Dr. Linda Podcast - Best of Health!

Dr. Linda Podcast - Best of Health! is the audio version of our YouTube video series. Dr. Linda Bernstein, an award-winning pharmacist and Clinical Professor on the volunteer faculty of the School of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco, brings you the best of health and pharmacy information. She answers your questions about how to use medicines safely and effectively, offers you updates on important health news and guides you through the complexities of medical information so you and your family can make informed health decisions.

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Keep Track Of Your Medicines
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Know Your Pharmacist
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Know Your Medicine
Show Details2min 17s
Are Your Health Supplements Tainted?
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Generic vs. Brand Drugs
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Dr. Linda TV - Best of Health! - Be a Good Health Detective. Top 12 Questions to Verify Health Information.
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Dr. Linda Podcast - Best of Health! - How to Avoid Adverse Drug Interactions
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Dr. Linda Podcast - Best of Health! Sun Safety
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Dr. Linda Podcast - Best of Health! Flu Vaccines
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Dr. Linda Podcast - Best of Health! Trailer
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