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Drinks First

A dating podcast about NYC's kinda eligible.

If interested in matching with a podcast guest/ have any feedback please DM @drinks.first on instagram or email drinksfirstpodcast@gmail.com.


38- Egg Freezing, Late Bloomers, 2 Factor Authentication
Show Details1hr 5min
37 - Greenwich Equinox, Dating a Look A Like, NYC Pride
Show Details55min 10s
36 - Toxic Relationships, Sugar Babying, Playing Men
Show Details1hr 2min
35 - Feral Boy Summer, NYC Women, Men's DMs
Show Details1hr 10min
34 - 30 Year Age Gap, Scarcity Mindset, SF vs. NYC
Show Details56min 32s
33 - Polyamory, Ethical Non-Monogamy, The Relationship Escalator
Show Details55min 6s
32 - The Morning After, WLW, F*ckGirl Era
Show Details51min 35s
31 - Dating with No Apps and No Social Media
Show Details53min 36s
30 - Dating Turned Networking, Virtual Dating, 3 Day Rule
Show Details49min 30s
29 - Making Friends in a New City, Love in the Time of Lockdown, Commitment
Show Details54min 28s
28 - Daddies, Trusting Your Gut, Dating Couples
Show Details1hr 23min
27 - Fresh Starts, URL to IRL, Good Kissers
Show Details1hr 5min
NYC Nightlife Secrets and Post Pandemic Etiquette with Jack Mulqueen
Show Details1hr 1min
Dating App Flavors and the 0, 1, 2 Scale with Julia Moshy
Show Details57min 50s
Vine Fame and Tiktokers Dating with Lucas Hutch
Show Details45min 54s
Protest Romances and Trusting Men with Kiara Williams
Show Details46min 24s
Dating in the Workplace and 7 Year Engagement with Rich Tu
Show Details38min 15s
Inside the Male Mind and Dating App Personalities with Mindie Kaplan of Maleroom
Show Details50min 45s
Daddy Culture and Making it in NYC with Joey Zauzig
Show Details44min 48s
Pick Up Lines and Being Cancelled with Serena Shahidi aka Glamdemon2004
Show Details44min 1s
26- Why Dating Apps Lie, Friendzoning, Social Media in Relationships
Show Details1hr 16min
25- Raya, Fake Pregnancy, Brown Dating
Show Details52min 32s
24- Phone Sex, Interracial Dating, Australians
Show Details44min 53s
23- Backsliding, Being the Single Friend, Love Languages
Show Details55min 53s
22- Toxic Relationships, Catching a Cheater, Dating a Billionaire
Show Details1hr 2min
21- Dating a Comedian, Quarantine Glow Up, Must Love Dogs
Show Details47min 18s
20- Slow Break Ups, Third Wheels, Worst First Dates
Show Details46min 10s
19- Coming Out, Situationships, Keeping Standards High
Show Details45min 9s
18- Understanding Sexuality, Getting a PhD, Bumping into your Ex
Show Details51min 43s
17 - Cougars, Quarantine Dating, No Types
Show Details40min 15s
16- Blocked on Bumble, Splitting the Bill, and Meet Cutes
Show Details51min 36s
15- Transitioning, Serial Monogamy, and Finding Friends
Show Details46min 25s
Fetishism and Filtering on Dating Apps with Twanna Hines
Show Details58min 9s
Hinge Algorithm and Dating in LA vs. NYC with Jonah Feingold
Show Details52min
Quarantine Baes and Building an Empire with Serena Kerrigan
Show Details39min 16s
Blind Dating with a Live Audience with Harrison Forman and Brandon Berman of Updating
Show Details1hr 3min
Modern Day Matchmaking with Nikki Lewis of The Bevy
Show Details56min 49s
Almost Married and TikTok with Isaac Hindin-Miller of I LIKE YOU!
Show Details1hr 1min
Growing up in NYC and Love Languages with Lindsey Metselaar of We Met At Acme
Show Details41min 25s
14- First Loves, Breakup to Glo-Up, Workplace Flirting
Show Details1hr 9min
13- Going To College With Your Ex, Dating Your Siblings Friends, Indian Culture
Show Details34min 28s
12- How To Meet People IRL, Instagram Etiquette, Dating vs. Relationship
Show Details41min 18s
11- Getting With A Cop, Kinds Of Love, Sexting 101
Show Details39min 37s
10- Open Relationships, Getting Robbed, Voting for Trump
Show Details1hr 7min
9- Clingy Men, Puking on a Date, Dating Profile No's
Show Details36min 8s
8- Frat Life, Hinge Rules, Planning a Dating App Date
Show Details37min 16s
7- Dating Your Best Friend, Threesomes, The Age Gap
Show Details36min 54s
6- Farting on the First Date, Uber Pool Hook Ups, How to Sext
Show Details45min 54s
5- Nudes, Politics and Dating, Does Height Matter?
Show Details35min 53s
4- Getting into Berghain, Blind Dates, Red Flags
Show Details34min 8s
3- Work/Life Balance, Kama Sutra, FWB
Show Details33min 59s
2- NYC Dating Spots, Dating App Bios, Who Pays?
Show Details34min 15s
1- Peanut Butter, Venmo Stalking, and Edges
Show Details48min 18s