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Week 3 DraftKings 9-20-19
Show Details26min 21s
Week 3 FanDuel 9-20-19
Show Details18min 12s
Week 3 Preview 9-19-19
Show Details1hr 17min
Ben, Drew and What to Do 9-16-19
Show Details44min 36s
Week 2 FanDuel 9-13-19
Show Details25min 4s
Week 2 DraftKings 9-13-19
Show Details21min 17s
Week 2 Preview 9-12-19
Show Details1hr 7min
Podcast: Overreacting to opening week 9-10-19
Show Details44min 51s
DFS Podcast: Week 1 FanDuel 9-6-19
Show Details20min 42s
DFS Podcast: Week 1 DraftKings 9-6-19
Show Details24min 19s
Podcast: Week 1 Preview 9-5-19
Show Details1hr 3min
Emergency Pod: Zeke and Gordon 8-30-19
Show Details18min 32s
Podcast: Last-Minute Tips 8-29-19
Show Details29min 44s
Podcast: Preseason Winners with Dwain McFarland 8-27-19
Show Details1hr 8min
Podcast: Zeke Update and Mailbag 8-22-19
Show Details43min 18s
Podcast: Preseason Week 2 Revelations 8-20-19
Show Details37min 37s
Podcast: Perfect Draft and Mailbag 8-15-19
Show Details38min 20s
Podcast: Preseason Week 1 Reactions 8-13-19
Show Details42min 7s
Podcast: Duke Trade and Mailbag 8-8-19
Show Details27min 32s
Podcast: Training Camp Movers 8-6-19
Show Details39min 30s
Podcast: Injuries and Mailbag 8-1-19
Show Details32min 20s
Podcast: FFPC Draft Recaps 7-30-19
Show Details35min 14s
Podcast: Training Camp Questions 7-24-19
Show Details30min 24s
Podcast: July ADP Check 7-18-19
Show Details54min 22s
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC North Projections 7-11-19
Show Details1hr 6min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC North Projections 7-3-19
Show Details1hr 12min
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC South Projections 6-26-19
Show Details1hr 5min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC South Projections 6-19-19
Show Details1hr 11min
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC West Projections 6-13-19
Show Details1hr 1min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC West Projections 6-7-19
Show Details1hr 13min
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFC East Projections 5-30-19
Show Details1hr 10min
Fantasy Football Podcast: AFC East Projections 5-23-19
Show Details1hr 5min
Fantasy Football Podcast: Dynasty Rookie Rankings 5-2-19
Show Details47min 38s
Fantasy Football Podcast: NFL Draft 1st Round 4-26-19
Show Details37min 15s
Fantasy Football Podcast: QB-TE Prospect Preview 4-19-19
Show Details37min 8s
Fantasy Football Podcast: RB Prospects 4-10-19
Show Details52min 19s
Fantasy Football Podcast: WR Prospects 4-4-19
Show Details55min 43s