• Endie Fiya: LIVE with Southern Soul Artist ~ Mz. Tori
    Mz.Tor! better known as Victoria Jefferson is a native of Lafayette, La. She always loved to sing, as a young little girl she would always go to her next door neighbor and sing for her. Using the broom as her microphone she would begin to entertain. Around age of 13 she recorded her first song on a cassette tape with her cousin. After graduating high school (at 17) and preparing for college, is when she realized she wanted to do music, recording her first single "Love". From there she met producer/Dj Mikki Gunz where they worked together on music. She recorded her first mixtape while going to school for Medical Office Assistant and Dental Assistant.  After having a baby in 2013, Mz.Tor! then decided to take a break from the music scene. She soon returned to the music scene in 2016, where she told herself "this would be her make or break." She then recorded her mixtape 90's baby, after the release of her mixtape she was then signed to Unique Entertainment. While performing at different venues Mz.Tor! has then released an album call "Ms. Multitalented:Makings of a Diva", two mixtape's called "Something Serious", "Quarantine Time", and an album call "Chapter 28". The artist known as Mz. Tor! is currently signed to Stuntville Records, has been putting out new singles, and has been nominated for Female R&B artist of the year and nominated three times for Contemporary Gospel Artist. A year ago Mz.Tor! jumped into the Southern Soul world with her hit single "Pressure On Me", which has been getting a lot of recognition in Northern and Southern States. She is soon to drop her next single in Fall of 2022. So with that said her motto is "You Gotta Have Faith And Patiences". Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety. 
    S6E55 - 1h 21m - Nov 29, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Hip Hop Artist ~ RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane Cam
    31 years old Hip Hop artist and Pittsburgh, PA native RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane Cam is blessing the world with his positive lyrics. He plans to bring back the essence of lyricism, storytelling, and knowledge of historical events within the messages in his music. Like a college professor, he opens the enlightenment and self esteem within the Black and Brown community. Having a mother who worked on the news side of Pittsburgh’s radio WAMO for 10-14 years, RapStarr grew up learning the ins and outs of the music business and radio. His love for Hip Hop as an artist began when he was 9 years old. He recalls a time when he bought his first CD, the “8 Mile” Soundtrack by Eminem. (which was very instrumental to his career) RapStarr refers to several of legendary artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent/G-Unit, LL Cool J, 2pac, Lil’ Kim, Nas, DMX and Krs-One as some of his influences growing up. He compares his style of lyrical content to the era of 1990’s and early 2000’s Hip Hop. You can find his songs on ITunes, iHeart, and YouTube ect. Follow him on Twitter @RapStarr412 or like his Facebook music page RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane C.A.M. Follow his Instragram @ItsRap2TheStarr, his TikTok @ItsRap2TheStarr, and his YouTube channel RapStarr a.k.a. Hurricane Cam412. In the words of a fan, “RapStarr is real Hip Hop”, and once you listen to his music you will strongly agree. Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety.
    S6E51 - 1h 21m - Nov 21, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with R&B Singer, Songwriter, & Actress ~ Cedrina
    "Multifaceted R&B singer, songwriter, & actress "Cedrina" has been active on the Atlanta scene for a few years. Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, the talented songstress comes from a musical background including church, chorus, and theater arts. Cedrina has a lengthy chart of music along with videos influenced by the likes of Chaka Khan, Prince, & Toni Braxton. Cedrina continues to recreate herself musically and lyrically as she enjoys playing with her live band and collaborative peers. Her upcoming single, "Favorite" will be released on November 11, 2022 and will be available on all streaming platforms. Cedrina is definitely one to watch in the coming months."
    S6E50 - 1h 17m - Nov 15, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Entertainer, Songwriter, & Singer ~ Donyale Renee
    With a name that literally translates to ‘gift from God,’ there is no question as to why Donyale Renee has peaked at this level of her career. A Houston, Texas native, this southern songbird began her career in 1996 as a recording artist on the PlatinumRecords label. Donyale’s vocal value led her to a myriad of career enhancing opportunities landing her numerous projects with marquis talent the likes of Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Maxi Priest, Monifah, Michael Henderson, Golden Touch, Atlanta All Stars, GT All Stars, Zhang Liangying,Smokey Robinson, Marvin C, The Manhattans, and Theodus Ealey. Her work with Sony incudes, SONY PlayStation Video Game ‘Bust a Groove’ Vocals for video character, ‘PINKY’. Additionally, she is also the voice of Japan’s number one electronic song, “Thunder” by DJ Taka. Donyale has been featured as a marquis talent for the ECIPS MUSIC FESTIVAL in Queens, NY 2017, which she performed alongside AKON, REMY MA, FREDDIE JACKSON a host of Caribbean artist. Recently after entering into the Southern soul arena, she has opened up for blues stars such as LJ Echols, Omar Cunningham, Kenny Wayne, Jeter Jones, Itz Karma, and many other Southern Soul rising hot stars. Donyale's vocal charisma can be as smooth as Diana Ross, clear as Denise Williams, as powerful as Whitney Houston or Celine Dion, dynamic as Beyonce' strong as Tina Turner, and as soulful as the late great Aretha Franklin and Natalie Cole. But before it's all over many will be compared to Donyale Renee.
    S6E49 - 1h 8m - Nov 14, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Actor, Songwriter, & Singer ~ Sean Ryne
    Sean Ryne is already on his way to becoming an eminent songwriter and singer in the music industry along with a budding acting career. He hails from the city of Brotherly Love, and as such, he loves to share his talents with the world.  Sean began singing at the tender age of six at his home church in Philadelphia, PA. After his first solo performance of “More Than Just a Story,” Sean knew he was destined for a life in the performing arts. He went on to attend the Young Performance Theater where he won the Best Soloist award in Philadelphia, PA. He would pour his blood, sweat and tears into a career in music. Inspired by greats such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Barbara Streisand, Brian Adams and contemporary acts like Chris Brown, Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, Ryne spent almost every waking moment honing his vocal skills and writing songs while other kids were hanging out with their friends.“ I would write every chance I had. I wrote about whatever I was feeling, even if it wasn’t a complete song or poem. Life inspires me to write music and I love expressing myself through this form of storytelling. Writing is so personal. It’s a great way to connect with people,” expressed Ryne. At age 12, he made his television debut on the Bravo Network show called “Bravo On with the Show” as a dancer. In 2008, he scored the lead role of “Jalen Cooper” for a local stage play in Philadelphia called “Just Believe”. Since then, Sean has been cast in several independent films and web series; so the young talent has found yet another skill to add to his already impressive resume. In fact, Sean has become so enamored with the film world that he has plans to add script writing and production to his list of credits very soon. Currently, Sean is promoting the RELEASE of his debut album “Better Late Than Never ”
    S6E48 - 1h 3m - Nov 10, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with the Founders/Directors of AFUNATION RECORDS LLC.
    Devon Anthony Blair Jr. and Latorshia Keair Blair are the Founders/Directors of AFUNATION RECORDS LLC. What separates AR LLC from other businesses in their industry, is that they are a collaborative enterprise with international outreach around the world. Trusted partners are positioned throughout the U.S & overseas (where we’ve established a strong presence) to introduce new revenue streams to a multitude of marketplaces. We offer an array of premium high quality production & industry standard mixing and mastering services, to intercontinental collaborations through our universal outreach platforms designed to get artists heard & involved with other content creators foreign & domestic. Our personal mission is to insert intellectual creativity into non-native demographics adding a unique global value to our portfolio. Bridging the gaps by connecting large swaths of humanity through culture and music is a cathartic release for us. We take deep & great pride in our work ethic and handle all Multi-media Artwork for our clients, in addition to ourselves. Devon Anthony Blair who’s stage name is “Afu Maa Kheru”, is one half of the company, titled, “CEO, President & Founder”, while Latorshia Keair Blair makes up the other half of the company and sits at the top of the structure as “CSO, Executive Director & Founder. They came together in North Carolina as significant others and expanded their relationship into a dynamic duo as the creators and partners of the burgeoning imprint ‘AFUNATION RECORDS LLC’.
    S6E47 - 1h 13m - Nov 8, 2022
  • Nov. Artist's Spotlight: Songwriter, Singer, Entertainer & Actress ~ Itz Karma
    Itz Karma, a published songwriter, singer, entertainer and actress has the internet buzzing. Karma’s high energy performances has set her in a class of her own in all genres of music. With a background in Soul, R&B and Hip-Hop, she puts extra flavor to any record she touches. She also has pop, zydeco, country, EDM and Southern Soul music under her belt. Karma released her sophmore album July, 2022 and it's cutting thru the airwaves. With a guest feature from BMQ Brother Marquise from The 2 Live Crew, she is delivering hits. Karmas last album was solely Southern Soul and her performances are in high demand in cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and Birmingham. Karma has performed at major venues, with sell out crowds, such as The House Of Blues, Houston, TX; The Blues Palace, Dallas,TX; and The Sweet Auburn Music Festival in Atlanta, GA. Karma’s versatility as a writer, singer, and entertainer are just a few things to be added to this country girl's resume. Her drive comes from the passion of creating a legacy for other women to creatively navigate through the entertainment world successfully.  The vibe given by this talented artist has sparked a major buzz in the music and broadcast industry. Her versatility ranges from singing to creating melodies, and memories! Also adding to her list of talent throughout her career is modeling, acting, and screenwriting. Karma is a Texas native, but she is defiantly leaving a major mark on everyone she graces with her style, positive attributes, and explosive creativity. Social Media: Website   Read the bio in its entirety and see Itz Karma in the Artist's SpotlightHERE  
    S6E45 - 59m - Nov 7, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Southern Soul Recording Artist ~ Neko Grinday
    Neko Grinday is from Blackville, SC...  the Hometown of Marvin Sease. He is the proud father of 5 wonderful, loving kids. Coming from a musically influenced family, with his father playing lead guitar like Jimmy Hendrix and his mother singing, this pedigree was one of the ways this Strong Sensational artist got his start. Neko G Has 5 Championships in Music Coming from South Carolina... he has played on the biggest stages and arenasHe has worked with various Multi-Platinum artists and Multi-Platinum producers, including: Tupac's Multi-Platinum producer Moe-Z, credits to producer for "Dear Momma" and producer for Prince Prodigy Morris Day An The Time...  His new Southern singles include: Pour Up Thug On Candy Licker #2  On The Flo  He says, "all the hype is clearly what it is ..."  
    S6E44 - 1h 12m - Nov 3, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Hip-Hop Artist, Rapper, & Producer ~ Cannon Ross
    Cannon Ross, artist and CEO of Ross City Entertainment, hails from Salisbury, North Carolina. He has a very influential background in music, from playing the saxophone, to singing in the church choir, to creating and performing his own creations of hip-hop music alongside his brothers and sister in Atlanta, Georgia. Now, he has emerged as a star to "brighten up the world of music," as we speak. Powerful messages, soft melodies, as well as hype turn up music describe the diverse style of this hardbody who was born for greatness. He hit the scene and in as little as six months has made tremendous progress across the Carolinas with the RCE team surrounding him.
    S6E43 - 1h 1m - Nov 1, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Southern Soul & Blues Singer ~ Buddy Luv
    Meet Buddy Luv, born Travis Boyd from Augusta, Georgia. Raised in Aiken, South Carolina, Travis' passion for true Blues music has always been a love affair. Inspired by his favorite, blues singers, like James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Marvin Sease, Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass, and Aretha Franklin gave him the courage to start doing Southern Soul music of his own. That's when Travis fell in love with the power to make a person feel good about their self. He says, "I love to have fun, party and dance. That was the biggest thing as a child growing up. My grandparents raised me with 16 kids of their own, so every weekend we would cook out and listen and dance to music. What so much fun it was." So now Buddy Luv wants to change the way we interact with our family, the people & fans alike. He wants to bring people together as a whole to love each other and cherish each others lives. The good memories never go away and Buddy Luv wants that to comfort us at our trying times. Travis wants us to go beyond the knowledge of surviving with a smile from hope. Buddy Luv is looking to make a long lasting impression. His ultimate goal is to give back to the community and open up some shelters for the homeless and invest in affordable housing. "Always ready to give back and support his community" is the motto that Buddy Luv was raised with, and that kind of upbringing is cherished to this day. 
    S6E42 - 1h 3m - Oct 31, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Hip-Hop Artist ~ JERUSALEM
    Young artist JERUSALEM started his recording career at the age of seven years old with his single It's Raining. At the age of thirteen, he recorded the single Champion to rave reviews. At the age of fifteen, he recorded his EP entitled Dreamz. Present day, he has released his latest single entitled Pop Out. This will be followed up with his full length project to be called Hot Commodity ... coming soon! Already being a semi pro, JERUSALEM has done many radio interviews and shows. Slated for more great things with his label SCARFELLA MUSIC, they are looking forward to a prosperous 2023!
    S6E41 - 1h 14m - Oct 25, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Award Winning Christian Hip-Hop Artist ~ William T. Starzz
    Born in Virginia in 1979, as William Taylor Womack Jr., the name “Starzz”, derived from an alias used during his extensive music career as a member of the secular rap group “Created Equal”. He found Christianity at the age of 33, thus ultimately leaving the music scene altogether. While away from the industry, he completed college earning an Associate's degree and is now pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Pastoral Counseling in the field of Theology. Still called by his in-grained love for music and his new found love for Jesus Christ, he re-discovered his intrinsic talent for rapping the gospel message. In 2020, he emerged as one of the music industries top independent artist, with his first Christian Hip Hop music production "Going In" earning him 11 award nominations and winning 8 in categories varing from Gospel Artist of the Year, Top Song of the Year, to Best Hip Hop Artist of the Year. William T Starzz has achieved international recognition and has received accolades in both the secular and gospel music industry making him an instant name to be mentioned amongst the leading. He independently released three official singles “Going In” produced by T-Rifik and “It Will Be Fine” produced by IQ/M2C, and his latest single that is "Go Off" (Instead) which is currently thriving worldwide throughout the gospel and secular music circuit. He and his team at GG2G Afflilated has created an international network that reaches the masses with a powerful message reinforcing the strength of an organized matrix. His movement is renowned for the motto we are yelling GG2G (Give Glory 2 God). Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety. Social Media:  @williamtstarzz
    S6E39 - 1h 11m - Oct 24, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with International Fine Artist & Photographer ~ Dionn Reneé
    Growing up in the small town of Middletown, PA, Dionn Reneé Williams’ life began with excellent influential figures who inspired her to take on leadership roles, both in and out of school. The school district emphasized culture, vision, and expression, which cultivated its students. At home, Dionn Renee was even more influenced by her family’s involvement in arts and entertainment and support for her interests. At Temple University, one of the most prestigious art schools in the country, she was a regular on the Dean’s List and was elected Student Body President. Her senior year in college was spent abroad in Rome, where she studied the masters. She graduated with degrees in Fine Art and Graphic Arts.  She has studied Michelangelo’s masterpieces on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the Mona Lisa, in the Louvre in Paris, legendary artists of Spain, and on and on. Along with Italy, Spain, and France, she has visited England, Germany, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and nearly every crack and crevice of the US. These are resources in her imagination pool as well as the petal on a flower in her back yard or the empty stairwell of a train terminal.  Her work as a painter is world class as are some of the subjects/clients, ranging from President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, to music artists, Eve, Rick Ross, and more than can be listed without redundancy. Her photography and graphic design is on the same level, including an artistic perspective and expression that doesn’t just come from a camera or a computer.   Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety.
    S6E38 - 1h 8m - Oct 20, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Bronx Rap/Spoken Word Artist ~ Vega
    King Vega (born August 26, 1991) is a Bronx bred soulful, vibrant, and versatile rap/spoken word artist that manipulates vocal melody and intricate/meticulous wordplay to express relation towards others and universal connectivity. For the past 5 years he has dedicated his creative prowess to youth advocacy programs/groups/facilities and non-profit organizations such as NegusWorld, the Covenant House, & HipHopSavesLives. His most notable musical influences are Nas, Q-tip, Swiss Beats, & Wyclef Jean. Growing up, Vega had a storybook childhood but, times got rough and many things changed for him throughout his adolescence and early adulthood. The sole reason for his artistry is to create universal empathy and understanding for all listening & viewing. In retrospect, here lies a musical philanthropist.
    S6E37 - 1h 13m - Oct 18, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Southern Soul Artist~ DJ Teddie Bear
    DJ Teddie Bear is a southern soul from South Georgia, living up to his name by delivering high-energy performances that leave the crowds breathless and wanting more! DJ Teddie Bear was born into a musically inclined family to where relatives play several instruments. Blood line driven, naturally DJ Teddie Bear discovered his love of music at a youthful age and also became an exceptional drummer. By the time he was in high school, he was frequently winning local competitions as an avid dancer, even forming his own group called Fresh Rockers, a break dancing crew. Through the spirit of charity and service, he enlisted into the military where he traveled the world. As it was during those times, DJ Teddie Bear became increasingly involved with DJ’ing and beginning his career playing at small family cookouts. Living up to his name, he also continued to put smiles on faces with his contagious kindness by visiting and sometimes volunteering giving back through functions, as well as homeless shelters and orphanages. DJ Teddie Bear's latest musical journey brings out the deep emotional sounds with inherited talent and his touch of southern soul. Having performed hundreds of shows within different levels of entertainment, his repertoire now includes his very own single “Southern Soul Dance”. Mixing classic and familiar vibes that are presented in fresh new ways, intertwined with his southern, soulful style. The new single, Southern Soul Dance, has definitely become the new theme song for soulful parties everywhere. You can hear the influences of Blues, Southern soul, 80’s hip hop, and down south Bass music in his songs. He is trail blazing a new hip sound in southern soul that marries the essence of blues that Southern Soul fans know and love with a slight twist that brings new listeners to southern soul. Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety.
    S6E36 - 1h 11m - Oct 17, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Blues Singer/Songwriter, Rapper, & Producer ~ Black Koffee
    Black Koffee is an Black Afro American Female Underground Rapper, TrailRide & Blues Singer, Songwriter, Producer and musician / Independent Artist from Atlanta, Georgia. Although Black Koffee has either featured, collaborated or have shared the same stage with Jagged Edge, Goodie Mob, Lost Boyz, Kool Ace, MC Breed, Jazzy Pha, Too Short, Akon, Lil John, Gucci Mane, Raheem The Dream, Kizzy Rock, Robin Moet, Caj and many more.......Her unique image and authentic creative style has been the music industry's best kept secret since 1993, until now. Rooted and grounded at Curtom Studios with "Da Godfatherofcrunk" Carlos Glover, to Al "Doc" Harris with the Southern Comfort Music Group, Black Koffee released her 1st Southern Soul Blues Hit Single, "The Soul Chain" February 18, 2021 on all Major Digital Platforms. #thesoulchain, has reached over 2+ Million Views and listeners on TikTok. Other new song releases, “I’ll Be Right There” and“ Respect” are also giving the listeners a different sound with a unique style. From Rap, to Southern Soul Rhythm and Blues; Country; Trail Ride; Zydeco; 2 Stepping; Your Ms Soul Supa Fly-Black Koffee, is definitely on the rise to stardom. Her soul is fierce, her heart is brave and her lyrical compositions are indigenously crafted and gifted creating a new wave connection with fans Worldwide, from every age and genre. Black Koffee, has been critically acclaimed to be one of the hottest New Female Southern Soul and Trail Ride Blues artist under the spotlights with multiple award nominations in 2022. Fan Page https://www.facebook.com/Black-Koffee-102467248463739/
    S6E35 - 1h 10m - Oct 13, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Best-Selling, Award Winning Author~Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.
    Gerald C. Anderson, Sr. was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. He spent most of his childhood life growing up in the Belmont Heights area of Tampa. In 1980, Gerald graduated from C. Leon King Senior High School in Temple Terrace, Florida. Following graduation, he enlisted in the United States Air Force. Air Force Life In his service career, Gerald traveled the world with assignments to California (twice), Florida, Kansas, Maryland, West Germany, and Korea. Upon his last assignment in Maryland and after retirement from the Air Force, Gerald began working in the United States Federal Government's Department of Energy. In 2003, he moved to the Internal Revenue Service, and in 2007 he joined the Department of Education. Education In 2005, Gerald got his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University, and in 2008 he received his Master of Administration degree in Criminal Justice Administration from the University of Cincinnati (UC). Published Books We Come in Peace 27 Hours (What Would You Do If You Faced the End?) Standing Firm (One Family's Fight Against Domestic Violence) Secrets (Silent Screams in The Dark) The Last Song The Lawyer Saved The Room Are You Innocent? The Compendium Series Weight Loss Warlord The Last Honorable Man The Dream The Death Knights The Ride Along Twins Creative Inspirations Fatal Misperceptions A Saved Man In 1992, Gerald turned his life over to Jesus Christ and a life with Christ at the head. He is a musician in church. He continues to live in Maryland with his son.  
    S6E33 - 59m - Oct 10, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Nigerian Singer & Songwriter ~ YNG Kizzy
    Uchenna Kizito Onyilo, known professionally as YNG Kizzy, is a Nigerian singer -songwriter, known for his sonic versatility and lyricism. Onyilo's music explores melancholia and romance and is often inspired by his personal experiences. He has rocked the audience with his genuine talent in many atmospheres and environments. Born and raised in Enugu state, Onyilo began his recording career in 2009 by anonymously releasing music covers on YouTube. Two years later he released a single "Baby Tonight," which gained him recognition for his style. In 2012, Onyilo signed with Vintess Innovation/Glints Records label in France, where he recorded his first debut album with Grammy award winning producer "Ryan Ghost Bowser," the Producer of the songs "Dilemma" by Nelly (featuring Kelly Rowland) and "My Baby" by Bow Wow. In 2014, Onyilo carried out an album project "Chainofloyalty " with Jai Loyal  younger brother to Flesh N Bone & Laziebone of Bone thugs N Harmony, which he got Features like: Dungeon Masta from Wutang Clan and Laziebone himself. Onyilo took a break to hone more on his craft and finally did a great come back in 2021 with a banging new single, "Don't Judge Me" featuring a sensational R&B singer James Worthy. In 2022, Onyilo will be releasing an LP based on his personal experiences with a leading song "My Way.". Social media Instagram: yngkizzy Facebook: yngkizzy Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3Cs9QUW
    S6E32 - 31m - Oct 6, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Artist, Producer, & DJ ~ ELEKTROHORSE
    As an artist, DJ and producer hailing from Chicago’s notorious South Side community, Elektrohorse is no stranger to the struggles of the common man and woman. Despite his humble beginnings, he has always been driven by the ideal that in America, hard work and dedication are the keys to success. This dedication to achievement has created a multitude of opportunities for Elektrohorse, including collaborations with some of the industry’s top talent (Will.I.Am, Nicki Minaj, Cowboy Troy, Willie jones and Timbaland among others).  Although he's been blessed with continuous success throughout his career, Elektrohorse has never forgotten his humble, Midwestern roots. As a result, he formed his own movement, “The Party Don’t Care”. As founder of TPDC, he has always been deeply committed to promoting messages of love, unity and peace. It was this commitment to the aforementioned principles that fostered the inspiration for his most heartfelt record to date, S.T.O.M.P. He is the primary practitioner of a hybrid sound he calls CDM — country dance music. The style seamlessly fuses country instrumentation with funk, hip-hop and electronic dance beats — a combination that has fueled mainstream country hits for years. It’s topflight entertainment, whose purpose mostly seems to be sheer enjoyment. Still, despite the fun and frolic in his songs and videos, there’s a serious side to Elektrohorse. “I really see music as a way of bringing people together, of being a source of unity,” Elektrohorse tells the Scene. “When I came to Nashville, I found the right atmosphere of cooperation and musical interest, and it’s proven the right move.” Click HERE to read the bio in its entirety. 
    S6E31 - 1h 10m - Oct 4, 2022
  • Endie Fiya: LIVE with Southern Soul Music Artist ~ Tabu
    This South Bend, Arkansas native was introduced to music at a very early age. Music first found him in the church choir. Watching his mother sing in the choir, persuaded him to develop his singing ability. That ability was noticed by his mother, and he was told to pursue his musical ambitions. It nurtured and enhanced Tabu's musical skills. This led Tabu to enter into the Lamarck Productions, in which he achieved first place and the ability to meet The Rude Boyz and Ed Davis. Tabu has traveled across The Midwest in recent years and has been led to Atlanta, GA. This has allowed him to meet Dawayne Wilson of Dirty House Productions. He has also released his first solo album, entitled Introduction Into Tabu. Currently Tabu works with Mose Stovall and Kelvin Benion of KSwayMusic Production and Jay of Platinum 1 Entertainment. Tabu has been the opening act for The Rude Boys, Men at Large, Joe, Lenny Williams, Gerald Levert, Monica, Tony Terry, David Peaston, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Intro, Melisa Morgan, Focus the group, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Sir Charles Jones, and countless others to be named. Tabu's music influences come from artists such as... Teddy Pendergrass, Gerald Levert, Marvin Gaye, Johnny Taylor, and Mary Mitchell  (his mother). He feels that God's purpose must always be our guide. Singing is his gift, through music, Tabu wants to reach, to touch, and to make changes in peoples' lives. His goal in his music career is "that it will touch the lives of people and reach all genres. I wish to have it translate to others and to touch the masses. I feel at the end of the day, it is what it is, always give 110% at whatever you do.  I thank God for the ability to translate and be transparent via records, CDs, streams, television, radio, and much more." 
    S6E30 - 1h 3m - Oct 3, 2022
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