Getting To God (Podcasts)

I can’t prove to you that the soul exists; that the spiritual world exists; that God, Jesus, angels, demons or any other facet of this concept is real. No one can do this. Spirituality is not something that can be handed out through a website. It’s a module of the individual human experience that has to be activated and maintained by each and every one us. It’s like any true and positive reward; you have to grow into it by holding on to its concepts and ideas until you confirm them for yourself. That’s what’s known as a leap of faith… and that’s how you get to God. 

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Introduce Yourself to God - - Shawn P Keenan
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Suicide - - Shawn P Keenan
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Sorting The Crop - - Shawn P Keenan
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Extreme trial. Revealing behaviors. Even if you don't believe a universal creator is doing this; we're being sorted.

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Published May 22, 2020 at 11:34pm
Hold On - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details22min 29s
Forgiveness - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details14min 21s
Humble Yourself, Covid 19 Response - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details4min 47s
This Guy Named Jesus - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details20min 5s
What to Pray For (Covid 19 Pandemic) - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details18min 56s
My Living Death (Love, Sin and Miracles) - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details32min 23s
Grace for Hunger - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details15min
Back to the Manual - - Shawn P Keenan
Show Details16min 44s
Every Day Consequences - - Shawn P Keenan
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The Realism of Sin (New) -
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The Unborn Child (Abortion) -
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The Flashlight - The God Switch - (New Version)
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