The Cure for Burnout (New Book Release!)

50m | Feb 11, 2024

Today, I have a special guest who will share her amazing story of overcoming burnout. She is Emily Ballesteros, a resilience advocate with a background in industrial organizational psychology. She has transformed her own experience of prolonged exhaustion into a powerful journey. She will reveal the insights and solutions she discovered along the way, culminating in her upcoming book, "The Cure for Burnout," set to launch on February 13, 2024. Fried fam, get ready for an inspiring conversation with Emily about resilience and the path to overcoming burnout.

Episode Highlights:

In this insightful episode, Emily dives into the dynamics of internal and external validation, urging listeners to prioritize internal fulfillment over societal expectations. She shared practical advice on crafting a high-quality life, emphasizing the significance of personal values in decision-making.

Experimentation takes center stage as a tool for personal growth, challenging the fear of making the "right" choices. The episode explores burnout recovery, assuring listeners that the tools gained during recovery serve as a safeguard against complete regression.

The concept of burnout by boredom is introduced, highlighting the need for novelty and variety in life to prevent chronic disengagement. The hosts discuss finding balance between external and internal perspectives, especially when facing discomfort or dissatisfaction.

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