The Saga of World War 2: a Casus Belli Project

A podcast covering the entire second world war from beginning to end.


Zhukov's Cauldron
Show Details27min 10s
The Last Field Marshall
Show Details30min 17s
Fight Like Ike
Show Details30min 6s
Appendix E Part 2: Navies of the Second World War
Show Details32min 15s
Appendix E Part 1: Interview with Artur Plociennik about World of Warships
Show Details42min 41s
Episode 31: Torch Light
Show Details25min 22s
Episode 30: Rainy Marching on the Painful Field
Show Details32min 50s
Episode 29: Thermopylae on Matanikau
Show Details25min 38s
Episode 28: Death Island
Show Details29min 34s
Episode 27: Sabers in the Sun
Show Details27min 14s
Episode 26: the Eagle Strikes Back
Show Details27min 52s
Episode 25: Yamomoto's Gambit
Show Details29min 14s
Episode 24: Fox Catcher
Show Details25min 23s
Appendix D: Return to the Reich; an Interview with Eric Lichtblau
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 23: Blue Jubilee
Show Details26min 33s
Episode 22: the Reluctant Dragon
Show Details29min 42s
Appendix C: In Toni's Footsteps, an interview with Carl Timms
Show Details44min 29s
Episode 21: Shangri-la
Show Details24min 30s
Appendix B: Panzer Commander, an interview with Stephen Robinson
Show Details49min 31s
Episode 20: the Sledgehammer and the Egg
Show Details24min 28s
Episode 19: the Honor of the Empire
Show Details29min 57s
Episode 18: Kaminari Sen
Show Details31min 5s
Episode 17: Atarimashita!
Show Details25min 42s
Episode 16: Japan Prepares for War
Show Details26min 57s
Episode 15: Rising Sun
Show Details26min 14s
Appendix A: Charles de Gaulle
Show Details10min 8s
Episode 14: the End of the Begining
Show Details32min 53s
Episode 13: Germania Delenda Est
Show Details26min 1s
Episode 12: Man of Steel
Show Details31min 50s
Episode 11: Kicking in the Door
Show Details26min 14s
Episode 10: War on the Periphery
Show Details27min 33s
Episode 9: Fox Killed in the Open
Show Details22min 18s
Episode 8: the War at Sea
Show Details21min 37s
Episode 7: Their Finest Hour
Show Details24min 54s
Episode 6: a Miracle in a Sea of Disasters
Show Details25min
Episode 5: Polish the Shield, Neglect the Sword
Show Details25min 5s
Episode 4: a Phony War and a Winter War
Show Details27min 28s
Episode 3: a Beer Hall Coup and an Invasion Too
Show Details25min 10s
Episode 2: Architect of Armageddon
Show Details27min 9s
Episode 1: Versailles to Fascism
Show Details26min 37s