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Every Monday, Joey talks about tech topics, the week's tech news and other interesting tidbits and tips! Joey also does Tuesday mini-episodes Tuesday Tech Tidbits, giving listeners advice and ideas for their digital lives!

We're on break with the main episodes right now, but season 2 starts September 14. You can still get the news and tech tidbits here.


JTT Tech News and Commentary - August 10, 2020 - Ad Free Exclusive
Show Details33min 48s
Tuesday Tech Tidbit - Search Just a Single Site with Google!
Show Details1min 8s
Season 2 Trailer!
Show Details2min 8s
JTT Tech News and Commentary - August 3, 2020
Show Details27min 44s
Season 1 Wrap Up
Show Details21min 4s
JTT News and Commentary - July 27, 2020
Show Details41min 49s
Web Browsers - Windows to the World Wide Web in 2020
Show Details18min 55s
Tuesday Tech Tidbit - Remove Annoying iOS App Notifications
Show Details1min 5s
JTT Tech News and Commentary - July 20, 2020
Show Details25min 34s
What Happened To
Show Details23min 7s
Tuesday Tech Tidbit - Scroll web page without scroll wheel, arrow keys, or using the scroll bar!
Show Details2min 54s
Next Generation Nvidia Graphics Cards News and Rumors
Show Details1hr 6min
Tuesday Tech Tidbit - A Way to Eliminate Noise from USB Condenser Mics Like the Blue Yeti
Show Details3min 29s
Why I Like Linux So Much
Show Details44min 57s
Tuesday Tech Tidbit - Time Saving Features in Google Chrome
Show Details3min 45s
Adobe Has No Excuse To Not Support Linux Anymore
Show Details39min 30s
Tuesday Tech Tidbit - Speed up programs with a RAMdisk!
Show Details4min 25s
Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Special Report
Show Details10min 19s
PC Tech 101: Storage VS Memory
Show Details36min 50s
Used Blue Yeti Microphone Review
Show Details43min 47s
Microtransactions in Gaming
Show Details40min 21s
Joey's Totally Tech stands against racism and in solidarity with those fighting against racism! #BlackoutTuesday
Show Details1min 59s
The Tech of Trek
Show Details44min 3s
WHAT HAPPENED TO: Google's "Don't Be Evil" Motto
Show Details33min 12s
Turning Your TV Into a Smart TV with a Home Theater Media PC
Show Details35min 14s
Why You Should Buy Used Tech
Show Details34min 43s
The Downsides to Tech
Show Details25min 3s
Youtube Vs LBRY
Show Details26min 23s
Programming Languages to Learn in a COVID-19 World!
Show Details39min 43s
Technology in a COVID-19 World
Show Details32min 28s
Linux Based Operating Systems
Show Details30min 36s
Open Source Sofware
Show Details22min 26s
What is Blockchain?
Show Details23min 21s
What is Cryptocurrency?
Show Details26min 34s
Unions in the Tech Industry - Part 1
Show Details35min 10s
The Rise and Fall of Craigslist
Show Details27min 9s
Joey's Totally Tech trailer
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