Assalamu Alaykum, My name is Wasif and i'm going into my final year of university!

This is my brand new podcast called DripMedic!

It's a podcast for students at university doing ANY degree not just med! I've been blessed to have met loads of great people in my time and thats why in this podcast I'm going to be going over topics: like what was taught to me over my years, life lessons, learning from my mistakes, being muslim at uni, tips on making it through any degree, interviews from loads of inspiring people that I have been lucky enough to meet and much, much more!

In Sha Allah, everyone can benefit so please dont be scared away, there is definitely something in here for everyone!

Check me out on Instagram: dripmedic

Watch the video version on YouTube: dripmedic

If you got any questions or ideas on topics or anything, hit me a line on one of those two places! Hope you enjoy!

Alhamdulillah, all tracks and sounds used are vocals-only.


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