This Spiritual Fix

What meditation works for you? What is it like to do tantra? How do you best communicate with a loved one? Join Kristina Wiltsee & Anna Stromquist as we look through the fixes we have tried and the ones still on the road ahead in our ongoing quest to be sane, spiritual women with a lot on our plates.


1.09 - The Culture of Spirituality: How the Changing World Changes You
Show Details34min 54s
Bonus #2: Q&A Our Teacher S.N. Goenka
Show Details15min 56s
1.08 - Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Part 1: Understanding NLP Will Make You a Better Partner, Clinician, Parent, Friend, and Colleague
Show Details47min 17s
Bonus #1: Does Manifesting / Law of Attraction Contradict Radical Acceptance?
Show Details11min 17s
1.07- Losing Too Much, Too Soon: Childhood Grief / Parental Loss by Death, Divorce, Adoption, Abandonment, Separation
Show Details55min 18s
1.06 - Making The Amazing Familiar to Manifest Your Dream Lover with Special Guest Sophia Spallino
Show Details46min 37s
1.05 - How Not To Murder Your Partner in a Pandemic
Show Details42min 14s
1.04 - Mind Your Meditation: Exploring The Best Meditation Techniques for You
Show Details40min 12s
1.03 - The Monk of My Dreams Part II : Humility, Acceptance, Gratitude
Show Details34min 58s
1.02 - Panic in the Pandemic: How Health Anxiety Overtook Me and How I Fought Back
Show Details42min 8s
1.01 - The Monk of My Dreams
Show Details37min 52s
1.00 Join us for the debut of This Spiritual Fix Podcast
Show Details1min 27s