Does Dancehall Have A Devastating Love Affair With Violence?

Season 10 | Episode 4
23m | Nov 29, 2022

Reactions to the recent ban on violent content over Jamaican airwaves and TV. In addition, some alternatives for reducing crime are offered, and a short list of quality new music releases. Does Dancehall Have A Devastating Love Affair With Violence?

Jamaica’s broadcasting regulator has banned all music and television broadcasts it perceives as glorifying criminal activity, drug use, weapons, or scamming. According to the Jamaican government, the goal is to reduce material that “could give the wrong impression that criminality is an accepted feature of Jamaican culture and society.” 

The ban comes after Jamaican authorities have battled rising gun violence rates, pushing the country’s murder rate to the highest of any nation in the Caribbean and Latin America in 2021. The ban also avoids “urban slang” related to lavish lifestyles, acquiring money, or making wire transfers.

In Jamaica, the Broadcasting Commission is the regulatory body established to control media in the country. The Commission outlines its primary purpose as to serve as a regulator that leads and facilitates the development and advancement of a dynamic electronic communication sector for the benefit of Jamaica and the Caribbean.  

Broadcast laws are established, and media entities are expected to follow the regulations outlined. Not following them could lead to sanctions and penalties.


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