Episode 2 - A Kilo of Weed, 1 Million Weed Plants, Borat And Woody Harrelson

Season 1 | Episode 2
33m | May 28, 2022

In this episode I discuss the finer points of Autozone and Advanced Auto Parts. I recount the story of a UK man who was spared prison time after the huge outpouring of support from patients, I go over the news of Thailand Health minister Anutin Charnvirakul giving away 1 MILLION cannabis plants to citizens, and the subsequent enforcement of laws, Sacha Baron Cohen the star of Borat decides to drop lawsuit over Borat likeness being used on Cannabis Billboard, and finally discuss Woody Harrelson's New Dispensary 'The Woods'

00:00-01:30 - Intro and First Dab

01:35-02:35 - Live Resin Vs. Everything Else

02:38-05:18 - Fixing My brakes: AutoZone Vs. Advanced Auto Parts

05:20-06:29 - Most Budtenders Don't Know What They're selling

06:30-10:24 - UK Man Caught with A Kilo of Weed Spared Prison Time!

10:25-13:56 - Thailand to give away 1 Million Weed Plants to Citizens

13:56-19:20 - Thai Citizens MUST register with the Plook Ganja app to grow legally!!

19:20-23:40 - Sacha Baron Cohen Drops Dispensary Lawsuit

23:40-27:26 - Woody Harrelson Opens 'The Woods" Dispensary

27:27 -28:53 - Final Dab

28:53-33:23 - Bathroom Thoughts? and Finishing Up

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