Drew's Real Estate Market Research

This podcast is my audio journal of my real estate market research. This will contain both information and data from my own findings, as well as data sent to me from places such as the brokerage my license is with, Your Castle Real Estate, or from friends. Get stoked on some info, data, and trends!


Delayed Gratification
Show Details6min 29s
Quick 2020 Recap
Show Details3min 59s
Q3 Rent and Vacancy Highlights
Show Details5min 33s
The Housing Economy in October
Show Details10min 16s
Denver Real Estate Market Trends for September
Show Details6min 41s
Average Denver Homes Prices are Currently Record-Breaking
Show Details5min 31s
Residential Construction Start Stats and Business Closure News
Show Details3min 57s
Trends regarding Foreclosures amidst COVID-19
Show Details2min 58s
Trump Vs Biden - How the 2020 Presidential Election Impacts Real Estate
Show Details6min 35s
Denver Real Estate Trends for August 2020
Show Details7min 7s
2020 Consumer Behavior in the real world with Tony Geraty
Show Details23min 6s
Skills Realtors Need to Work with Investors
Show Details17min 30s
Colorado Real Estate Trends and COVID Update
Show Details10min 9s
Colorado Foreclosure Forecasts and National Comparison Aug 2020
Show Details22min 33s
Apartment Trends mid 2020 amidst COVID
Show Details9min 44s
Denver Fix and Flip Trends
Show Details18min 21s
Denver #1 in small business employment and wage growth / Urban Exodus
Show Details6min 44s
Denver - Long Term Real Estate Trends / Covid Impact
Show Details23min 42s