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DRAGONFLY: Brett Cantor Murder Mystery

The mystery of Brett Cantor's unsolved murder still haunts Hollywood like a ghost. The son of an influential music manager, he was a fast-rising star on the scene as a Chrysalis Records A&R rep and nightclub owner of the infamous Dragonfly. The cold case investigation led by retired homicide detective Pat Tapia uncovers the harrowing details of Brett's final days, murder, and the eerie aftermath. We reveal shocking new details in his case documented by interviews with his brother Marc Cantor, girlfriend actress Rose McGowan, business partners, close friends, and the original homicide detective Rick Jackson assigned to Brett's case. It's one true crime story you will never forget.


Brett Cantor: Cold Case Roundtable Discussion (Part 7)
Show Details51min 7s
Brett Cantor: Person of Interest (Part 6)
Show Details51min 54s
Brett Cantor: Clues from Beyond (Part 5)
Show Details31min 11s
Brett Cantor: OJ Simpson Murder Trial (Part 4)
Show Details40min 31s
Brett Cantor: Homicide Investigation (Part 3)
Show Details37min 17s
Brett Cantor: Hollywood Murder Mystery (Part 2)
Show Details48min 38s
Dragonfly: Brett Cantor Murder Mystery Preview (Part 1)
Show Details26min 34s