miller hired at Memphis, Masters talk
Show Details58min 42s
WCE 209: 04.02.18 / College Basketball Title, NFL Draft QBs & is any player worth 2 1sts?, MLB back
Show Details50min 20s
WCE 208: 03.29.18 / Odell Beckham Jr, Penny expectations, Grizzlies, Johnny Manziel, MLB, Final Four
Show Details39min 31s
WCE 207: 03.26.18 / Final Four, NBA Draft, CFB home-and-homes, NFL Free Agency
Show Details1hr 16min
WCE 206: 03.22.18 / Sweet 16 gambling picks
Show Details27min 18s
WCE 205: 03.21.18 / NCAA Tournament opening weekend recap
Show Details34min 38s
WCE 204: 03.19.18 / Everything about Penny to Memphis
Show Details29min 57s
WCE 203: 03.11.18 / NCAA Tournament Selection recap
Show Details1hr 4min
WCE 202: 03.08.18 / Penny to Memphis, SEC Tourney and Bubble Teams, Bama Pro Day, Peyton Manning
Show Details51min 8s
WCE 200: 03.01.18 / NFL replaces Papa John's, Sean Miller vs ESPN, Nate Robinson, Flag Football, etc
Show Details47min 56s
Ep199-02.26.18 / Memphis basketball, FBI College Basketball, Bortles, Kansas trivia
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep198-02.26.18 / Peter Burns interview from the SEC Network
Show Details24min 50s
Ep197-02.21.18 / Zach Bingham (AtoZ Sports) talks Titans, Rebel Rags, Beale St Music Fest
Show Details1hr 17min
Ep196-02.19.18 / Barstool fires Rapaport, March Madness, Fergie anthem, NBA All-Star game
Show Details53min 51s
Ep195-02.15.18 / Ole Miss appeal, SEC basketball, NFL Draft on FOX
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep194-02.12.18 / ESPN loves Michael Bennett, NCAA tournament seeding, Winter Olympics, etc
Show Details57min 48s
Ep193-02.08.18 / CFB Signing Day, Josh McDaniels says no to Colts, UFC needs McGregor back
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep192-02.05.18 / Super Bowl 52 Full Recap (plays, drama, stats, Timberlake)
Show Details56min 44s
Ep191-01.31.18 / Alex Smith trade, FOX gets TNF, Super Bowl preview
Show Details57min 46s
Ep190-01.28.18 / XFL returns, Mich St under fire, Senior Bowl, UConn vs NCAA
Show Details1hr 12min
Ep189-01.24.18 / Chris is back from Vegas, Nassar, Vrabel, Desert Stories, NFL Recap
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep188-01.22.18 / College Football 2018 opening lines, 12 worst CFB games of 2017
Show Details15min 49s
Ep187-01.17.18 / Dr. David Ridpath, Chris's trip to Vegas, Hugh Freeze to Alabama, NFL Playoffs, etc
Show Details1hr 23min
Ep186-01.15.18 / NFL playoff recap, coaching changes, etc
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep185-01.11.18 / Alabama vs Georgia recap, LSU hires Steve Ensminger
Show Details1hr 11min
Ep184-01.07.18 / College Football Playoff National Title Preview - Alabama vs Georgia
Show Details32min 33s
Ep183-01.04.18 / Scuzz from West Lot Pirates, Bowl Season recap, NFL Playoffs
Show Details1hr 20min
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-10 / Jan 1st slate
Show Details37min 53s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-9 / Dec 30th slate
Show Details20min 57s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-8 / Dec 29th slate
Show Details21min 31s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-7 / Dec 28th slate
Show Details18min 55s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-6 / Dec 27th slate
Show Details24min 33s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-5 / Dec 26th slate
Show Details18min
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-4 / Dec 23-24th slate
Show Details33min 25s
Show Details27min 21s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-3 / Dec 21-22nd slate
Show Details17min 15s
Ep181-12.20.17 / NFL Recap, Herm Edwards at Ariz St, etc
Show Details57min 4s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-2 / Dec 19-20th slate
Show Details16min 16s
WCE-CFB-2017BowlsPreview-1 / Dec 16th slate
Show Details34min 31s
Ep180-12.14.17 / GET THAT MONEY and BIG GAME THURSDAY (NFL gambling picks, etc)
Show Details28min 52s
Ep179-12.13.17 / Coco, Army Navy, and NFL
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep178-12.08.17 / BIG GAME FRIDAY NFL Preview Show
Show Details21min 45s
Ep177-12.07.17 / GET THAT MONEY NFL gambling picks and Sports Gambling Legalization?
Show Details37min 33s
Ep176-12.06.17 / SEC Football news and coaching changes discussion
Show Details58min 4s
Ep175-12.05.17 / CFB Recap (Championship Week)
Show Details19min 7s
Ep174-12.01.17 / Ole Miss sanctions released and Tennesee fires Currie
Show Details43min 19s
Ep173-12.01.17 / BIG GAME FRIDAY and Tennessee Coaching Search
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Ep172 - 11.30.17 / GET THAT MONEY and Coaching Search discussion
Show Details47min 38s
Ep171-11.29.17 / Coaching Rumors & NFL Discussion
Show Details1hr 2min
Ep170-11.28.17 / CFB Recap (Iron Bowl and more, Playoffs, Coaching Changes)
Show Details1hr 30min
Ep169-11.22.17 / Cecil Hurt ( interview, Iron Bowl Preview
Show Details21min 49s
Ep168-11.22.17 / Ole Miss player and Tom Mars case, Big Game Previews
Show Details1hr 15min
Ep167-11.22.17 / GET THAT MONEY, Kevin Sumlin fired, Chip Kelly Florida or UCLA
Show Details48min 41s
Ep166-11.21.17 / College Football Week 12 Recap
Show Details40min 51s
Ep165-11.17.17 / Big Game Friday CFB and NFL preview show
Show Details40min 31s
Ep164-11.16.17 / GET THAT MONEY College Football and NFL gambling picks
Show Details21min 3s
Ep162-11.14.17 / College Football Week 11 Recap
Show Details1hr 10min
Ep161-11.10.17 / Big Game Friday previews for College Football and the NFL
Show Details45min 50s
Ep160-11.09.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details35min 50s
Ep159-11.08.17 / Ole Miss sanctions delay?, NFL Recap, Pastner NCAA problems
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Ep158-11.07.17 / CFB Week 10 Recap
Show Details51min 22s
Ep157-11.03.17 / Big Game Friday (CFB and NFL preview show)
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Ep156-11.02.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
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Ep155-11.01.17 / Keith Easterwood interview
Show Details48min 28s
Ep154-10.31.17 / Denny Thompson ( and CFB Recap Week 9
Show Details1hr 16min
Ep153-10.27.17 / Butch Jones to Ole Miss? and Big Game Friday previews
Show Details50min 12s
Ep152-10.26.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
Show Details47min 2s
Ep151-10.25.17 / Gary Parrish of CBS Sports
Show Details1hr 7min
Ep150-10.24.17 / CFB Week 8 Recap, Top 10, Discussion about CFB Ratings and Time Slots
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Ep149-10.20.17 / Big Game Friday Preview show
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Ep148-10.19.17 / Josh Parcell ( and GET THAT MONEY gambling picks
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Ep147-10.18.17 / NFL Recap and update on our playoff picks
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Ep146-10.17.17 / Ole Miss settles with Nutt, CFB Week 7 Recap
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Ep145-10.13.17 / GET THAT MONEY! CFB and NFL picks
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Ep144-10.10.17 / CFB recap, top 10, and more from Orlando!
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Ep143-10.06.17 / Big Game Friday - Biggest CFB and NFL games of the weekend
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Ep142-10.05.17 / GET THAT MONEY! CFB and NFL gambling picks
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Ep141-10.04.17 / Vegas shootings, Tom Petty & NFL recap
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Ep140-10.03.17 / CFB Week 5 Recap
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Ep139-09.29.17 / Big Game Friday (Biggest CFB and NFL game breakdowns)
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Ep138-09.28.17 / GET THAT MONEY CFB and NFL gambling picks
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Ep137-09.27.17 / College Basketball scandal and NFL recap
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Ep136-09.26.17 / CFB Week 4 recap
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Ep135-09.22.17 / CFB & NFL biggest games of the weekend
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Ep134-09.21.17 / GET THAT MONEY! CFB and NFL gambling picks
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Ep133-09.20.17 / RebelGrove's Neal McCready and Wall St Journal's Andrew Beaton interviews
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Ep132-09.19.17 / CFB & NFL recap
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Ep131-09.15.17 / CFB and NFL Biggest Games Preview
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