• Fables w/ Rahill

    On episode 18 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Rahill, a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, and founding member of Brooklyn garage-rock band Habibi. She just released her single Fables featuring Beck, off of her upcoming debut solo album Flowers at Your Feet. We discuss Rahill’s wide range of musical influences from Detroit’s punk and hip-hop scenes to Iranian music from the 60s and 70s. 

    Rahill talks about her collaboration with producer Alex Epton, and what it was like meeting and working with Beck. We also talk about Rahill’s unique usage of personal field recordings in her music, and how she expresses everything that she loves in her upcoming album. 

    We also discuss Rahill’s fashion inspiration, records, Meet Me In The Bathroom, and our shared love and appreciation for Meg White.  

    Make sure to follow Rahill on Instagram, and listen to Fables on all streaming platforms. Keep an eye out as well for Flowers at Your Feet which will be released on May 12th.

    30m | Mar 30, 2023
  • Grace w/ The Life

    On episode 17 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Curtis Everett Pawley, AKA The Life. We discuss his new song Grace, the ingredients of a perfect pop song, and the importance of good songwriting vs purely nostalgic sounds. We talk about Curtis’ lifelong passion for music, and what it has been like to release his first single after being in the public eye as a popular podcaster. 

    I ask Curtis’ opinion on underrated pop artists, why some people dismiss pop as a genre, his favourite films and film scores, and the differences between songwriting and film scoring. Curtis also gives a timeline of the recent music scene revival in New York.

    Make sure to follow Curtis on Instagram, and check out Grace on all streaming platforms. And keep an eye out for his latest film score for the feature film “Salamander Days” coming out soon!

    29m | Feb 18, 2023
  • 100 Boyfriends w/ Brontez Purnell

    On episode 16 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by writer, musician, and dancer, Brontez Purnell. We discuss all things Valentine’s Day, Gravy Train!!!, his self-titled punk band Brontez Purnell (formerly The Younger Lovers), as well as his latest book release 100 Boyfriends. Brontez talks about growing up in Alabama, finding connection through online message boards, and making the move to California and finding community within the indie, punk, and electroclash music scenes. 

    Brontez and I talk extensively about his writing style and particular interest in flash fiction and poetry. We discuss some of the themes and inspiration behind 100 Boyfriends, as well as the ideas that will be explored in his upcoming works. We also touch on his dance company, as well as his first solo dance piece inspired by Sylvia Plath, which he is currently performing in Manhattan. 

    Make sure to follow Brontez on Instagram, and check out his most recent book 100 Boyfriends. You can also listen to Gravy Train!!! and Brontez Purnell on all streaming platforms.

    50m | Feb 14, 2023
  • Frost Children

    On episode 15 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Lulu and Angel of Frost Children. We discuss how their cover of Yule Shoot Yr Eye Out by Fall Out Boy that started it all, why their song GET WHAT WE WANT is cursed, and FLATLINE: their latest single on True Panther Sounds. We also talk about their 2022 album SPIRAL, happy songs that make you cry, their holistic vision and the concept of “gesamtkunstwerk”, and their shared love of Skrillex and SpongeBob. Lulu and Angel also teach me how to summon an abrys. 

    Make sure to listen all the way to the end for an exclusive, live acoustic performance that blew me away! I maybe even cried a little…don’t judge. Listen and hear for yourself just why Frost Children are an indie duo destined to be the pop stars of the future.

    40m | Jan 27, 2023
  • Shallowhalo 🔮

    On episode 14 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Allyson Camitta of Shallowhalo. We discuss their dark and dreamy new single Crystal Ball as well as their beautifully haunting 2022 album release No Fun. We dive into Allyson’s story-driven writing style, her love of synths, renaissance fairs, and the indie music scene in New York. We also explore Allyson’s connection to the indie sleaze era, from growing up online to now being photographed by the Cobrasnake and opening for Alice Glass in 2022. Shallowhalo seamlessly meshes vintage synth pop and electro sounds with a fresh modern take. There is something so rare and exciting about Shallowhalo, making them a burgeoning act to keep on your radar. 

    Make sure to follow Shallowhalo on Instagram, and check out their most recent single Crystal Ball on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and anywhere else you can find music.

    Shallowhalo is also featured on the Modern Age playlist on Spotify, which you can check out here.

    31m | Jan 16, 2023
  • Blaketheman1000

    On episode 13 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Blaketheman1000. We discuss Blake’s recent feature in Rolling Stone, his creative process, personal expression, genre-bending, as well as Blake’s connection to the indie sleaze revival. We also talk about the classic iPod Touch game Tap Tap Revenge, Pixies, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Blake and The Dare’s shared love for Weezer song structure. This episode also features my co-producer for the first time!

    Make sure to follow Blake on Instagram, and check out his most recent single Traffic on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, and anywhere else you can find music.

    30m | Dec 17, 2022
  • Where Does the Party Go? w/ Uffie

    On episode 12 of Date with the Night, I’m honoured to be speaking with an artist who was instrumental in defining the sounds of the 2000s, and has released their first full-length album in 12 years. Today I’m joined by Anna-Catherine Hartley, AKA Uffie.

    Uffie discusses her start in the music industry, being propelled to fame at the age of 16, and going viral before that was even a term. She talks about her song writing process, being a visual creator, and the concept of genre-bending. We also dig into the production style and instrumentation choices on Sunshine Factory, as well as the current state of live performance and touring. 

    Make sure to follow Uffie on Instagram, and check out her latest album Sunshine Factory on all streaming platforms.

    36m | Nov 13, 2022
  • DIY w/ Michael Incognito

    On episode 11 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by Michael Incognito with an exclusive sneak peek at his latest single DIY, which will be released at midnight. Michael discusses the song writing and production behind DIY as well as his previous single Boys Go, and his music and performance inspirations and influences. We also talk about film, The Sopranos, the queer community in New York, as well as Michael's artistic identity and on-stage persona. 

    Follow Michael Incognito on Instagram, and make sure to check out DIY at midnight, available on all streaming platforms.

    You can also check out the recent Spin article on Indie Sleaze, which features Michael Incognito here.

    48m | Nov 10, 2022
  • Ron Snake

    On episode 10 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by photographer, DJ, and UX designer, Ron Snake. Ron talks about the music and party scene in LA during the 2000s, working a coveted job at the Apple Store, and meeting and working with Steve Aoki and The Cobrasnake.

    We also discuss the DJ community in LA, spinning vinyl, and Ron’s set with Cosmic Kids at Just Like Heaven ‘22 - which you can listen to here

    Follow Ron Snake on Instagram to see his amazing party photography, and check out Cosmic Kids on all streaming platforms.

    33m | Oct 26, 2022
  • The Dare

    There’s one artist in particular who is determined to bring the early 2000s era bloghouse aesthetic back, and it’s Brooklyn-based Harrison Patrick Smith of The Dare, our guest on Date with the Night episode 9. We discuss The Dare’s recent single Girls, and dig into Harrison’s song writing process. Harrison unpacks what he loves about the early 2000s bloghouse and electroclash sound, and talks about his inspirations from the era including Peaches, LCD Soundsystem, DFA Records, The Rapture, the Maison Kitsuné compilations, and more. We also discuss the current state of the underground scene in New York, as well as Harrison’s DJ residency at Home Sweet Home - the filming location for the Girls music video, directed by Jacob Lazovick.

    Make sure to follow The Dare on Instagram and other socials, and check out Girls on all streaming platforms.

    33m | Sep 21, 2022
  • IHEARTCOMIX with Franki Chan

    On episode 8 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by the legendary promoter, DJ, and founder of IHEARTCOMIX, Franki Chan. Franki gives an incredible, historic overview of the music and party scene in LA during the 2000s, outlining some of the great parties that he started alongside people like Steve Aoki, The Cobrasnake, and Har Mar Superstar. Franki also discusses the infamous turf war between Dim Mak Tuesdays at Cinespace and Check Yo' Ponytail. 

    With the 20th Anniversary of IHEARTCOMIX coming up in 2024, Franki takes a look back at the company’s roots in promotions and as a record label, and talks about the transition towards what the company is today: a fully fledged creative agency doing big campaigns and experiences for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney, Sundance, artists such as Billie Eilish, and much more. Franki discusses the importance of always looking forward, and passing the torch to the next generation of indie artists and creatives.

    Follow Franki Chan and IHEARTCOMIX on Instagram and other socials, and make sure to check out the show that IHEARTCOMIX has been producing recently called We’ve Got Company with Marc Rebillet

    PS. The blog that was super influential for Franki that he mentioned during this episode was called Discobelle.

    1h 1m | Sep 9, 2022
  • Bloggin' with Asian Dan

    On episode 7 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by blogger, musician, and DJ, Daniel de Lara AKA Asian Dan. We discuss the mythology of bloghouse, Justice, Daft Punk, The OC, bass guitar, effects pedals, shoegaze, and Dan’s band Goodnight. We also discuss composing music for film and fashion, and we talk about the impact of directors such as Gregg Araki and Wong Kar-Wai.

    Make sure to follow Asian Dan on Instagram and Goodnight on Bandcamp, and you can find Asian Dan’s blog here. You can also check out the bloghaus playlist that Dan curated here

    For Patreon subscribers, I have also posted a mixtape that Asian Dan put together to accompany this episode.

    Here are some mixes and tracks that we mentioned in the episode, which aren’t available on streaming platforms:

    Justice XMAS Mix


    DJ Mehdi - Dear Summer Mix


    Daft Punk - Louis Vuitton 2008 Mix


    Mickey Moonlight - Colette N°9 Mix


    Erol Alkan - Annie Mac 5 Min Minimix


    Spank Rock Fabriclive.33


    Soulwax - Part of NYE Never Dies 2008 Mixmag


    Justice - I Love Techno 2006 


    2ManyDJ's : As Heard On Radio Soulwax (Part 1)


    49m | Jul 25, 2022
  • Just Like Heaven with The Cribs

    On episode 6 of Date with the Night, I met up with The Cribs at Just Like Heaven Fest '22. We talk about the music scene in the UK during the early 2000’s, message boards and MySpace, file sharing, the Just Like Heaven lineup, as well as their latest full length album Night Network. You can also hear The Hives' live set beside us on the main stage lol.

    Make sure to follow The Cribs on Instagram and Spotify, and don’t forget to check out the playlist I curated for Just Like Heaven Fest '22 here.

    31m | Jul 13, 2022
  • Meet Me in the Bathroom

    On Episode 5 of Date with the Night, I’m joined by music journalist Lizzy Goodman, author of Meet Me in the Bathroom - an oral history documenting the rebirth and rock and roll in New York between 2001-2011. We discuss the myth and identity of NYC, music journalism and blogs, fan culture, the technological revolution, and of course, The Strokes. We also talk about the film adaptation of Meet Me in the Bathroom, Lizzy’s upcoming scripted series, as well as her podcast Difficult Artist.

    Make sure to follow Lizzy Goodman on Instagram, and you can purchase Meet Me in the Bathroom online or at your local bookstore.

    You can also check out the playlist I made to accompany this episode, featuring bands and songs mentioned in Meet Me in the Bathroom. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

    1h 5m | Jun 30, 2022
  • Just Like Heaven with Geographer

    In episode 4 of Date with the Night, I met up with Mike Deni of Geographer at Just Like Heaven Fest '22. We talk about synths, fashion, the Just Like Heaven lineup, as well as his latest album Down and Out in the Garden of Earthly Delights.

    Make sure to follow Geographer on Instagram and Spotify, and don’t forget to check out the playlist I curated for Just Like Heaven Fest '22 here.

    11m | Jun 24, 2022
  • Chromeo & Juliet

    On the third episode of Date with the Night, I’m joined by none other than Dave 1 of Chromeo. We discuss Chromeo’s sound, Dave 1 and P-Thugg’s creative process, their new label Juliet Records, Web 3.0, the 80s, and how Chromeo navigated the age of the internet.

    Make sure to follow Dave 1 and Chromeo on Instagram and Spotify, and you can check out Juliet Records here.

    You can also click here to check out the Indie Sleaze playlist I curated for Juliet Records.

    37m | May 28, 2022
  • The Cobrasnake

    On the second episode of Date with the Night, I’m joined by photographer and icon of the aughts, Mark Hunter a.k.a. The Cobrasnake, to discuss his upcoming coffee table book with Rizzoli. We talk indie sleaze revival, it girls, flash photography, Cory Kennedy, Euphoria, music, movies, and of course - the parties! From his humble beginnings as a concert-goer in LA to his rise to hipster stardom, The Cobrasnake's impact on a generation of party goers will forever be immortalized in his archive. 

    You can pre-order Mark's book here 

    Make sure to follow Mark on Instagram @thecobrasnake 

    You can also read his Papermag Interview with Meg Superstar Princess here

    50m | May 5, 2022
  • Never Be Alone Again

    On the very first episode of Date with the Night, I'm joined by writer Lina Abascal to discuss her book Never Be Alone Again: How Bloghouse United the Internet and the Dancefloor. We talk the golden age of blogging, the wild west of MP3 file sharing, MySpace, the future of independent music and streaming platforms, partying, and the very song that inspired a Hollywood film starring Zac Efron - and the title of Lina's book. 

    You can purchase Lina's book at Urban Outfitters or Amazon

    Make sure to follow Lina on Instagram @linalovesit 

    You can also check out the bloghouse playlist I made to accompany Lina's episode on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube

    54m | Apr 22, 2022
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