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Week 6 FanDuel 10-15-21
Show Details16min 51s
Week 6 DraftKings 10-15-21
Show Details23min 7s
Week 6 Preview 10-14-21
Show Details1hr 15min
Week 5 FanDuel 10-8-21
Show Details18min 11s
Week 5 DraftKings 10-8-21
Show Details33min 3s
Week 5 Preview 10-7-21
Show Details1hr 32min
Week 4 FanDuel 10-1-21
Show Details18min 48s
Week 4 DraftKings 10-1-21
Show Details20min 26s
Week 4 Preview 9-30-21
Show Details1hr 21min
Week 3 FanDuel 9-25-21
Show Details20min 56s
Week 3 DraftKings 9-25-21
Show Details25min 30s
Week 3 Preview 9-23-21
Show Details1hr 18min
Week 2 DraftKings 9-17-21
Show Details34min 10s
Week 2 FanDuel 9-17-21
Show Details27min 42s
Week 2 Preview 9-16-21
Show Details1hr 44min
Deep End Episode 13: Main Event and Waivers
Show Details50min 7s
Week 1 FanDuel 9-10-21
Show Details22min 14s
Week 1 DraftKings 9-10-21
Show Details36min 15s
Week 1 Preview 9-9-21
Show Details1hr 15min
Deep End Episode 12: Terminator Draft Recap
Show Details38min 58s
Draft Movers with Josh Norris 9-3-21
Show Details54min 36s
Round-by-Round Draft Strategy 9-1-21
Show Details41min 7s
Chat with John Daigle 8-25-21
Show Details1hr 20min
FFPC Main Event 8-23-21
Show Details1hr 59min
Chat with Dwain McFarland 8-18-21
Show Details1hr 10min
Deep End Episode 11: DS Invitational League 5
Show Details1hr 28min
AFC East Preview 8-12-21
Show Details1hr 4min
DS Invitational 4th League 8-10-21
Show Details1hr 32min
Roster Building with JJ Zachariason 8-10-21
Show Details55min 16s
DS Invitational 3rd League 8-5-21
Show Details1hr 28min
DS Invitational 2nd League 8-4-21
Show Details1hr 33min
DS Invitational 1st League 8-3-21
Show Details1hr 22min
Chat with FPC Champ Abib Agbetoba 7-29-21
Show Details52min 3s
NFC East Preview 7-29-21
Show Details1hr 5min
Deep End Episode 10: Live FBG Draft
Show Details1hr 26min
AFC North Preview 7-22-21
Show Details1hr 8min
NFC North Preview 7-16-21
Show Details1hr 11min
Chat with TJ Hernandez 7-14-21
Show Details45min 53s
AFC South Preview 7-8-21
Show Details1hr 2min
NFC South Preview 7-7-21
Show Details59min 7s
AFC West Preview 6-24-21
Show Details1hr 10min
Deep End Episode 9: The Gildz
Show Details51min 18s
NFC West Preview 6-17-21
Show Details1hr 15min
Deep End Episode 8: Early FBG Strategy
Show Details48min 16s
Deep End Episode 7: Louie Gott
Show Details51min 20s
Deep End Episode 6: Tod Burros
Show Details48min 6s
Rookie Mock Draft with Guests 5-6-21
Show Details1hr 15min
Rookie Rankings Risers and Fallers 5-4-21
Show Details32min 55s
FFPC Best-Ball Livestream 4-30-21
Show Details1hr 26min
IDP: 1st-Round Reactions 4-30-21
Show Details15min 35s
Deep End Episode 5: Michael Leone
Show Details42min 23s
Underrated-Overrated with Byron Lambert 4-27-21
Show Details47min 7s
Scouting Report: Khalil Herbert 4-23-21
Show Details11min 11s
Scouting Report: Nico Collins 4-22-21
Show Details10min 44s
Rating Rookies with Rich Hribar 4-22-21
Show Details54min 46s
Deep End Episode 4: J Moyer 4-21-21
Show Details38min 5s
Scouting Report: Travis Etienne 4-21-21
Show Details15min 17s
Scouting Report: Sage Surratt 4-20-21
Show Details9min 57s
Scouting Report: Kenny Yeboah 4-19-21
Show Details7min 54s
Deep End Episode 3: Jerry Hooton
Show Details51min 9s
Best-ball ADP with Zach Krueger 4-15-21
Show Details1hr 30min
Scouting Report: Tamorrion Terry 4-16-21
Show Details10min 11s
Scouting Report: Dyami Brown 4-15-21
Show Details10min 19s
Scouting Report: Jaret Patterson 4-14-21
Show Details10min 12s
Scouting Report: Tutu Atwell 4-13-21
Show Details11min 32s
Scouting Report: Amon-Ra St. Brown 4-12-21
Show Details9min 12s
Scouting Report: Hunter Long 4-12-21
Show Details8min 49s
Scouting Report: Javian Hawkins 4-9-21
Show Details9min 55s
Scouting Report: Tylan Wallace 4-8-21
Show Details11min 13s
Scouting Report: Jermar Jefferson 4-7-21
Show Details9min 47s
NFL Draft All-Bust Team 4-6-21
Show Details52min 11s
Scouting Report: Jaylen Waddle 4-6-21
Show Details14min 32s
Scouting Report: Brevin Jordan 4-5-21
Show Details9min 47s
Scouting Report: Chuba Hubbard 4-4-21
Show Details9min 58s
Scouting Report: Terrace Marshall 4-3-21
Show Details10min 6s
Deep End Episode 2: Navigating High Stakes
Show Details40min 37s
Scouting Report: Trey Sermon 4-2-21
Show Details9min 51s
Scouting Report: Kadarius Toney 4-1-21
Show Details10min 47s
Scouting Report: Michael Carter 3-31-21
Show Details10min 31s
Scouting Report: Javonte Williams 3-30-21
Show Details12min 45s
Scouting Report: Rondale Moore 3-29-21
Show Details13min 10s
Scouting Report: Pat Freiermuth 3-28-21
Show Details9min 57s
Scouting Report: D'Wayne Eskridge 3-27-21
Show Details8min 23s
Deep End Episode 1: Todd Kovler
Show Details54min 28s
Scouting Report: Kylin Hill 3-26-21
Show Details9min 59s
Scouting Report: DeVonta Smith 3-25-21
Show Details14min 16s
Scouting Report: Najee Harris 3-24-21
Show Details10min 22s
Scouting Report: Mac Jones 3-23-21
Show Details11min 13s
Scouting Report: Seth Williams 3-22-21
Show Details8min 16s
Scouting Report: Kenneth Gainwell 3-21-21
Show Details8min 32s
Scouting Report: Zach Wilson 3-19-21
Show Details10min 49s
Scouting Report: Elijah Moore 3-18-21
Show Details8min 59s
Scouting Report: Rhamondre Stevenson 3-17-21
Show Details10min 49s
Dynasty Tips with Ryan McDowell 3-17-21
Show Details33min 54s
Scouting Report: Rashod Bateman 3-16-21
Show Details9min 14s
Scouting Report: Trey Lance 3-15-21
Show Details9min 9s
Rankings Release 3-9-21
Show Details46min 56s
Best-ball Strategy with Tod Burros 3-4-21
Show Details55min 29s
Best-ball tips with FantasyMojo 2-25-21
Show Details44min 37s
FFPC Draft Recap 2-18-21
Show Details1hr 20min
Guest Ian Hartitz 2-12-21
Show Details36min 12s
Guest Hayden Winks 2-11-21
Show Details27min 25s
Guest Mike Wright 2-11-21
Show Details18min 59s
Guest Mike Tagliere 2-10-21
Show Details32min 18s
Guest Mike Clay 2-10-21
Show Details40min 45s
Guest JJ Zachariason 2-9-21
Show Details23min 37s
Super Bowl Props 2-3-21
Show Details35min 57s
Championship Week + Look Ahead 1-20-21
Show Details1hr 13min
DFS Divisional Round Preview 1-15-21
Show Details38min 2s
Divisional Round Preview 1-12-21
Show Details59min 37s
Wild Card DFS Preview 1-8-21
Show Details48min 36s
Playoff Challenge Strategy 1-6-21
Show Details1hr 40min
Chat with the Champ: FFPC Playoff Challenge 1-5-21
Show Details42min 24s
Week 17 FanDuel 1-1-21
Show Details26min 47s
Week 17 DraftKings 1-1-21
Show Details32min 9s
Week 17 Preview 12-31-20
Show Details49min 17s
Week 16 Preview 12-24-20
Show Details1hr 14min
Week 15 FanDuel 12-18-20
Show Details22min 27s
Week 15 DraftKings 12-18-20
Show Details35min 26s
Week 15 Preview 12-17-20
Show Details1hr 14min
Week 14 FanDuel 12-11-20
Show Details24min 32s
Week 14 DraftKings 12-11-20
Show Details33min 9s
Week 14 Preview 12-10-20
Show Details1hr 17min
Week 13 FanDuel 12-4-20
Show Details29min 59s
Week 13 DraftKings 12-4-20
Show Details39min 28s
Week 13 Preview 12-3-20
Show Details1hr 38min
Week 12 FanDuel 11-27-20
Show Details27min 46s
Week 12 DraftKings 11-27-20
Show Details36min 9s
Week 12 Preview 11-25-20
Show Details45min 46s
Thanksgiving Day DFS 11-25-20
Show Details35min 20s
Week 11 FanDuel 11-20-20
Show Details27min 36s
Week 11 DraftKings 11-20-20
Show Details33min 18s
Week 11 Preview 11-19-20
Show Details1hr 21min
Week 11 Waiver Wire 11-17-20
Show Details33min 48s
Week 10 FanDuel 11-13-20
Show Details27min 46s
Week 10 DraftKings 11-13-20
Show Details38min 52s
Week 10 Preview 11-12-20
Show Details1hr 8min
Weel 10 Waiver Wire 11-10-20
Show Details35min 49s
Week 9 FanDuel 11-6-20
Show Details23min 43s
Week 9 DraftKings 11-6-20
Show Details36min 56s
Week 9 Preview 11-5-20
Show Details1hr 3min
Week 9 Waiver Wire 11-3-20
Show Details42min 27s
Week 8 DraftKings 10-30-20
Show Details35min 22s
Week 8 FanDuel 10-30-20
Show Details30min 27s
Week 8 Preview 10-29-20
Show Details1hr 12min
Week 8 Waiver Wire 10-27-20
Show Details35min 17s
Week 7 FanDuel 10-23-20
Show Details29min 24s
Week 7 DraftKings 10-23-20
Show Details37min 28s
Week 7 Preview 10-22-20
Show Details1hr 3min
Week 7 Waiver Wire 10-20-20
Show Details34min 16s
Week 6 FanDuel 10-16-20
Show Details21min 34s
Week 6 DraftKings 10-16-20
Show Details26min 20s
Week 6 Preview 10-15-20
Show Details1hr 11min
Week 5 FanDuel 10-9-20
Show Details26min 20s
Week 5 DraftKings 10-9-20
Show Details36min 45s
Week 5 Preview 10-8-20
Show Details1hr 12min
Week 5 Waivers 10-6-20
Show Details44min 46s
Week 4 FanDuel 10-2-20
Show Details25min 57s
Week 4 DraftKings 10-2-20
Show Details37min 53s
Week 4 Preview 10-1-20
Show Details1hr 10min
Week 4 Waivers 9-29-20
Show Details34min 3s
Week 3 FanDuel 9-25-20
Show Details29min 15s
Week 3 DraftKings 9-25-20
Show Details36min 9s
Week 3 Preview 9-24-20
Show Details1hr 21min
FFPC Week 3 Waivers 9-22-20
Show Details54min 58s
Week 2 DraftKings 9-18-20
Show Details33min 16s
Week 2 FanDuel 9-18-20
Show Details28min 52s
Week 2 Preview 9-17-20
Show Details38min 26s
FFPC Week 2 Waivers 9-15-20
Show Details58min 43s
Week 1 FanDuel 9-11-20
Show Details29min 13s
Week 1 DraftKings 9-11-20
Show Details37min 14s
Week 1 Preview 9-10-20
Show Details1hr 28min
FFPC Main Event 9-8-20
Show Details1hr 47min
Draft Weekend Prep 9-4-20
Show Details1hr 11min
Auction Roundtable 8-31-20
Show Details1hr 8min
Training Camp Movers 8-26-20
Show Details47min 55s
Dr. Jesse Morse on Injuries 8-19-20
Show Details46min 8s
DS Invitational Recap 8-16-20
Show Details1hr 12min
NFC West Preview 8-13-20
Show Details1hr 1min
AFC West Preview 8-11-20
Show Details1hr 17min
Final Night of Draft Sharks Invitational 8-7-20
Show Details1hr 16min
Night 4 of the DS Invitational 8-6-20
Show Details1hr 8min
Night 3 of the DS Invitational 8-5-20
Show Details1hr 8min
DS Invitational Night 2 8-4-20
Show Details59min 32s
DS Invitational Night 1 8-3-20
Show Details58min 26s
NFC South Preview 7-30-20
Show Details1hr 7min
AFC South Preview 7-23-20
Show Details1hr 14min
High Stakes Pod: Intro 7-22-20
Show Details51min 41s
NFC North Preview 7-15-20
Show Details1hr 10min
AFC North Preview 7-8-20
Show Details1hr 15min
NFC East Preview 7-1-20
Show Details1hr 22min
AFC East Preview 6-23-20
Show Details1hr 14min
Dynasty Superflex Analysis 6-10-20
Show Details1hr 48min
Late Spring ADP Check 6-3-20
Show Details1hr 6min
Dynasty IDP w/ Mike Woellert 6-1-20
Show Details46min 34s
Projections Party Battles 5-14-20
Show Details1hr 9min
Rookie IDPs w/ Sigmund Bloom
Show Details53min 18s
Full NFL Draft Impact 4-30-20
Show Details1hr 4min
NFL Draft 1st Round 4-24-20
Show Details38min 45s
Rookie QB-TE Preview 4-15-20
Show Details46min 18s
Rookie RB Preview 4-9-20
Show Details48min 33s
Rookie WR preview 4-7-20
Show Details1hr 1min
FFPC Draft Recap 3-26-20
Show Details1hr 2min
IDP Free Agency Roundup 3-24-20
Show Details33min 55s
NFL Free Agency Roundup 3-19-20
Show Details1hr
Best-Ball ADP Check 2-19-20
Show Details47min 34s
Week 2 XFL 2-13-20
Show Details43min 1s
XFL Opening Week 2-6-20
Show Details56min 4s
Dynasty Buy/Sell 1-22-20
Show Details51min 28s
Divisional Round DFS 1-10-20
Show Details54min 52s
Wild Card Round DFS 1-3-20
Show Details30min 26s
Playoff Challenge 1-20-20
Show Details54min 24s
Week 17 FanDuel 12-27-19
Show Details22min 5s
Week 17 DraftKings 12-27-19
Show Details28min 55s
Week 17 Preview 12-26-19
Show Details46min 38s
Week 16 DraftKings 12-20-19
Show Details24min 46s
Week 16 FanDuel 12-20-19
Show Details24min 39s
Week 16 Preview 12-19-19
Show Details1hr 8min
Week 15 DraftKings 12-13-19
Show Details26min 19s
Week 15 FanDuel 12-13-19
Show Details21min 30s
Week 15 Preview 12-12-19
Show Details1hr 11min
Week 14 FanDuel 12-6-19
Show Details26min 35s
Week 14 DraftKings 12-6-19
Show Details23min 8s
Week 14 Preview 12-5-19
Show Details1hr 12min
Week 13 Preview 11-27-19
Show Details53min 23s
Week 12 FanDuel 11-22-19
Show Details21min 21s
Week 12 DraftKings 11-22-19
Show Details24min 50s
Week 12 Preview 11-21-19
Show Details1hr
Defensive Look Ahead 11-19-19
Show Details44min 49s
Week 11 DraftKings 11-15-19
Show Details25min 36s
Week 11 FanDuel 11-15-19
Show Details22min 31s
Week 11 Preview 11-14-19
Show Details58min 43s
We Must Take That Hill 11-12-19
Show Details35min 42s
Week 10 FanDuel 11-8-19
Show Details20min 40s
Week 10 DraftKings 11-8-19
Show Details25min 23s
Week 10 Preview 11-7-19
Show Details1hr 5min
Still Not Kalen Ballage Time 11-5-19
Show Details47min 1s
Week 9 DraftKings 11-1-19
Show Details23min 28s
Week 9 FanDuel 11-1-19
Show Details22min 32s
Week 9 Preview 10-31-19
Show Details1hr 1min
Second-Half Schedules to Target 10-29-19
Show Details46min 57s
Week 8 FanDuel 10-25-19
Show Details21min 49s
Week 8 DraftKings 10-25-19
Show Details28min
Week 8 Preview 10-24-19
Show Details54min 43s
Injury Fallout and Titans Rebirth 10-21-19
Show Details52min 56s
Week 7 DraftKings 10-18-19
Show Details25min 21s
Week 7 FanDuel 10-18-19
Show Details22min 34s
Week 7 Preview 10-17-19
Show Details58min 23s
You Should Own a Jet 10-15-19
Show Details31min 51s
Week 6 FanDuel 10-11-19
Show Details20min
Week 6 DraftKings 10-11-19
Show Details27min 12s
Week 6 Preview 10-10-19
Show Details1hr 14min
Sell That Wideout? 10-7-19
Show Details38min
Week 5 DraftKings 10-4-19
Show Details28min 29s
Week 5 FanDuel 10-4-19
Show Details19min 22s
Week 5 Preview 10-3-19
Show Details1hr 4min
Did That Guy Break Out 9-30-19
Show Details37min 42s
Week 4 DraftKings 9-27-19
Show Details26min 41s
Week 4 FanDuel 9-27-19
Show Details23min 14s
Week 4 Preview 9-26-19
Show Details1hr
Wayne Gallman & Other Things That Suddenly Matter 9-23-19
Show Details38min 43s
Week 3 DraftKings 9-20-19
Show Details26min 21s
Week 3 FanDuel 9-20-19
Show Details18min 12s
Week 3 Preview 9-19-19
Show Details1hr 17min
Ben, Drew and What to Do 9-16-19
Show Details44min 36s
Week 2 FanDuel 9-13-19
Show Details25min 4s
Week 2 DraftKings 9-13-19
Show Details21min 17s
Week 2 Preview 9-12-19
Show Details1hr 7min
Podcast: Overreacting to opening week 9-10-19
Show Details44min 51s
DFS Podcast: Week 1 FanDuel 9-6-19
Show Details20min 42s
DFS Podcast: Week 1 DraftKings 9-6-19
Show Details24min 19s
Podcast: Week 1 Preview 9-5-19
Show Details1hr 3min
Emergency Pod: Zeke and Gordon 8-30-19
Show Details18min 32s
Podcast: Last-Minute Tips 8-29-19
Show Details29min 44s
Podcast: Preseason Winners with Dwain McFarland 8-27-19
Show Details1hr 8min
Podcast: Zeke Update and Mailbag 8-22-19
Show Details43min 18s
Podcast: Preseason Week 2 Revelations 8-20-19
Show Details37min 37s
Podcast: Perfect Draft and Mailbag 8-15-19
Show Details38min 20s
Podcast: Preseason Week 1 Reactions 8-13-19
Show Details42min 7s
Podcast: Duke Trade and Mailbag 8-8-19
Show Details27min 32s
Podcast: Training Camp Movers 8-6-19
Show Details39min 30s
Podcast: Injuries and Mailbag 8-1-19
Show Details32min 20s
Podcast: FFPC Draft Recaps 7-30-19
Show Details35min 14s
Podcast: Training Camp Questions 7-24-19
Show Details30min 24s
Podcast: July ADP Check 7-18-19
Show Details54min 22s
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC North Projections 7-11-19
Show Details1hr 6min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC North Projections 7-3-19
Show Details1hr 12min
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC South Projections 6-26-19
Show Details1hr 5min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC South Projections 6-19-19
Show Details1hr 11min
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC West Projections 6-13-19
Show Details1hr 1min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC West Projections 6-7-19
Show Details1hr 13min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC East Projections 5-30-19
Show Details1hr 10min
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC East Projections 5-23-19
Show Details1hr 5min
Fantasy Football Podcast: Dynasty Rookie Rankings 5-2-19
Show Details47min 38s
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFL Draft 1st Round 4-26-19
Show Details37min 15s
Fantasy Football Podcast: QB-TE Prospect Preview 4-19-19
Show Details37min 8s
Fantasy Football Podcast: RB Prospects 4-10-19
Show Details52min 19s
Fantasy Football Podcast: WR Prospects 4-4-19
Show Details55min 43s