• 0125: The Drag of Season 1

    In this episode we discussed highlights and lowlights from season 1. We discussed some of our guests, the episodes we really enjoyed and episodes that need improvement. We didn't hold back. We discussed the good, the bad and the drag of season 1.

    We currently don't have a date for season 2. If you still want to listen to us, please make sure you visit our Facebook page where we will announce the date for season 2.

    1h 1m | Mar 23, 2021
  • 0124: The Drag of Rating Hanoi Queens

    In this episode we rate the Top 10 Queens in the city of Hanoi. There are way more queens, kings and quings in the city. However this list is looking at entertainers who have been making an imprint right now in the city.

    We didn't include ourselves on the list because we wanted to keep the list fair. If we included ourselves, we would be fighting for the number spot with each other.

    We both ranked queens and then compared lists in order to come up with this list. Check it out.

    1h 8m | Jan 19, 2021
  • 0123: The Drag of Sex

    In this episode, we discuss dating and drag life. This is the episode where we are super candid about what it's like to navigate Grindr as drag queens. We identify as men out of drag and being female illusionists comes with its own problems. We do however have our ways in making sure we secure some trade. Take a listen and find out what we do.

    1h 12m | Dec 31, 2020
  • 0122: The Drag of Buying Makeup

    Makeup is one big aspect of everyone's drag. Makeup is usually the first step to transforming into your alter ego. Between the two of us, we have a lot of makeup. In this episode, we discuss which makeup products we use, what we use them for and how much they cost. If you're interested in doing drag and you don't know anything about makeup, this is the episode for you to know where to start.

    Fiona Hi-Lee will share the word of the day with us at the end of the episode.

    1h 11m | Dec 15, 2020
  • 0121: The Drag of Originality with BBQ

    In this episode we dive into one of the most talented queens in Vietnam. She's a makeup master, a stylist, a graphic designer, she can sew and recently she added performing to her never-ending list of talents. She's the one everyone loves to have a piece of after a good roast, Eye Heart BBQ. We invited her to tell us more about her unique style of drag and what makes her such an original. Fiona Hi-Lee is also back in this episode to give us the Vietnamese word of the day.

    1h 0m | Nov 26, 2020
  • 0120: The Drag of Drag Race Holland Finale

    A well-deserved condragulations to Envy Peru for snatching the crown on Drag Race Holland. Having said that, this entire season wasn't without critique. Fred's fashion, the lipsynchs, the weird editors, it was just one big mess. We talked about the finale and how we didn't really feel this season of drag race. The rest of the queens returned as well, looking absolutely stunning. Take a listen on how we felt about the season and how we think season 2 should happen.

    54m | Nov 16, 2020
  • 0119: The Drag of Drag Race Holland Ep 7

    We Chelsea Boy sashayed away in the last episode, It Takes Two. This week the Top 4 skipped and hopped "to the maxima" in the Maxima: The Rusical. We usually get a Rusical early in the season, but I guess Drag Race Holland is different. The runway category was RED, WHITE AND BLUE. Some outfits were outstanding, others were cute and others were just garbage mama. Take a listen at the shade we threw over the Rusical while giving the girls all the praise they deserved.

    1h 1m | Nov 5, 2020
  • 0118: The Drag of Drag Race Holland Ep 6

    We said goodbye to miss Sedergine and we already miss her. This week's challenges are all about the number 2. From #SaveTheDate to #WeAreFamily. Make sure you have your tissues ready because this episode will have you shed a few tears. It's makeover day and it involves the contestants' relatives. Some really touching stories came through from this episode, especially from Mama Queen and Janey Jacké. If you didn't watch Drag Race Holland at all, you should definitely tune in for this episode. It's that episode that reminds you why we all love Drag Race so much.

    56m | Nov 3, 2020
  • 0117: The Drag of Dragula Resurrection

    After a really long time, The Boulet Brothers finally remembered that we mortals exist so they decided to take us on a journey of a resurrection. Dragula: Resurrection premiered with stars from the previous 3 season. Due to the current pandemic, the show was shot in 7 different cities with 7 different queens. They had to put together 3 legacy looks to prove that they've got the chops to win $20.000 and a chance to compete in the 4th season of the show. Take a listen to what we thought of the queens, their looks and the series in general. We definitely can't wait for Season 4 to hit our screens soon.

    1h 2m | Oct 28, 2020
  • 0116 - The Drag of Drag Race Holland Ep 5

    This week's episode of Drag Race Holland features the game we all love for every season, SNATCH GAME. This is usually the episode that divides the standouts and the filler queens. Was it the case with Drag Race Holland? Take a listen and find out. The runway category got us divided (no pun intended). The Half-Man and Half Queen category got us talking about gender politics, thanks to the stunning Mama Queen who came out as non-binary.

    1h 0m | Oct 24, 2020
  • 0115 - The Drag of Drag Race Holland Ep 4

    In episode 4 of Drag Race Holland we went in once again. As we both said in the podcast, this was the worst dance challenge in the herstory of Drag Race dance challenges. Take a listen as to why we thought so. The theme for the runway was Shine Bright Like a Diamond. While others did shine, some were definitely dim. Sidenote: This is also the episode where Winnie's 20 centimeters are being discussed (pun intended).

    1h 6m | Oct 20, 2020
  • 0114 - The Drag of Drag Race Holland Ep 3

    In this episode we tore down the queen's acting chops on their off-off-off-off Hollywood parody skit Gooische Drag, based on the popular TV show Desperate Housewives. The looks for the runway were inspired by Miss Holland. We had a lot to say about this, including Alyssa Edwards' iconic line "Mama this is garbage." If you think we went in on the girls for their runways, just wait till you hear what we have to say about their lipsynchs.

    1h 5m | Oct 10, 2020
  • 0113 - The Drag of Drag Race Holland Ep 2

    In episode 2 of Drag Race Holland, we got to see a little more personality from the queens. The mini challenge for the week was "Pimp My Clogs." We had opinions on this but also appreciated the cultural reference as we got to know a little more about Holland. The maxi-challenge was workout video with the help from athlete Olga Commandeur. The runway this was "Face, Face, Face." Overall this was a good episode but we did have a lot of shade to throw towards the lipsynch. A looot of shade.

    1h 6m | Oct 3, 2020
  • 0112 - The Drag of Wig Styling with Fiona Hi-Lee

    This episode is all about giving good head; good hair to be specific. Fiona Hi-Lee has been giving us Vietnamese words of the day since we started this podcast. We eventually sat down with her about wig styling. Her signature style is Victory rolls so she will give us tips and tricks on how to achieve the style. She also gives the top 5 essentials every queen needs for styling hair and tips on the kind of wig a new queen should buy.

    One thing we didn't expect was the interesting talk we had about the Vietnam War, which we kept in the episode. As she puts it, "every war is a stupid one," but the remnants of war remain with a society for decades after it has ended.

    Fiona is also shady the house down boots so take a listen for a few laughs, some gay kiki'ing and helpful tricks on wiggery.

    1h 0m | Sep 29, 2020
  • 0111 - The Drag of Drag Race Holland Ep 1

    This episode is all about Drag Race Holland's premiere episode. As fans of the reality TV franchise, we couldn't resist talking about the premiere episode of the Holland version.

    This episode was mainly focused on looks so we dissected each queen inside and out. We will be watching the whole season with excitement every week.

    1h 8m | Sep 21, 2020
  • 0110 - The Drag of Hanoi Pride with Bu Nguyen

    In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about Hanoi Pride. Pride is an LGBTQIIA+ staple of many progressive cities and countries around the world. Although Hanoi is considered a “conservative” city, the mindset of the society towards the LGBTQIIA+ community has been - in our foreign experience - pleasant.

    Nearly 1000 people were interested in last year’s event. We performed there alongside VicTeam, the British Ambassador gave a speech of support and it was held at the American club. The party scene was also very colorful and busy in our area. Even though this year’s proceedings will be online, we have invited one of the organizers to hear more about Hanoi Pride.

    1h 6m | Sep 16, 2020
  • 0109 - The Drag of Canada's Drag Race

    In today’s episode, we’ll be talking about Canada’s Drag Race. I really enjoyed the first season and I really think the 2nd season will be super interesting. So we’ll discuss it and its contestants. We’ll talk about the girls, the highs and lows, the fandom’s hate for Jeffrey Bowyer Chapman and finally the winner, Priyanka. We made this episode really quickly so we won’t have a new word of the day from our sister in the closet. We will repeat one we used in the first episode because it is still appropriate. 

    You can find Winnie and The Hex on Instagram:

    @winniewakandawashington and @vvonhex.

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    Drag Orphanage Podcast

    1h 5m | Sep 11, 2020
  • 0108 - The Drag of Having a Face with AnnieTagonist

    In this episode we'll be discussing how to brand your drag through your face. There are many queens who have iconic mugs out there (Raven, Rock M. Sakura, Bianca Del Rio, etc). AnnieTagonist is also one of those queens with a mug you can recognize from 5 miles away.

    We also discussed the new addition to the Tagonist family, BroTagonist. Not only is she a drag queen now but he is also drag king. There are a lot of makeup tips that apply for any king, queen and quing in this episode so stay tuned.

    You can find AnnieTagonist on Instagram:


    You can find Winnie and The Hex on Instagram as well:

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    Drag Orphanage Podcast

    1h 9m | Sep 4, 2020
  • 0107 - The Drag of Starting a Youtube Channel with Valerie Hammond

    In this episode, Valerie Hammond will share some tips and tricks of how to start a Youtube channel. Self promotion is key for any queen, king or quing. For the Vietnamese queer market, there is still a need for drag queens or queer folks to showcase their talents for their community to see. Listen to Valerie Hammond explain the intricacies of a Youtube channel and debunk some false hopes about starting a Youtube channel.

    Her Youtube channel is called "Valerie Hammond" and her niche is makeup.

    You can catch her on Instagram as @missvaleriehammond.

    You can also catch Winnie and The Hex on instagram as @winniewakandawashington and @vvonhex.

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    1h 5m | Aug 27, 2020
  • 0106 - The Drag of Winning with Lucy Hymen

    In this episode we will be talking to a talented queen who knows how to serve her hymen for the world to gag over. Lucy Hymen took her drag to the next level by winning a local Drag competition, Queen of Hanoi.

    We will be sitting down with her to find out what it takes to win a competition. She will also give us some tips on how every performer can have a signature move that audiences gag over every single time.

    You can find Lucy Hymen's instagram:


    You can find Winnie and The Hex's instagram too:

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    Drag Orphanage Podcast.

    50m | Aug 19, 2020
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