Dressed In The Dark

Dressed in the dark is a show that asks “Who taught you how to talk to yourself?” Each episode explores some aspect of our inner world. Where do all those voices come from? Why do we even have an inner voice? New episodes appear When they’re ready, usually every other Wednesday-ish.


36 Small Gains
Show Details2min 49s
35 It's Always the Bad Things
Show Details3min 46s
34 A Compilation Of What Has Happened So Far
Show Details1hr 14min
33 Oral Whygiene
Show Details5min 52s
32 I was Once Asked A Question
Show Details2min 47s
31 Trivia Night, Bingo, and Grandmoms
Show Details3min 21s
30 Man vs Gas Station
Show Details3min 1s
29 I Poked A Pile Of Anger
Show Details2min 44s
28 Why Am I Hitting Myself Pt 2
Show Details3min 39s
27 Why Am I Hitting Myself Pt 1
Show Details2min 52s
26 Old Years Eve
Show Details3min 38s
25 Lying About Santa
Show Details2min 48s
24 Ginger Bread Men Don’t Have Yellow Fangs
Show Details3min 19s
23 There Were Wizards And Birds That Were On Fire
Show Details3min 16s
22 I’m An App Hole
Show Details2min 25s
21 Fingernail Length And Personal Identity
Show Details3min 30s
20 I Was Once Both Shy And Gassy
Show Details3min 1s
19 I Saw Before Me A Giant Eyeball
Show Details2min 31s
18 The Last To Know
Show Details1min 51s
17 The Snow
Show Details1min 54s
16 I Haven’t Met Them All
Show Details2min 49s
15 Follow The Money
Show Details2min 38s
14 What Kind Of Monster Are You
Show Details2min 12s
13 I Tried To Order A Sandwich
Show Details3min 33s
12 Road Rage Is The Sweetest Of All The Rages
Show Details4min 29s
11 Zen Pt 2
Show Details5min 54s
10 Zen Pt 1
Show Details11min 20s
09 External Objects and Internal Subjects: A Fetish Tale Pt. 3
Show Details5min 10s
08 External Objects and Internal Subjects: A Fetish Tale Pt. 2
Show Details2min 23s
07 External Objects and Internal Subjects: A Fetish Tale Pt. 1
Show Details3min 24s
06 Forks Are The Devil’s Hands
Show Details2min 5s
05 Have You Ever Held A Pencil?
Show Details4min
04 Am I A Wizard?
Show Details1min 59s
03 Toe Nail Jail
Show Details2min 49s
02 I Mistook A Shower
Show Details2min 42s
01 Hello
Show Details1min 44s
Promo #2
Show Details1min 25s
Promo #1
Show Details2min 38s