Make Life Delicious

Megs and Pegs are a mother-daughter duo and their conversations explore life, food, and the pursuit of happiness.

Megan is a certified holistic health coach and "Momma Peggy" is an entrepreneurial foodie with a zesty personality.

Together, they have the kind of conversations that you wish you could have with your mom including alternative health practices, relationships and family, and maintaining a healthy balance when life gets messy. They're unpacking all the juicy goodness, just for you.


023 | Human Design with Katie Calder - Part One
Show Details53min 18s
022 | Behind the Scenes of CGK’s Delicious Detox
Show Details36min 7s
021 | Cranial Sacral and Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with Betsy Rapp
Show Details36min 16s
020 | CGK’s Transformational Reset Results with Autumn Haber
Show Details32min 57s
019 | Finding & Following Your Dharma with DeAndre Sinette
Show Details57min 16s
018 | Self-Discovery Through Touch with Somatic Sex Healer Dolly Josette
Show Details1hr 5min
017 | How You Can Benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy with Talya Meldy
Show Details48min 19s
016 | The Key Ingredients to Having Great Sex
Show Details34min 46s
015 | Energy Muse: Crystal Magic to Shift Your Life
Show Details55min 23s
014 | Intermittent Fasting: Cut the Sugar & Start Doing Less with Autumn Bates
Show Details1hr
013 | Astrology: Know Yourself Deeper with Donna Flood
Show Details51min 53s
012 | Let’s Talk About Sex with Megs + Pegs
Show Details1hr 23min
011 | Alex Curry on Pursuing Passion with Tenacity and Grit
Show Details46min 55s
010 | Turning Childhood Dreams into Reality with Alex Curry
Show Details47min 38s
009 | Releasing Fears Around Death
Show Details48min 51s
008 | Healing with Medicinal Mushrooms with Kate Seiberlich
Show Details56min 29s
007 | Tricks to Healthy Eating
Show Details45min 42s
006 | Stay Sane During Quarantine
Show Details51min 39s
005 | Building Family Foundations with Communication
Show Details26min 57s
004 | What To Do When Sickness Happens
Show Details23min 32s
003 | Forgiveness
Show Details47min 10s
002 | Meet The Curry Girls
Show Details31min 42s
001 | Immunity
Show Details30min 59s
Let's Make Life Delicious!
Show Details2min 30s