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Ducks Never Waver Lunch Break

Hello and welcome to the Ducks Never Waver Lunch Break. We’re just starting out in the land of selling on Etsy; join us (siblings Megan and Edwin) in our discussion of all things art, creating, and life. As your guides, we hope we can wet your curiosity and satiate your soul with interesting and beautiful ideas to ponder as you go back to work.

So, come, dip your toes in the water with us, for Ducks Never Waver!

Stay Quacky!

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Ep 25 "I'm Giving Up... On Perfectionism: and other folderol"
Show Details1hr 5min
Ep.24 "Edgar Allen Poe Short Stories"
Show Details27min 8s
Ep. 23 "What's Up, Doc?"
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep.22 "A Stroll Through The Garden"
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep.21 "All My Years in Carpentry Pt.2"
Show Details33min 9s
Ep.20 "All My Years in Carpentry Pt.1"
Show Details28min 47s
Ep. 19 "How to Dye Well Pt. 2"
Show Details28min 24s
Ep.18 "How to Dye Well Pt.1"
Show Details28min 59s
Ep. 17 Art and Décor: How To Fill Your Space
Show Details37min 30s
Ep. 16 Everyday Creating
Show Details37min 44s
Ep.15 Megan's Challenge
Show Details41min 38s
Ep. 14 "Quigley Down Under": Healing Through Compassion
Show Details35min 51s
Ep. 13 Summer Reading List Pt. 2
Show Details42min 21s
Ep.12 The Summer Reading List Pt.1
Show Details46min 2s
Ep. 11 Andrew Wyeth
Show Details47min
Ep. 10 Edwin fails, Meg rises to a challenge
Show Details38min 8s
Ep. 9 Edwin's Solo
Show Details21min 12s
Ep.8 Culture Care Pt.3 The last part of the party of the first part.
Show Details24min 11s
Ep. 7 Culture Care Part 2
Show Details33min 29s
Ep. 6 "Culture Care" by Makoto Fujimura
Show Details24min 7s
Ep. 5 Y Yarn?
Show Details25min 34s
Ep.4 When Pain Becomes Chronic
Show Details32min 21s
Ep.3 Growing Pains
Show Details26min 51s
Ep. 2 How Pain Became Misery
Show Details21min 30s
EP. 1 What is Pain?
Show Details22min 34s