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Are you ready to dream big my friend? Dream Big My Friend is a personal development and self-help podcast designed to help you dream big, live with more intention and purpose and create a life you love.

Host Frances Vidakovic is an author of over 20 books, certified life coach, and blogger at (for parenting topics) and (her personal development website). 

If you want to master your mindset and goal setting, overcome procrastination and learn simple yet effective valuable parenting, productivity, and personal development strategies, this is the podcast for you.  

Here we'll dive into all things to do with happiness, personal development, relationships, success, motivation, business, life coaching, spirituality, money, mindset and more important living life with more purpose and intention.

She knows what it’s like to waste way too many years not chasing your dreams so it’s time to stop just wishing and dreaming and start taking action today. 

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Thinking DIFFERENTLY About Parenting (Let's Ditch All The Rule Books)
Show Details20min 12s
Fast Tracking Your Business Success (Time To 2x Your Results)
Show Details12min 23s
Embracing The AND (Don't Assume It Has To Be EITHER/OR)
Show Details11min 47s
How To Lose 10 Pounds With Ease (Zero Struggle Necessary)
Show Details19min 47s
The One You Didn't Want To Hear (But You NEED To Hear)
Show Details11min 13s
When Your Mojo Is Shot (And How To Bring It Back To Life)
Show Details13min 50s
Pep-Talk: Believing In Yourself (When No-One Else Will)
Show Details12min 10s
When You Are "Too Nice" (Trust Me It Doesn't Mean You Are A Doormat)
Show Details14min 16s
My All-Time Favorite Quotes (From The Queen Of Quote Lovers)
Show Details17min 37s
How To Do A Brain Dump (Because Your Mind Is Not A Rubbish Bin)
Show Details12min 19s
Just Keep Going (Even If You Move Like A Turtle)
Show Details13min 39s
Stop Trying To Change People (FYI: It's Impossible)
Show Details13min 20s
How To Declutter The Really Sentimental Stuff (Slowly Release It...You Won't Die I Promise)
Show Details18min
The Midnight Library (If You Could Go Back In Time And Undo A Few Mistakes)
Show Details12min 57s
When Your Brain Hurts From Information Overload
Show Details10min 10s
Story-Time: That Time I Faced A Little Fear
Show Details11min 39s
Stop Thinking Things Outside Of You MAKE You Happy (They Don't...Not In The Way You Think)
Show Details16min 23s
Stop Playing Small (Or You Will Just SHRINK)
Show Details14min 1s
The Science Of Getting Rich (It Sounds So Simple)
Show Details13min 41s
Applying A Simple Math Formula To Life (This Explains EVERYTHING)
Show Details13min 58s
Growing Your Business During A Time Of Stress
Show Details14min 44s
Workshop: 5 Ways To Kick Your Own Butt And Finally Get Out Of Limbo Land
Show Details49min 58s
Workshop: How To Achieve Your Goals (Without Ever Needing A Life Coach)
Show Details59min 53s
Are Report Cards The Be-All And End-All In Life?
Show Details14min 51s
Challenge Your Assumptions (Even The Ones You Refuse To Let Go Of)
Show Details14min 40s
Why Life Is Not A Fairytale (Say Goodbye Cinderella)
Show Details13min 52s
What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed
Show Details14min 27s
How Important Is High School? (You May Be Surprised At The Answer)
Show Details16min 4s
Create A Life You Love (Instead Of Trudging Your Way Through It)
Show Details13min 33s
Thank You For The Crappy Stuff
Show Details13min 26s
Experiment Update (Now That Was Fun!)
Show Details15min 2s
Stop Effing Around (Like Right Now JUST STOP)
Show Details14min 53s
Mediocre Beliefs To Avoid (Unless You Want To Be Mediocre)
Show Details18min 48s
How You Make Yourself Miserable (Don't Be A Debbie Downer Anymore)
Show Details13min 35s
Document Your Family History (One Day You Will Wish You Remembered It)
Show Details13min 31s
How To Write A Book With Ease (Seriously, Who Said It Has To Be Hard?)
Show Details13min 16s
My Month With Zero Goals (Oooh This Will Be Tough)
Show Details15min 20s
Three Questions You Need To Ask Yourself (The Others Are Less Important)
Show Details13min
How To Have Fun (Bye Bye Boring)
Show Details14min 49s
Mom Talk: Birthday Parties (What I Really Think)
Show Details13min 54s
Workshop: 5 Things That Prevent You From Living A Life You Love
Show Details49min 45s
Workshop: How To Be A Productive Blogger
Show Details51min 11s
Workshop: How NOT To Be A Sucky Parent
Show Details49min 2s
Enjoy The Process (Don't Suffer Your Way Through Life)
Show Details12min 7s
Ditch The Victim Mentality (It's Time To Stop Pointing Fingers)
Show Details12min 40s
Everything Happens For A Reason (Yep Even The Sh#tty Stuff)
Show Details12min 29s
Not My Monkey, Not My Circus
Show Details10min 59s
So What? (Like Really....So What If That Happened?)
Show Details16min 9s
How To Build A Profitable Online Business (With Ease...It Doesn't Have To Be So Hard)
Show Details16min 31s
Business Brain Confusion (Confusion Is Getting You Nowhere Fast)
Show Details15min 8s
Body Love (Because Hating It Is A Recipe For Disaster)
Show Details17min 48s
The Perfect Woman (My 1991 School Project!)
Show Details17min 35s
Feeling Stuck? Here's How To Start Chasing Your Dreams
Show Details11min 8s
But I Don't Feel Like It (Totally Normal But Still...Here's The Solution)
Show Details10min 26s
How To Be More Fearless In Life (Even If You're Shaking In Your Pants)
Show Details11min 36s
Simplify Your Life (Over-Complicating It Only Equals Tears)
Show Details19min 21s
How To Start Your Day Off On The Right Foot (When You Don't Want To Get Out Of Bed)
Show Details12min 45s
Messy Kids Rooms (Coping With Zero Hair-Pulling)
Show Details15min 11s
This Is Why You Aren't Achieving Your Goals (Don't Act So Surprised)
Show Details13min 46s
Don't Expect A Leopard To Change Its Spots (It Won't)
Show Details17min 14s
Life In 1980s (Let's Take A Step Back In Time)
Show Details33min 52s
Overcome Any Parenting Challenge In 2 Simple Steps (Yep...I Do Mean ANY)
Show Details11min 10s
Stop Expecting Your Partner To Be Perfect (I Mean You Aren't)
Show Details11min 52s
Time Wasters You Need To Avoid (Like Pronto...Drop These Like Hot Potatoes)
Show Details15min 4s
How To Ditch Mom Guilt (Hopefully Forever And Ever)
Show Details12min 11s
My Favorite Apps (That You Need To Download Today)
Show Details17min 16s
Things You Don't Know About Me (Unless You Live With Me)
Show Details18min 54s
100th Episode - Leaving A Legacy (Let's Leave Our Mark On This World)
Show Details13min
How To Appear Confident When You're Not (Advice Applies Even To The Terribly Insecure)
Show Details12min 7s
Angry Mom Angry Kids (Yep, There's A Connection Here)
Show Details17min 1s
Healthy Habits To Embrace (No Cheerios Included)
Show Details19min 8s
How To Have More Free Time (You Want More Right?)
Show Details11min
Becoming Your Future Self (Even When Today's Version Is STRUGGLING)
Show Details11min 41s
Money Blocks That Keep You Poor (And You Don't Want To Stay Poor Do You?)
Show Details11min 56s
How To Move From Scarcity To Abundance (Rocket Fast)
Show Details13min 48s
How To Create Your Own Luck (No Four Leaf Clover Required)
Show Details13min 8s
Stop Making Life Harder Than It Needs To Be (End The Self Torture Now)
Show Details13min 48s
Change Happens From Within (Wow...Drop The Mic)
Show Details15min 10s
Harmful Lies We Tell Ourselves (Time To Let These Go)
Show Details13min 15s
Why You Aren't Making The Progress You Want (You Don't Think This Was Why Right?)
Show Details12min 20s
Life Truths To Embrace (Unless You Feel Like Banging Your Head Against The Wall)
Show Details13min 47s
How To Comfort Yourself When You're Feeling Blah (No Cake Required)
Show Details13min 11s
How To Cope With Anger (No More Psycho Displays Of Emotion)
Show Details15min 42s
Power Of Being An Introvert (Stop Thinking You Need To Change)
Show Details14min 38s
Fighting Fairly In Relationships (No More Punching Bags)
Show Details13min 42s
Excuses You Need To Ditch (Holding Onto These Is Like Holding A Ticking Bomb)
Show Details18min 57s
Self Care Activities You Need To Embrace (If You Want To Shower Yourself With Love)
Show Details15min 45s
When To Give Up (Yes There Are Times It's Okay To Do So)
Show Details12min 59s
Finding Inner Peace (Even Among The Crazy Chaos)
Show Details14min 21s
How To Double Your Confidence (Without Seeming Cocky)
Show Details15min 23s
When You Criticize Yourself Too Much (Silencing Your Inner Worst Enemy)
Show Details12min 52s
How To Fail Forward (Without Feeling Like A Failure)
Show Details11min 41s
How To Have More Fun (Put Your Party Shoes On)
Show Details11min 17s
The Best Evening Routine (Hello Awesome Nights)
Show Details16min 25s
The Best Morning Routine (Hello Amazing Mornings)
Show Details14min 30s
Importance Of Thick Skin (The Thicker The Better)
Show Details10min 24s
Coping With Sibling Fighting (No More Refereeing)
Show Details12min 51s
Overcoming Obstacles (This Strategy Will Apply To ANY Challenge In Life)
Show Details10min 6s
Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone (Despite The Fear)
Show Details11min 6s
Embracing The Minimalistic Life (No Mess, No Fuss)
Show Details18min 39s
How To Pick Your Parenting Battles (You Don't Have To Fight Them All)
Show Details16min 55s
Cell Phone Addiction (Trust Me...It Won't Hurt. It's NOT Your Third Arm)
Show Details12min 8s
Toot Your Own Horn (In Fact Make Sure To Toot It Loud)
Show Details10min 37s
Other People's Opinions (And How Not To Give A Hoot)
Show Details14min 48s
How To Live More Intentionally (Focus Focus Focus)
Show Details13min 21s
Happiness Habits (Instant Mood Boost Here)
Show Details14min 5s
How To Create More Time (Works With Any Calendar)
Show Details15min
Venting Vs Complaining (Yep...There's A Difference)
Show Details14min 8s
I Dare You (Actually I Double And Triple Dare You To Do This)
Show Details24min 41s
Stories Of Successful Failures (Surprise!)
Show Details27min 51s
Stop Stressing (AKA Driving Yourself Crazy)
Show Details21min 28s
Just Decide (Enough With That Indecision Already)
Show Details21min 25s
Dysfunctional Families (Way More Common Than You Think...Here's How To Cope)
Show Details22min 29s
Why You're So Negative (Take Those Opaque Glasses Off)
Show Details17min 13s
Baby Steps (This Is My Super Power Secret)
Show Details20min 25s
It's Never, Ever Too Late (Even If You Are 50 Or 60 Or 70+)
Show Details27min 54s
From One Mom To Another (What I Wish I Could Say To You Face To Face)
Show Details14min 46s
Life Is Beautiful (Even When You Think It Isn't)
Show Details8min 16s
You Will Never Feel Ready (It Doesn't Matter How Long You Wait)
Show Details6min 49s
The World Doesn't Owe You Anything (Nothing At All)
Show Details6min 46s
Change Is Inevitable (And Why It Shouldn't Freak You Out)
Show Details5min 48s
Happiness Is A Choice (But What Choice Are YOU Making?)
Show Details6min 4s
Fear Is A One-Sided Fence (Let's Get You To The Other Side)
Show Details5min 55s
Things Can Always Be Worse (Yes Really)
Show Details6min 34s
Holding Onto Anger (And How To Drop It Unless You Want Burnt Hands)
Show Details7min 33s
You Don't Deserve To Be Treated Badly
Show Details7min 35s
Life Is Too Short To Stay In A Crappy Job
Show Details7min 1s
Life Is Too Short To Keep Crappy Friends
Show Details7min 1s
When You Treat Your Body Like Crap
Show Details6min 31s
How I Got 1 Million Pageviews In My First Year As A Blogger
Show Details23min 23s
When You Aren't Perfect (Happy Tears Time)
Show Details19min 48s
When Plans Change (And How To Quickly Pivot When It Happens)
Show Details20min 2s
Judging Others For Judging (It's Time To Look In The Mirror)
Show Details17min 7s
Worst Case Scenario (Deep Breath...You Can Face It)
Show Details13min 39s
Doing A Life Audit (You Will Want To Do This Today)
Show Details14min 36s
Do What You Say You Will Do (No Questions Asked)
Show Details13min 8s
Don't Lie About Time (You Are Lying To Yourself Just A Little Bit)
Show Details11min 11s
The Year I Became Rich
Show Details16min 36s
How To Stop Overreacting (No More Headless Chook Antics)
Show Details23min 50s
Managing Your Brain (Otherwise It Will Manage You And It Won't Be Pretty)
Show Details20min 41s
The Perfect Day (How To Make It Happen)
Show Details19min 44s
But I Want It Now! (Mmm So Do I But You Will Just Have To Wait)
Show Details16min 51s
Self Doubt (Believe Yourself When Your Voice Tells You Otherwise)
Show Details21min 15s
Why It's Okay To Struggle (And Struggle Some More)
Show Details21min 48s
45 Things I Learned By Age 45 [Disclosure 3]
Show Details26min 34s
45 Things I Learned By Age 45 [Revelation 2]
Show Details21min 7s
45 Things I Learned By Age 45 [Confessions 1]
Show Details30min 46s
How To Stop Worrying So Much (Bye Bye Frownlines)
Show Details21min 13s
You Don't Need Much To Be Happy (Not Much At All)
Show Details26min 14s
How To Be Productive (Even When You Feel More UNPRODUCTIVE Than Ever)
Show Details29min 36s
Understanding Your Life Manual (Essential Listening)
Show Details23min 4s
Relationship Tips (Super Useful If Your Love Needs A Boost)
Show Details23min 59s
Toxic Friends (Start Running From Them Now)
Show Details20min 11s
Self Coaching Advice (You Can Do This On Your Own)
Show Details26min 51s
Lessons From The Alchemist (Seriously The Best Book Ever)
Show Details23min 18s
When Bad Parents = Great Kids (Woah...Is That Even Possible?)
Show Details32min 43s
Raising A Child With Special Needs
Show Details21min 49s
Inspiring Teens To Dream Bigger (Even When They Are As Stubborn As Hell)
Show Details21min 27s
More Truth Bombs You Can't Ignore
Show Details26min 1s
Truth Bombs You Can't Ignore
Show Details21min 2s
How To Launch A Podcast In 10 Days (Exactly How I Did It Myself)
Show Details23min 4s
Hurdles That Get In The Way Of Your Dreams
Show Details31min 25s
5 Truths About Me (It's Time To Get Super Personal)
Show Details25min 48s
Parenting Hurdles - Part 2 (You Need To Jump These Too)
Show Details29min 15s
Parenting Hurdles - Part 1 (Don't Let These Hold You Back)
Show Details25min 7s
Thoughts, Feelings, Actions (The Secret To All Your Woes)
Show Details27min 55s
Stop Wishing, Start Doing (I.E: Get Your Butt Moving)
Show Details27min 46s