• Lady on the Cusp w/ of Montreal

    On episode 30 of DWTN, I’m joined by of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes who has just released their latest album Lady on the Cusp. We dig into the writing and production behind the album, of Montreal’s upcoming tour, and Kevin’s musical background as well as the music scene in Athens, Georgia. 

    Kevin talks about the lead single Yung Hearts Bleed Free, which was inspired by the 1984 film Boy Meets Girl directed by Leos Carax, and exploring new sonic palettes with the Yamaha TG33 and the Kawai K1M. We discuss Kevin’s unique approach to song structure and lyrics, erasure writing exercises, humour and comedy, film, and being a DIY self-produced musician. 

    We also talk about of Montreal’s iconic Outback Steakhouse commercial, collaborating with Jon Brion, Solange, and Janelle Monáe, listening to albums front to back, and relocating to Vermont after almost three decades in Athens, GA. 

    Lady on the Cusp is out now on all streaming platforms, and of Montreal begins their next tour on May 31st. Make sure to follow of Montreal on Instagram @of_montreal for cities and tour dates!

    E30 - 30m - May 22, 2024
  • Cansei De Ser Sexy w/ Lovefoxxx

    On episode 29 of DWTN i’m joined by the super incredible Lovefoxxx of CSS (Cansei De Ser Sexy), an artist that helped define the indie sound of the 2000s, and whose band is going on its first tour across North America, the UK, and the EU in 11 years. We talk about the upcoming tour, Lovefoxxx coming to Sao Paulo by herself at age 16, her musical influences, Flickr, Fotolog, meeting Paris Hilton, writing Art Bitch, wrestling at parties, getting her moniker from a pornstar name generator, and Brazilian music of the 2000s. 

    Lovefoxxx also talks about collaborating with Kavinsky on Nightcall for the Drive soundtrack, Music Is My Hot Hot Sex being used in both an iPod Touch and Zune commercial, their decked out Zune tour bus, her love for Ana Frango Eléctrico, and more!

    Plus, stay tuned till the end for some never before heard recordings from CSS’ first band practice everrr!

    E29 - 53m - Mar 29, 2024
  • May I Comply w/ Heartworms

    On episode 28 of DWTN, I’m joined by Jojo Orme aka Heartworms - an artist out of South London whose dystopian gothic post-punk is making waves across the UK and beyond. Heartworms’ latest single May I Comply was released November of 2023, and just finished supporting The Kills on tour across the US. 

    We talk about her EP A Comforting Notion, working with legendary producer Dan Carey, balancing dystopian themes with a sense of joy, her love of The Shins, waiting 6 hours to see Interpol, her niche interest in military history, Tim Burton, meeting Pete Doherty, the post-punk revival in London, and much more.

    Make sure to follow Heartworms on Instagram @iamheartworms and check to see if she is performing in a city near you! 

    E28 - 40m - Mar 25, 2024
  • Perfect w/ Princess Superstar

    4, 3, 2, 1! On episode 27 of DTWN I’m joined by rapper, DJ, and producer, Princess Superstar, whose song Perfect (Exceeder) is going viral on TikTok, Spotify playlists, and on the dance floor. We talk about the use of her song in the film Saltburn, her beginnings as an artist, and coming up in the East Village in NYC on the precipice of the post-punk revival and electroclash scenes. 

    We discuss her album My Machine, her first hit song Bad Babysitter, her use of humour, and the saga regarding the music video and tour for her song Perfect. Princess Superstar also talks about working with key figures in the scene such as DJ Hell, Larry Tee, and Miss Kittin, as well as her strategy for handling writer's block and staying creative.

    Also, Princess Superstar is now on the Billboard dance charts at number 12 - a first for her career! 

    PS. check out her daughter Siren Ortega’s music on Spotify!

    E27 - 39m - Jan 11, 2024
  • namaste.at.home.dad

    On episode 26 of DWTN I’m joined by Joelle Bouchard aka namaste.at.home.dad. Joelle is a leading voice in a generation of meme artists who provides hilarious critique on internet phenomenons, pop culture & counterculture of the past and present. 

    We dive into some of my favourite memes of Joelle’s & talk about the history of memes as a form of art and comedy, film, Grimes, American Apparel, and the indie era of the 2000’s. We also talk about the state of fan culture and parasocial relationships, what modern journalism gets wrong about meme culture, and more.

    E26 - 1h 15m - Dec 12, 2023
  • How To Make A Master Peace

    On episode 25 of DWTN, I’m joined by Master Peace, a rising star from the UK who will be releasing their debut album “How To Make A Master Peace” on March 1st, 2024 - featuring I Might be Fake, LOO SONG, and his most recent single GET NAUGHTY! 

    Master Peace digs into his inspiration, goals, and writing and production process behind his upcoming album, and what it's like working with Mike Skinner of The Streets. We also talk about the indie sleaze scene in the UK, and running the club night @hmmp.club which focuses on both the OG and modern age indie sleaze music. 

    Follow Master Peace on Instagram and make sure to keep an eye out for his debut album dropping on March 1st. For listeners in the UK, you can also buy tickets for his upcoming headline tour here!

    E25 - 30m - Dec 4, 2023
  • God Games w/ The Kills

    On episode 24 of DTWN I’m joined by VV and Hotel of The Kills to talk about their new album God Games, available now. We take a deep dive into the writing and production process for the album, as well as the tech behind the music video for “103”. 

    The Kills get into their origins as a band: meeting in a squat, finding music gear in a dumpster, and mailing venues to get gigs. We discuss what it was like to come up in the 2000s during the incredible resurgence of indie rock, and we also talk about some of The Kills’ iconic film and TV placements. 

    E24 - 44m - Oct 31, 2023
  • The Outwaters w/ Robbie Banfitch

    On episode 23 of DTWN I’m joined by Robbie Banfitch, director, producer, editor, writer, and sound designer of the indie arthouse horror The Outwaters. We talk about the inspiration behind his found footage film, filmmaking on a budget, DIY, all things horror, gay pumpkin carving, halloween, his upcoming film Tinsman Road, working for Greenpeace, and a chance encounter with Lana Del Rey. 

    Follow Robbie on insta @theoutwaters and check out The Outwaters on Screambox.

    E23 - 54m - Oct 30, 2023
  • Cool Schmool w/ Allison Wolfe

    On episode 22 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by singer, songwriter, and podcaster, Allison Wolfe - lead singer of the iconic feminist punk-rock band Bratmobile, and one of the founders of the riot grrrl movement of the early 90s. 

    Allison digs into Bratmobile’s origins as a theoretical band, their famous feminist zine Girl Germs, and Bratmobile’s reunion after 20 years. Allison also talks about the punk-rock mentality behind songwriting and performing.

    We also talk about the popularization of the riot grrrl movement and “girl power”, and the backlash, commercialization, and appropriation that followed. Despite some of the issues faced when starting a movement and coining a moniker (issues created largely by the media), Allison and I discuss the incredible impact that riot grrrl has had, and continues to have to this day.  

    Make sure to follow Allison Wolfe and Bratmobile on Instagram, and check out Allison’s podcast I’m in the Band via Allison’s website here

    PS. We also talk about Allison’s work on the english adaptation of one of my favourite manga series NANA.

    E22 - 43m - Jul 23, 2023
  • Bunny w/ Beach Fossils

    On episode 21 of DWTN, I’m joined by Dustin, Jack, and Tommy of Beach Fossils who have just released their highly anticipated, 4th full-length album: Bunny. We dig into the songwriting and musical direction for Bunny, and discuss the balance between evolving as a band and honouring your sonic roots.

    We talk about Beach Fossils’ origin story: uploading singles to MySpace, mailing personalized demos in brown paper bags to record labels, and playing the legendary DIY venue 285 Kent - which was infamously taken over by VICE in 2014. 

    We also talk about their label Bayonet Records, the challenges that artists and bands face (specifically touring), Gregg Araki, their appreciation for Times Square, NY in the summer, and much more. 

    Make sure to follow Beach Fossils on Instagram, and listen to Bunny available on all streaming platforms.

    E21 - 47m - Jun 2, 2023
  • My Art w/ JD Samson

    On episode 20 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by JD Samson - musician, producer, songwriter, DJ, professor, artist, activist, and member of the iconic bands MEN and Le Tigre. JD talks about her unconventional entry into the music scene: meeting Le Tigre at film school and going on her first tour with the band as a projectionist. We also discuss Le Tigre’s upcoming tour after an 18-year hiatus, and what the indie music landscape looks like now in comparison to the 2000s. 

    JD talks about how MEN came together and evolved over time, her close relationship and collaboration with Peaches, as well as some of the iconic parties and events that she has DJ’d. We dig into Le Tigre and MEN’s feminist and political expression, and JD identifies some of the problems that the LGBTQ+ community is still facing today.

    JD and I also talk about experimental film, fashion, thrifting, coffee shop culture, recording mixtapes from the radio, as well as some of the financial struggles that many artists and musicians face.

    Make sure to follow JD Samson and Le Tigre on Instagram, and grab tickets for Le Tigre’s 2023 tour here!

    E20 - 27m - Apr 20, 2023
  • Dreamland w/ Rebounder

    On episode 19 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Dylan Chenfeld of Rebounder, a rock band who is infusing mid-2000s New York indie sounds with modern production. We talk about Dylan’s musical influences, how Rebounder was formed, and the timelessness of mid-00s indie rock. We also discuss Rebounder’s connection with The Neighbourhood, the revival of band culture, the film “I’m Not There” directed by Todd Haynes, as well as Rebounder’s recent write-up in NME.

    This episode was recorded back in December of 2022, and when asked what band Dylan would love to tour with, one of the bands he mentioned was Phoenix. Lo and behold just a few weeks later, Rebounder announced a tour supporting none other than Phoenix! We manifest a lot on this podcast, and this was a really cool moment. 

    Make sure to follow Rebounder on Instagram, and check out their latest single Dreamland on all streaming platforms. 

    E19 - 43m - Apr 4, 2023
  • Fables w/ Rahill

    On episode 18 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Rahill, a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, and founding member of Brooklyn garage-rock band Habibi. She just released her single Fables featuring Beck, off of her upcoming debut solo album Flowers at Your Feet. We discuss Rahill’s wide range of musical influences from Detroit’s punk and hip-hop scenes to Iranian music from the 60s and 70s. 

    Rahill talks about her collaboration with producer Alex Epton, and what it was like meeting and working with Beck. We also talk about Rahill’s unique usage of personal field recordings in her music, and how she expresses everything that she loves in her upcoming album. 

    We also discuss Rahill’s fashion inspiration, records, Meet Me In The Bathroom, and our shared love and appreciation for Meg White.  

    Make sure to follow Rahill on Instagram, and listen to Fables on all streaming platforms. Keep an eye out as well for Flowers at Your Feet which will be released on May 12th.

    E18 - 30m - Mar 30, 2023
  • Grace w/ The Life

    On episode 17 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Curtis Everett Pawley, AKA The Life. We discuss his new song Grace, the ingredients of a perfect pop song, and the importance of good songwriting vs purely nostalgic sounds. We talk about Curtis’ lifelong passion for music, and what it has been like to release his first single after being in the public eye as a popular podcaster. 

    I ask Curtis’ opinion on underrated pop artists, why some people dismiss pop as a genre, his favourite films and film scores, and the differences between songwriting and film scoring. Curtis also gives a timeline of the recent music scene revival in New York.

    Make sure to follow Curtis on Instagram, and check out Grace on all streaming platforms. And keep an eye out for his latest film score for the feature film “Salamander Days” coming out soon!

    E17 - 29m - Feb 18, 2023
  • 100 Boyfriends w/ Brontez Purnell

    On episode 16 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by writer, musician, and dancer, Brontez Purnell. We discuss all things Valentine’s Day, Gravy Train!!!, his self-titled punk band Brontez Purnell (formerly The Younger Lovers), as well as his latest book release 100 Boyfriends. Brontez talks about growing up in Alabama, finding connection through online message boards, and making the move to California and finding community within the indie, punk, and electroclash music scenes. 

    Brontez and I talk extensively about his writing style and particular interest in flash fiction and poetry. We discuss some of the themes and inspiration behind 100 Boyfriends, as well as the ideas that will be explored in his upcoming works. We also touch on his dance company, as well as his first solo dance piece inspired by Sylvia Plath, which he is currently performing in Manhattan. 

    Make sure to follow Brontez on Instagram, and check out his most recent book 100 Boyfriends. You can also listen to Gravy Train!!! and Brontez Purnell on all streaming platforms.

    E16 - 50m - Feb 14, 2023
  • Frost Children

    On episode 15 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Lulu and Angel of Frost Children. We discuss how their cover of Yule Shoot Yr Eye Out by Fall Out Boy that started it all, why their song GET WHAT WE WANT is cursed, and FLATLINE: their latest single on True Panther Sounds. We also talk about their 2022 album SPIRAL, happy songs that make you cry, their holistic vision and the concept of “gesamtkunstwerk”, and their shared love of Skrillex and SpongeBob. Lulu and Angel also teach me how to summon an abrys. 

    Make sure to listen all the way to the end for an exclusive, live acoustic performance that blew me away! I maybe even cried a little…don’t judge. Listen and hear for yourself just why Frost Children are an indie duo destined to be the pop stars of the future.

    E15 - 40m - Jan 27, 2023
  • Shallowhalo 🔮

    On episode 14 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Allyson Camitta of Shallowhalo. We discuss their dark and dreamy new single Crystal Ball as well as their beautifully haunting 2022 album release No Fun. We dive into Allyson’s story-driven writing style, her love of synths, renaissance fairs, and the indie music scene in New York. We also explore Allyson’s connection to the indie sleaze era, from growing up online to now being photographed by the Cobrasnake and opening for Alice Glass in 2022. Shallowhalo seamlessly meshes vintage synth pop and electro sounds with a fresh modern take. There is something so rare and exciting about Shallowhalo, making them a burgeoning act to keep on your radar. 

    Make sure to follow Shallowhalo on Instagram, and check out their most recent single Crystal Ball on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and anywhere else you can find music.

    Shallowhalo is also featured on the Modern Age playlist on Spotify, which you can check out here.

    E14 - 31m - Jan 16, 2023
  • Blaketheman1000

    On episode 13 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Blaketheman1000. We discuss Blake’s recent feature in Rolling Stone, his creative process, personal expression, genre-bending, as well as Blake’s connection to the indie sleaze revival. We also talk about the classic iPod Touch game Tap Tap Revenge, Pixies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Blake and The Dare’s shared love for Weezer song structure. This episode also features my co-producer for the first time!

    Make sure to follow Blake on Instagram, and check out his most recent single Traffic on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and anywhere else you can find music.

    E13 - 30m - Dec 17, 2022
  • Where Does the Party Go? w/ Uffie

    On episode 12 of Date with the Night, I’m honoured to be speaking with an artist who was instrumental in defining the sounds of the 2000s, and has released their first full-length album in 12 years. Today I’m joined by Anna-Catherine Hartley, AKA Uffie.

    Uffie discusses her start in the music industry, being propelled to fame at the age of 16, and going viral before that was even a term. She talks about her song writing process, being a visual creator, and the concept of genre-bending. We also dig into the production style and instrumentation choices on Sunshine Factory, as well as the current state of live performance and touring. 

    Make sure to follow Uffie on Instagram, and check out her latest album Sunshine Factory on all streaming platforms.

    E12 - 36m - Nov 13, 2022
  • DIY w/ Michael Incognito

    On episode 11 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Michael Incognito with an exclusive sneak peek at his latest single DIY, which will be released at midnight. Michael discusses the song writing and production behind DIY as well as his previous single Boys Go, and his music and performance inspirations and influences. We also talk about film, The Sopranos, the queer community in New York, as well as Michael's artistic identity and on-stage persona. 

    Follow Michael Incognito on Instagram, and make sure to check out DIY at midnight, available on all streaming platforms.

    You can also check out the recent Spin article on Indie Sleaze, which features Michael Incognito here.

    E11 - 48m - Nov 10, 2022
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