• DVCOMM is India's First Tech. Mall

    In the starting of 2020 the whole world fight against Covid-19 a novel virus that has no cure – has been a massive curveball for start-ups, and the impact is still unfolding.This outbreak has impacted the global economy at large.The lockdown situation created a demand for remote working, which has been beneficial to some tech companies. In spite of all these circumstances, technology became an important aspect in the business world.

    Technology is what makes work possible, both in the main office and the home office. The employees of the company should have all the essential tech tools to get the results more Efficienct and Productive in business.

    The most imortant part is to get the right tech. Product at right price & in the right place. In this context DVCOMM is a best option for online shopping of IT & Networking products which deal with new and innovative Technology. product.


    DVCOMM is known as India's First Online Tech Mall.

    It provides essential services and technology to support the health, safety, and welfare of our communities.

    It offers industry-leading solutions and brings together various technologies from world leaders to meet the IT & Technology needs of customers all across India.

    DVCOMM are dedicated to providing the entire information technology solution needed. In this pandemic situation ,As business and schools shift to remote work from home and virtual learning, it is available to supply the essential needs of computers, networking, webcams, and all work from home products.

    The first aim of DVCOMM is to provide a great shopping experience to their customers and to translate customer needs into actions. Believe in customer satisfaction with a clean track record of satisfying them from from time to time. DVCOMM has been benefitting their customers with attractively innovative offers like 

    *Free shipping of each product in all over India without any hidden cost. The ordered items will be delivered at your doorstep exactly as they were advertised.

    *It also provides 24*7 tech support which is always availabe to resolve the issue related to the products.

    DVCOMM is the first eCommerce IT retailer that offers pre-sales tech support to its customers. It means that the customers can communicate with DVCOMM’s representatives regarding the choice of products they are looking for by using their live chat feature.

    The Unique Selling Preposition (USP) of DVCOMM is to serve the clients and always ready with availablility of stock of IT & other Technological products. 

    DVCOMM is an Indian based company, it serves as a platform for Indian innovators to showcase their products for the corporate sector. Owing to their attractive and comparatively more unique offerings, DVCOMM certainly has the potential to become an inspiration for other related startups in the near future.

    3m | Jul 16, 2020
DVCOMM is India's First Tech. Mall