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New Equals Reason

After a long day, do you just need a 15 minute break? Are you searching for something new? Does your life hand you more questions than answers? Join me in conversation about life as we journey through the unknown together.


Technology Talk
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NBA Playoffs rd2
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Crypto Crash
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NBA Playoffs rd1
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Having one of those days?
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Robinhood APP
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Greatest Quarterback of All Time
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Jordan or Bryant
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Jordan or James
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Super Bowl Talk
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My Covid 19 Experience
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The Giving Season
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Holiday Season time.
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Decisions we make.
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ALS Awareness
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Educating Change
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Start Investing
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Can they smell the flowers?
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You made Sacrifices.
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Fantasy Football week 1 picks
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Fantasy Football pre-draft
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I grow up on that song.
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Why I haven't seen Star wars.
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NBA playoffs review
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Let's talk about it.
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Friends are the Family we choose
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Welcome back NBA
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THANK YOU to the Listeners and Supporters
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I Love that Song
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Concealed Carry Permit
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My fight with Sensitive Skin.
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Home Run Chase of 98
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Can I ask you something?
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#Girldad Pt2 ft Genessa Brown
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Why I started New Equals Reason.
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Return of Sports
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Motivation & Drive
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Sibling Diffferences
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Ahmuad Aubery
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Covid 19
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New age of gaming
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I Can"t Breathe
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Last dance
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