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Dr. Darian Parker covers an incredible amount of topics with a variety of guests from all over the world. He created this podcast as a different way to educate himself and expand his mind because being closed minded is a dangerous thing. Feel free to come on this journey with Dr. D and if you do...your horizons will be expanded.


Ep. 2 What's Good In the World? Climate Reparations, Lab Grown Blood, How to Create Friendships and Libraries Combating Loneliness
Show Details48min 40s
467. Emily Zorn - What's Legit and What is Bullsh*t in Nutrition
Show Details39min 17s
466. Leah Elson - The Struggle is Real. Why Science Has a Communication Problem and How to Fix It
Show Details49min 13s
465. Marci Warhaft - How A Soccer Mom Wrote an Intimate Memoir of Lies, Loss and Lap Dances
Show Details43min 12s
464. Raven Hernandez - Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective and Luxurious? The Future is Earth Ride Share
Show Details47min 59s
463. Suzie Ray - How a Yoga Influencer is Dispelling the Myths and Perceptions of Professional YouTubers
Show Details51min 48s
Ep 1 What's Good In the World? - Power Couple, Hidden Talent, Climate and Community Mental Health
Show Details34min 32s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Why The Long Kiss Goodnight Is Samuel L. Jackson's Best Acting Performance
Show Details1hr 28min
462. Lou Lukas - 3 Ways Psychedelics May Ease Fear of Death After a Terminal Diagnosis
Show Details53min 30s
461. Charley Rose - Why Psychedelic Journalism is More Important Than Ever
Show Details49min 4s
460. Sarah Juree - How a Teacher Took Back Her Power After Being Fired for Her Side Hustle
Show Details1hr 13min
459. Riley Rees - How a Former Air Force Pilot Created a Powerful Platform to Find Quality Wellness Providers
Show Details44min 7s
458. Lauren Nychay - From Dispelling Psychedelic Stigmas to Heartfelt Inspiration at Phish Concerts
Show Details53min 36s
457. Lorraine Segal - Angels and Earthworms, Conflict Has Been Given a Bad Name and All Things Sci-Fi
Show Details52min 29s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Why Simon's New Podcast is Amazing, Review of Rocky III and How Simon and Darian are Like Julia Child and Avis
Show Details1hr 20min
456. Whitney Tougas - How to Invite More Intimacy into Your Life
Show Details47min 54s
Decoding Diet Culture Series (Episodes 1-8)
Show Details2hr 39min
455. Janine Stichter and Scott Schutte - The Healthy Behavior Institute, Me Search and The Importance of Minimally Effective Dosing
Show Details45min 45s
454. Felicity Azura - Inside the World of Professional Cuddling, BDSM Dungeons and Why Humans Need Connection
Show Details47min 28s
453. Dr. Jennifer Montjoy - Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy, Not Being Afraid of the "S" Word and Platforming More Psychedelic Communication
Show Details51min 33s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Part II of Talking Trading Places, Why Simon Quit the Play He Was In and Why Most Art Fails
Show Details1hr 30min
452. Carson McKenna - Broke Babe In a Basement, The Desire for Male Validation and Living With a Squatting Stripper
Show Details54min 47s
451. Michael Piercy - Training Current Athletes vs. Past Athletes, Having a More Nuanced Conversation About Mental Health and Regulation in the Fitness Industry
Show Details1hr 3min
450. Denise Garrett - Being the Only Female Firefighter in her Area and The Need for Therapy in Trauma Exposed Professions
Show Details1hr 5min
4 Weight Loss and Exercise Myths that Sabotage your Health and Happiness
Show Details43min 43s
449. Lee Jagger - How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Relationships, Avoiding Obligatory Sex and Overcoming a Slow Libido
Show Details1hr 7min
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Review of Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, Wealth Does Not Equal Intelligence, Why Tom Hanks Says He Has Only Made Four Good Movies, Simon's New Role in a Play and More!!
Show Details1hr 21min
Ep 8. Decoding Diet Culture - Nurturing Body Respect
Show Details18min 9s
448. Amanda Presgraves - Cooking For Yourself As An Act of Resistance Against Quick Food Culture
Show Details1hr 16min
447. Nicolle Bonneville - Sarah & Nicole Have a Homance, Wild Dating Stories, Thirsty Exes and More!
Show Details58min 31s
Ep. 7 Decoding Diet Culture - Non-Scale Ways to Measure Progress
Show Details19min 16s
446. Sometimes Your Best Isn't Good Enough
Show Details12min 59s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Why Kindergarten Cop is One of Arnold's Best Movies, A Masterclass of Bill Murray Movies and Analyzing Mono-Thinking Culture
Show Details2hr 3min
445. Lori Lee - How To Move Forward in Health At Every Size, Becoming Happier at Work and Better Defining What We Say
Show Details54min 53s
Ep. 6 Decoding Diet Culture - #Fitfluencer Red Flags
Show Details23min 56s
444. Stephanie Hurne - Presenting Your Authentic Self, What Would You Do if Your Kid Became an Asshole and The Diseased
Show Details59min 5s
443. Harriet Barnsley - Surviving Being Hit By a Car at 101mph, The Positive Side of Psychosis and Coping with Your Own Hell
Show Details1hr 4min
Ep. 5 Decoding Diet Culture - Who Is the Insta-Influencer?
Show Details27min 1s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Review of Revenge of the Nerds and How Movies Reflect Our Own Lives
Show Details2hr 2min
442. Cassie Christopher - The Dangers of All or Nothing Food Dieting, Morality Based Eating and How to Eat with Joy
Show Details1hr 9min
Ep. 4 Decoding Diet Culture - Dismissing Diet Culture
Show Details18min 24s
441. Rich Chambers - It's Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams
Show Details49min 34s
440. Ethan Decker - Brand Science, The Human Condition and The Truth About Advertising
Show Details50min 51s
Ep. 3 Decoding Diet Culture - Seven Fad Diet Red Flags
Show Details17min 26s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Review of Aniara, Questioning Your Beliefs and Standing Right Outside the Door
Show Details1hr 52min
439. Catherine Lin - The Past Present and Future Predictions of Consumer Behavior
Show Details56min 17s
Ep. 2 Decoding Diet Culture - Reminders About Diet Culture
Show Details18min 5s
438. Become a Better Human and You Will Become a Better Professional
Show Details10min 24s
437. Jennifer Villamil - My Almost Midlife Crisis and What Would Your 20 Year Old Self Think of Your 40 Year Old Self
Show Details57min 31s
Ep 1. Decoding Diet Culture - Diet Culture Lies
Show Details17min 17s
436. Estelle Giraud - Population Genetics, Predictive Health Technology and Data Science for Health
Show Details50min 44s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Review of Total Recall, Why CGI is Still So Bad in Many Movies and the Deeper Themes about Humans in Movies
Show Details1hr 18min
435. Denis and Jessie Paquette - How to Get More Pleasure Back in Your Sex Life and the Hard Work of Staying in Love
Show Details55min 50s
434. Simon Dagher - Why The Standard Self-Help Methods Don't Stick
Show Details53min 46s
433. Aubrie - Being a Career Whore and Embracing Social Activism
Show Details43min 52s
Ep. 4 The Frontline of Fitness - Fitness Industry Evolution
Show Details32min 46s
432. Bea Chan - Co-Founder of Sisters in Psychedelics, First Experience with 5-MeO-DMT and the Future of Psychedelics
Show Details48min 50s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Review of Rambo: First Blood and Discussions about The Universe, God and Why Fight Scenes are so Unrealistic in Movies
Show Details56min 2s
431. Kathlyn and Melissa - Connecting the Dots for Health and Wellness
Show Details58min 10s
430. Michael Thornhill - The Journey to Becoming a Plant Spirit Healer
Show Details46min
429. Kirsten Mickelwait - The Ghost Marriage
Show Details43min 8s
428. Dr. Aditi Paul - The Current Collegiate Hookup Culture
Show Details48min 44s
Ep. 3 The Frontline of Fitness - Healthcare Policy
Show Details37min
Sarah Marcella - Van Life, Spirituality and Coming Out
Show Details47min 37s
427. Lee Jagger - How to Rock the Bedroom and Feel Sexually Empowered
Show Details1hr 7min
426. Emily Wolf - My Thirty-First Year: Abortion, Divorce, Dating, Faith and Friendship
Show Details1hr 5min
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Review of Demolition Man
Show Details57min 42s
425. Kathy Kay - Host of Strictly Anonymous, Why Gang Bangs Are the Most Popular Episodes and How Sexual Values are Changing
Show Details44min 40s
424. Katya Davydova - Joy in Plain Sight
Show Details1hr
423. Annie Franceschi - From Former Disney Story Teller to Greatest Story Creative
Show Details45min 59s
Ep. 2 The Frontline of Fitness - Training and Credentialing
Show Details33min 52s
422. Allison Pelot - Working on Yourself as a Personal Trainer, Spirituality and Fitness and The Future of Work in Health and Wellness
Show Details1hr 5min
421. Martamaria Kupeczik - The Lessons of Toxic Love and Signs of Psychopathy and Narcissism in Potential Partners
Show Details51min 22s
420. Leslie Goyette and Michele Englehart - How Two First Time Female Filmmakers Made a Feature Length 1920's Thriller on a Tiny Budget
Show Details54min 16s
Ep. 1 The Frontline of Fitness - Fitness as Healthcare
Show Details29min 31s
Arbiters of Bad Taste - Review of The Three Fugitives
Show Details1hr 15min
419. Devon Price, PhD - How the Laziness Lie is Running You in the Wrong Direction
Show Details49min 21s
418. Andy Chan - How to Integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine Practices into Western Fitness Training Methods
Show Details52min 15s
417. Dr. Cassandra LeClair - We Never Know Someone Else's Breaking Point
Show Details53min 50s
416. Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci - Broken: How the Global Pandemic Uncovered a Nursing Home Industry in Need of Repair and the Heroic Staff Fighting for Change
Show Details48min 39s
415. Jess Hoeper - The Reality of the Child Welfare System and the Power of Collective Connection
Show Details51min 5s
414. LaJune Singleton - Every Client Is Not an Ideal Client and The Role of Grief in Health and Wellness
Show Details42min 22s
413. Aubrie - That Pesky Prostitute
Show Details1hr 5min
Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon Milliman and Darian Parker - Review of "Wind River"
Show Details47min 29s
412. Dr. Kristen Eccleston - The Mental Health of Children and How Parents Play a Big Role
Show Details42min 54s
411. Dr. Tara S. - How Much Sex Americans Are Actually Having and How to Be a Better Sex Communicator
Show Details59min 27s
410. Erik Everhard - Unleash Your Sexual Superpowers
Show Details37min 20s
409. Carmell Clark - Consciousness, Transformation and Transcendence
Show Details57min 6s
Peter and Darian News Update - Understanding Humans in the Simplest of Ways, Russia/Ukraine War, Elon Musk Buys Twitter and More
Show Details1hr 2min
408. Natasha Miller - Relentless - From Homeless Teen to Achieving Entrepreneur Dream
Show Details47min 1s
407. Cori Lefkowith - Redefining Strength
Show Details30min 56s
406. Tal Zlotnitsky - The Importance of Curiosity to Relational Wellbeing and the Our.Love App
Show Details35min 24s
405. Patrick Huey - Being a Bellman in the 90's in New York City, Advice on Getting into the Hospitality Industry and Loving Others
Show Details43min 28s
Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon and Darian - Review of Death on the Nile
Show Details56min 57s
404. Lei Wang - Writing Programs for Wall Street, Climbing the 7 Summits, Skiing the North and South Poles and Learning How to Make Friends
Show Details34min 22s
403. Mimi Hayes - Author, Comedian, Brain Injured Girl Next Door
Show Details52min 52s
402. Solocast w/ Dr. Darian Parker - Death to Homogenous Thinking
Show Details11min 22s
401. Dr. Amy Bantham - Policy and Legislation in Health and Fitness and Changing the Messages and Messengers of Health and Move to Live More Podcast
Show Details55min 27s
400. Joyfully Cricket - Spirituality, Clarifying What Manifesting Means and Singing Happy Songs
Show Details51min 54s
399. John Howe - Behavioral Economics and Retirement
Show Details51min 35s
398. Solocast - Exhausted by Social Media? Do Something About It
Show Details7min 53s
397. Jenn Junod - Sh!t You Don't Want to Talk About
Show Details46min 33s
Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon and Darian - Review of The Batman and Previous Batman Movies
Show Details1hr 8min
396. Layla from Curious Girl Diaries - March Masturbation Madness, The C**t Clock and Why Sex Positivity Feels Undefined
Show Details1hr 2min
395. Alexandra Hart - What is Health? Food Experiments and How to Have a Better Message of Physical Activity
Show Details49min 48s
Peter and Darian Talk About the News: Ukraine-Russia, Name Image and Likeness Deals, James Webb Telescope and More
Show Details56min 18s
394. Brianna Dunbar - Setting Boundaries in Both Your Business and Personal Life
Show Details48min 13s
393. Solocast: Don't Believe the Hype
Show Details7min 13s
392. Lorraine Segal - Walking Away from Tenure, The Danger of Making Enemies with People We Haven't Met and Workplace Conflict Resolution
Show Details46min 15s
391. Alaura Lovelight - Classical Music Training, R & B Today and Getting in the Zone
Show Details43min 52s
390. Coralee Zueff - How to Create a Better Customer and Technician Relationship in the Automotive Industry
Show Details34min 38s
Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon and Darian - Review of Real Genius and Previewing The Batman
Show Details1hr 10min
389. Opinions, Ignorance and Knowledge
Show Details24min 7s
388. J. Calvin Tibbs - Run Laps, Get Strong: Do Discipleship Differently
Show Details41min 2s
387. Ask People Who They Are Not What They Do
Show Details3min 10s
386. Tori Gordon - Defining Yourself for Who You Are and Not What You Do
Show Details1hr 6min
385. Solocast: Desire What You Have, Not What You Want
Show Details3min 41s
384. Amy Edwards - Music, Motherhood and Podcasting
Show Details52min 33s
383. Sam George - I'll Get Back to You
Show Details55min 17s
382. Laura Purdy - The Future of Telehealth
Show Details43min 5s
Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon Milliman and Darian Parker - Review of Midnight Mass on Netflix
Show Details1hr 35min
381. Sierra Whitener - Empowering and Encouraging Women
Show Details44min 43s
380. Zion Clark - No Excuses
Show Details35min 3s
379. Jenna Coker Jones - The Glowing Fox
Show Details1hr 2min
378. April Ajoy- The Humorous Detoxification of Conservative Evangelicalism
Show Details56min 59s
377. Scott Christianson - The Current and Future Impact of Deep Fakes
Show Details54min 47s
376. Shaun Banks - The Motivation, Education and Development Of Our Youth
Show Details44min 7s
375. Ashley Marcinek - Discomfort in Grief, Transformational Coaching and Self Care vs. Service to Others
Show Details51min 37s
374. David Richman - Cycle of Lives
Show Details52min 48s
373. Arbiters of Bad Taste w/ Simon and Darian - Review of Rocky 4 Director's Cut
Show Details1hr 24min
372. Megan Czuchra - The Current and Future State of the Fitness Industry
Show Details57min 29s
371. Kara Tatelbaum - Putting My Heels Down: a memoir of having a dream and a day job
Show Details59min 4s
370. Lance Smith - The Value of Connection and Health in Our Daily Lives
Show Details50min 3s
369. The Funny Thing About Time
Show Details6min 55s
368. Dr. D Solocast - Digital Literacy, Behavior Modification and The Big 5 Model of Personality
Show Details50min 20s
367. Reena Friedman Watts - Better Call Daddy
Show Details41min 29s
366. Feelings for 5 - Overs and Unders
Show Details3min 9s
365. Paul Martino - What Would You Write to Your Younger Self?
Show Details45min 10s
364. Simon Milliman: The 12 Albums Project - Bad Records
Show Details59min 46s
363. Peter and Darian w/ The News (November)
Show Details59min 49s
362. Ztilo - Growing With Your Music
Show Details32min 12s
361. Kyndra Crump - The Comedy of Kyndra
Show Details46min 51s
360. Laura Davis - The Burning Light of Two Stars
Show Details45min 45s
359. Amy Schadt - The Unstoppable You, Trust vs. Certainty and the Value of Practice
Show Details1hr 6min
358. Wisdom Talk - How to Change Your Behavior for the Better
Show Details2hr
357. Feelings for 5 - We Need Guardrails for Our Creations
Show Details2min 15s
356. Adeena Mignogna - Science and Science Fiction Talk
Show Details1hr 7min
355. Christine McHugh - From Barista to Boardroom
Show Details51min 43s
354. Marita Nizam - Helping Kids Have a Healthy Sense of Self
Show Details57min 53s
353. Aicila Lewis - Are You Bicurean?
Show Details1hr 18min
352. Katie Brinkley - Social Media News Update (September/October)
Show Details44min 40s
351. Taly Matiteyahu - Blink: An Audio Only Speed Dating App
Show Details58min 58s
350. De'Vannon Hubert - Sex, Drugs and Jesus
Show Details54min 4s
349. Solocast w/ Dr. D - How to Book Great Guests for Your Podcast
Show Details29min 36s
348. Faith Holt - Deeper Themes In Music, The Pressure to Market Music on Social Media and Making Music When You are Happy
Show Details52min 41s
347. Joanne Groves - Should We Trust Fitness Influencers? Learning to Questions Gurus and Understanding Research
Show Details42min 2s
346. Boston Schulz - Concert Photographer, The Curious Nature of Documentation of Our Lives, Favorite Rock Band Photos
Show Details45min 18s
345. Feelings for 5 - Don't Forget About The Good That's Out There
Show Details5min 1s
344. Feelings for 5 - We Have to Talk About It
Show Details5min 26s
343. Jordan Boucher - The Dank Nutritionist
Show Details50min 37s
342. Danielle Simone Brand - Weed Mom: The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out
Show Details54min 2s
341. Peter and Darian News Report (September 2021)
Show Details1hr 1min
340. Olga Koppel - How Bumblebees Interact with Climate and Land Use
Show Details44min 36s
339. Feelings for 5 - Remember, Reflect and Reset
Show Details4min 6s
338. Feelings for 5 - The Future is Feminine
Show Details3min 45s
337. Brionna Mendoza - The Global War on Drugs
Show Details46min 6s
336. Rachel and Coty - Science with Millennials
Show Details35min 3s
335. Feelings for 5 - Nurturing Your Network
Show Details5min 5s
334. Layla - Curious Girl Diaries
Show Details1hr 2min
333. Orest G Komarnyckyj - Old Guy Talks To Me
Show Details44min 57s
332. Molly Patrick - Clean Food Dirty Girl
Show Details47min 37s
331. Feelings for 5 - Ghosting is Garbage
Show Details4min 3s
330. Cris Santos - Building a Positive, Powerful and Family Centered Instagram Following
Show Details38min 26s
329. Feelings for 5: Good Communities Look Up, Not Down
Show Details4min 42s
328. Feelings for 5 - We Could Be Very Wrong About Metabolism
Show Details5min 3s
327. Feelings for 5: Captain Planet
Show Details4min 35s
326. David and Cindy Mulonas - First Date at Costco, Blending Families Together and Building a Solid Relationship
Show Details37min 51s
Wandering Thoughts - Making Things Happen (Chef Adam Kaswiner)
Show Details4min 22s
Social Media News w/ Katie Brinkley - Social Audio Updates, The Truth About Buying Followers and Likes, Engagement is Everything and More
Show Details32min 39s
325. Dr. Stephanie Schuttler - How Climate Change Affects Wildlife, Scientist Becoming More Relatable and Science and Spirituality
Show Details50min 10s
Wandering Thoughts - Chef Adam Kaswiner
Show Details7min 36s
324. Brooke Siem - The Reality of Working as a Chef, Becoming a Chopped Champion and Getting Off of Anti-Depressant Medication
Show Details54min 50s
323. Kara Sandoval - The Health and Wellness Industry is Evolving and It is a Good Thing
Show Details1hr 7min
322. Feelings for 5: You Can't Go Back Home
Show Details2min 41s
321. Dr. Katherine Coder - Transpersonal Psychology, Plant Medicine and the Value in Ceremony and Integration After the Ceremony
Show Details54min 36s
320. Feelings for 5: Performance = Movement
Show Details3min 10s
319. Erica Stanford - Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions and Industry Disruption about the Biggest Hacks and Scams in Crypto
Show Details42min 12s
318. Joyce Fields - Life Lessons in Marriage and Raising Children
Show Details47min 53s
317. Paul Glover - From Ex Trial Lawyer to Convicted Felon to Successful Executive Coach
Show Details45min 35s
316. Feelings for 5: People Vastly Overestimate How Healthy They Are
Show Details4min 3s
315. Simon Milliman - Album #11 Jetsam, The Lies We Tell Ourselves and Bringing Back Short Shorts from the 1980's NBA
Show Details56min 8s
314. Feelings for 5 - You Don't Have to Monetize Your Hobby
Show Details4min
313. Dr. D Solocast- The Fitness Industry Has Had a Head Start in Quackery and Misinformation
Show Details11min 2s
312. Jake Steiner - End Myopia
Show Details47min 56s
311. Cassandra Shuck - Believing in Something Greater Than You, Spirituality and Science Can Co-Exist and Changing the Pattern of How You See Yourself
Show Details34min 39s
310. Bunny Young - Serial Entrepreneur, Business Therapist, Virtual Speaker, & Retreat Facilitator
Show Details53min 58s
308. Lynn-Dee Van Rensburg - The New Age of Tantric Sex
Show Details54min 33s
309. Dr. D Solocast - Take the Good with the Bad
Show Details6min 8s
307. Dr. D Solocast - 10 Minutes About the Future of Fitness
Show Details10min 59s
306. PJ Beaven - The Incredible World of Elephants and ZooFit
Show Details47min 21s
305. Laura Rubin - This Isn't Your Grandmother's Midlife: Conversations Around The Current Culture of Being Middle Aged
Show Details48min 31s
304. Marina Billinghurst - What is a True Artist? Nuturing Your Desire for Art and Creating a Mood for Creativity
Show Details36min 57s
303. Galen Fous - The History of Kink, The Need for Mature Sexual Education and The Epidemic of Secret Sex Lives
Show Details50min 58s
302. Darian's Solocast Episode - Don't Build a Mirage of Amaziness
Show Details6min 42s
301. Yvonne Tran - 20 and 30 Somethings Financial Guidance
Show Details43min 45s
300. Aspen Anonda - This One is About You
Show Details52min 22s
299. DC Glenn - Whoomp There It Is! Hustling vs. Work Ethic and Learning How to Learn
Show Details1hr 1min
298. Diana Wink - Creativity and Anxiety in the Pandemic, The Future of AI in Creativity and Did You Understand Tenent?
Show Details45min 41s
297. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months - Troubadour of the Bastard West
Show Details1hr 6min
296. Dayna Pereira - Host of Participation Trophy Wife Life and Dirty Little Secrets Club
Show Details50min 54s
295. Larry Forletta - Behind the Scenes of a 30 Year Career as a DEA Agent, Investigator and Truth Teller
Show Details1hr 1min
294. Shawn Walchef - Its Bigger than BBQ and Quotes from the Great Philosopher...Winnie The Pooh
Show Details40min 49s
293. Peter and Darian World News Update (May 2021)
Show Details1hr 27min
292. Tahmina Watson - Immigration Lawyer, Author of Legal Heroes in the Trump Era and the Start Up Visa
Show Details39min 11s
291. Lindsay Weisner - Life During a Pandemic, When Wokeness Goes too Far and Saying You Don't Know
Show Details55min 12s
290. David Page - Author of Food Americana, Creator of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Beer Geeks
Show Details51min 46s
289. Moody Bank$ - The Magic of Lo-Fi RnB, Feeling Colors and Being an Authentic Artist
Show Details44min 32s
288. Kaley Roberts - Telling Women's Centered Stories, HBO Documentaries and Tech in Storytelling
Show Details1hr 1min
287. Sejal Thakkar - Understanding Bias, Micro-Agressions and Micro-Affirmations and Shout Outs!
Show Details52min 29s
286. Tanya Kraisingr - Learning Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple and Asking How Do you Want to Live in the World?
Show Details49min 27s
285. 12 Albums in 12 Months w/ Simon Milliman - Vanishing Gods
Show Details1hr 11min
284. Adrian Koehler - The Boldness of Changing Your Mind, Leadership and Love and Accountability
Show Details53min 16s
283. David Hennessey - The W.O.N.D.E.R Technique
Show Details56min 27s
282. Julian Molitor - FetoLife: A Femtech Venture to Bring Prenatal Care into the 21st Century
Show Details48min 26s
281. Samantha Hart - Hollywood Exec and Author of the Coming of Age Story "Blind Pony"
Show Details1hr 6min
280. Susan Rubin - Storytelling, Time Travel and Hope for the Future of Humanity
Show Details1hr 15min
Re-Mind Series #8 The Problem is Not the Problem (ft. Noa Ronen and Darian Parker
Show Details10min 19s
279. Rebecca Love - Skinemax B Queen of Late Nite TV, Favorite Horror Films and Twitch Streams
Show Details59min 58s
278. Janelle Perez - The Many Hats Police Officers Wear, The Public's View of the Police and How to Create More Transparency and Accountability in Law Enforcement
Show Details50min 30s
Re-Mind Series #7 Shhh...Don't Cry (ft. Noa Ronen and Darian Parker)
Show Details7min 17s
277. Dr. D's Solocast: The Myth of Us Vs. Them
Show Details10min 9s
276. Peter and Darian News April 2021 - Burning a Match After #2, Putin Circumvents the Russian Constitution and Crazy Uber Riding Stories
Show Details56min 47s
Re-Mind Series #6 Quiet (ft. Noa Ronen and Darian Parker)
Show Details8min 14s
274. Dr. Stephanie Schuttler Part 1 - Wildlife Biology, History of Zoos and The Planetary Relationship Between Humans and Animals
Show Details54min 18s
Re-Mind Series #5 Lean Back (ft. Noa Ronen and Darian Parker)
Show Details6min 25s
275. Kara McNabb - Discussions about Naturopathy Work, The Mainstream Movement of Alternative Medicine and Templates of Inspiration
Show Details46min 32s
Parallel Parenting Stories #8 - Just Like Daddy
Show Details6min 50s
273. Deb Brosseau - The Real Life of a Publicist
Show Details1hr 16min
Be Decent...The Green Tech Series: Green Tech for Decent Development
Show Details13min 35s
Re-Mind Series #4 Words Create Your World (ft. Noa Ronen and Darian Parker)
Show Details8min 8s
272. Christina Bryan - DNA Sleuth with Unbelievable Stories of Shocking DNA Surprises
Show Details46min 48s
Parallel Parenting Stories #7 - Future Talks
Show Details6min 17s
271. Solocast: Our Moments
Show Details5min 32s
Be Decent...The Green Tech Series: Extinction Makes for a Lonely Planet
Show Details17min 55s
Re-Mind Series #3 Getting Lost (ft. Noa Ronen and Darian Parker)
Show Details7min 39s
270. Pratiti Pathak- Being a Foreigner in Your Culture, Between 12 Years and 12 Minutes and Sitting With Your Feelings
Show Details46min 54s
Parallel Parenting Stories #6 - Money
Show Details8min 41s
Be Decent...The Green Tech Series: Climate Change is Slowly Killing Us
Show Details25min 21s
Re-Mind Series #2 Something in the Nothing (featuring Noa Ronen and Darian Parker)
Show Details8min 7s
Parallel Parenting Stories #5 - Birthdays
Show Details6min 24s
269. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months (Album #8 Swan Song)
Show Details1hr 52min
268. Rebecca Roper - The Rise of Girls and Women's Wrestling, The Dan Gable Museum and The Incredible Fitness and Grit of Wrestlers
Show Details39min 54s
Be Decent...The Green Tech Series: Toxins in Your Town – How Bad Is It?
Show Details18min 11s
Re-Mind Series #1 Trust the Journey (ft. Noa Ronen and Darian Parker)
Show Details12min 10s
267. Nick Carrier- The Search for Consistency and Longevity
Show Details59min 21s
266. Solocast - Why I Podcast
Show Details6min 53s
Parallel Parenting Stories #4 - Funny Stories
Show Details5min 1s
Be Decent...The Green Tech Series: Trash - Where Does It Come From, Where Does It Go?
Show Details18min 51s
265. Zach Schleien - Dating During a Pandemic and Filter Off
Show Details34min 21s
Parallel Parenting Stories #3 - Explaining Adult Stuff to Kids
Show Details6min 58s
264. Andrea Johnson - Intentional Optimism, Growing Up in a Missionary Family, Being a Pastor’a Wife
Show Details53min 53s
Be Decent...The Green Tech Series - The Intro to Let You Know
Show Details14min 17s
263. Bi-Monthly Social Media News and Tips ft. Katie Brinkley - Review of Clubhouse, Facebook and Others Vs. Apple and Which Social Media Apps Will Stick Around?
Show Details41min 48s
Parallel Parenting Stories #2 - Bedtime
Show Details5min 8s
262. News Round Up w/ Peter and Darian: A Way Out of the Divisiveness and Polarization, Robinhood/Game Stop, Vaccination, The Power Your Phone Has Over You and a Crisis of Purpose
Show Details1hr 26min
245. Katie Brinkley - An Information Rich Discussion on Using Social the Right Way for Your Business
Show Details42min 43s
261. Olga Kirshenbaum - A Discussion About Controlled Drug Use, Olga Doesn't Give a Fuck and Being the You that You Want to Be
Show Details58min 16s
260. Samantha Fow - Be Decent Green Tech Series Preview Conversation
Show Details29min 23s
Parallel Parenting Stories #1 Being Born
Show Details8min
One Day Meditation ft. Michelle Collins - Bedtime Meditation
Show Details6min 3s
259. Laura and Nicole - Who Do I Want to Be When I Wake Up?
Show Details58min 51s
258. Michael Browne - From Joining the Circus to Winemaking: A Conversation about Endurance, Hard Work and Determination
Show Details48min 46s
One Day Meditation ft. Michelle Collins - Evening Meditation
Show Details7min 1s
257. Dr. Corinne Devin - US Navy Commander, Orthodontist, Speaker, Reigning International Ms. 2020
Show Details38min 32s
256. Ron Rock - Microshare, Digitally Twinning People, Using Data to be Predictive and the Permanancy of Our New Normal
Show Details50min 24s
255. Amanda Glass - That's What Dads are Made For
Show Details43min 14s
One Day Meditation ft. Michelle Collins - Mid Day Meditation
Show Details7min 12s
254. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months (#7 The Rubicon)
Show Details1hr 8min
253. Dr. Baro Hyun - Demystifying Esports
Show Details47min 4s
252. Jeanette Andrews - Magic as an Expression of Art and Philosophy
Show Details53min 43s
One Day Meditation ft. Michelle Collins - Morning Meditation
Show Details4min 19s
251. Louise Duncan - The New Reality of Work, The Political Climate of Scotland and a Philosophical Discussion about the Internet
Show Details1hr 6min
250. Justin McAleece - An Honest Discussion about Making Films
Show Details54min 46s
249. Elaine Jacques - A Conversation about Connecting with Others and Yourself on a Deeper Level
Show Details58min 57s
248. Amy Giddon - Daily Haloha
Show Details45min 22s
247. Solocast: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Show Details13min 2s
246. Noa Ronen - Random Discussions with Noa: Don’t Let Your Ego Pave the Way for You
Show Details52min 25s
244. Samantha Fow - The Co-Evolution of Humanity, Environmentalism and Technology
Show Details44min 8s
243. Ben Ivey - A Journey of Entrepreneurship, Silicon Valley Work Culture and Differentiating Yourself Online
Show Details37min 12s
242. Nat Rich - Context Replacement Disorder and The Line Between Conspiracy Theories and a Bloody Good Question
Show Details52min 32s
241. Dr. D's Social Network Newscast ft. Peter Nowak and Dr. Darian Parker (December 2020 Edition)
Show Details1hr 41min
240. Eddy Badrina - Eden Green and Vertical Farming Technology
Show Details56min 10s
239. XIMXIA - Billboard Recording Artist, Growing up with Classical Music Roots, Music as Meditation and The Difficulty in Writing Music When You Are Happy
Show Details53min 26s
238. J. Scott Christanson - The Impact of Technology on Human Well-Being
Show Details43min 30s
237. Mollie McGlocklin- Sleep Is a Skill
Show Details57min 24s
236. Esther Blum - Disinformation in Nutrition, The Importance of Cooking for Yourself and The Role of Hormones in Nutrition
Show Details45min 49s
235. Dr. D Solocast - Mortal, Yes I Am
Show Details4min 34s
234. Sarah Wong - Adoption is Love
Show Details1hr 13min
233. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months (#7 Betrayal and Answer)
Show Details1hr 19min
232. Amber Harper - Hacking Teacher Burnout
Show Details43min 43s
231. Joan Thomas - Five Wives
Show Details26min 2s
230. Susan Rubin - The Road Not Taken
Show Details29min 26s
229. Chris Janke - Health in the Real World
Show Details48min 22s
228. Rachel Noall - At War With Stars
Show Details42min 54s
227. Sam Lindy - Top Five Albums of All Time, How to Hold Space for Others, What is Your Biggest Flaw? We Don't Like Being Cold
Show Details1hr 1min
226. Raj Subrameyer - Tech Career Coaching. The Lack of Cultual Context for Algorithms, The Mind Dump Exercise and Diversity in Tech
Show Details41min 7s
225. Jan James and Craig Calvert - Discussions About The Presidential Election Results, The Divide Between Rural and City Voters and Voting Beyond Party Lines
Show Details52min 19s
224. Dr. D Solocast: Regardless of the Outcome...You Are Worthy
Show Details24min 45s
223. Jason Eric Ross - Growing Up with Therapists and Becoming One, Breaking into Acting and Helicopter/Snow Plow Parenting
Show Details50min 5s
222. James Richardson - Living with Cystic Fibrosis, Taking His First Deep Breath at 26, Working in the Fitness Industry and The Miracle Drug
Show Details53min 59s
221. Maria Dennis - Life Before Social Media, Challenging Decisions By Algorithms, Reintegration with the Earth, Indigenous Cultures and Feeding the Light
Show Details1hr 5min
220. Kat Daniels - The Teachable Soul, The Cult of Politics, Religion vs. Science and Personal Boundaries
Show Details1hr
219. Peter Voss - Artificial General Intelligence, How Will AI Behave When It Knows It Is Conscious? Chat Bots with Brains and Cognitive Architecture
Show Details56min 41s
218. Jeff Bermant - Cocoon Browsing, Who is Buying Your Data? Getting Paid for Geo-Location
Show Details48min 38s
217. Ed Vincent - Festival Pass
Show Details40min 25s
216. Scott Lee - Gooroo, Entreprenuership Is Not For Everyone and The Future of School
Show Details39min 11s
215. Brooke Pizzo - A Fun Story of How We Met, Exercise Addiction, Disordered Eating and the State of the Fitness Industry
Show Details57min 31s
214. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months (#6 - The Bee and The Butterfly)
Show Details1hr 8min
213. Rebecca Scott - Humans Now and Then
Show Details30min 29s
212. Christine Minh Minh Garner - Escaping a Doomsday Cult
Show Details54min 48s
211. News Update w/ Peter and Darian
Show Details1hr 27min
210. Noa Ronen - The Narrowing of Expertise, Challenings Norms and Reframing Networking Experiences
Show Details1hr 8min
209. Ronit Plank - Wild Wild Country Docuseries, Megolomanic Gurus, The Mindset of Needing to Belong to Something and Kids Will Fill in the Spaces with Parents
Show Details54min 18s
208. Solocast - A Call for Creativity and Conscious Artistic Collaborations
Show Details9min 7s
207. Brandee Sanders - Mental Health Matters, Denialism in Science, The Snake Oil Salesman and The Dangers of Hyperdocumentation
Show Details55min 7s
206. Jan Edwards - The Realities of Human Sex Trafficking and How We Can Work to Stop It
Show Details1hr 12min
205. Mark Simon - Attacked!: Bullied: Surviving Terror and Finding Justice
Show Details45min 4s
204. Cesar Espino - You Can Overcome Anything, Growing Up in Mexico and What is My Highest Intention?
Show Details43min 15s
203. Cynthia Del’Aria - Start Ups and Controlled Constructs, Why Do I Believe What I Believe? The Parallels of the Matrix and 2020
Show Details1hr 3min
202. Taylor Proctor - Happiness Abound
Show Details55min 32s
201. Dr. Noor Ali - Understanding the Current State of Health Insurance, Vaccinations and Public Health and Breaking Down Medicare for All
Show Details50min 47s
200. Andrea Wilson Woods - Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days
Show Details52min 18s
199. Robert Collier - The Humanity Behind Covid-19, Has the Black Lives Movement Been Hijacked?, Cointelpro and Supporting the Growth of Black Owned Businesses
Show Details1hr 1min
198. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months (Album 5 - Eos)
Show Details1hr 25min
197. Peter and Matt - Starsona, Followers Don't Equal Fans and Positive Friction
Show Details46min 38s
196. Yossi Alter - Growing Up in Israel, A Mother's Holocaust Survivor Stories, Religious Jews/Non Religious Jews and The Importance of Health and Wellness
Show Details43min 19s
195. Kevin Strauss - Backpacking Olympia National Park, Ballroom Dancing and Ironman Athlete
Show Details53min 46s
194. Priya Jindal - Helping Expats and Military Families Transition to Civilian Life
Show Details1hr 4min
193. Dr. Anuj Shah - Black American Amputation Epidemic and Peripheral Artery Disease
Show Details44min
192. Greg Roedesheimer - Discussions about Healthcare, Transparency in Medical Billing, Waiting in Line at the DMV and Podcasting
Show Details56min 53s
191. Dr. D’s RnB and Soul Mix
Show Details30min 13s
190. Sonni Abatta - Behind the Scenes of News and Journalism, Are You Okay With What You Post Being Out There Forever?, Personalized Platforms as the Future of News
Show Details56min 18s
189. Joe Messina - Getting a Call from a Pollster, The Process of Creating a Comedy Routine, The Radicalize Me Podcast and Being Willing to Change Your Mind
Show Details1hr 6min
188. Marcia Moran - Life Before and After a Stroke, Nordic Countries and Acknowledging Others
Show Details51min 36s
187. Erica Wernick - Hollywood Success Coach
Show Details58min 19s
186. Chas Rodgers - F45 and The Veteran’s Impact Program and Increasing Black Voices in Fitness
Show Details1hr 2min
185. Andy Seth - Growing Up In a Motel in LA, Building Wealth and Happiness and Helping Kids Go to College
Show Details58min 33s
184. Dr. D's Magic Mushroom Mix - Tales from the Astral Plane
Show Details27min 53s
183. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months (Album 4: Erebus)
Show Details1hr 2min
182. Adam Kaswiner - How Does Food Make You Feel? The Weed Sweats and Getting Comfortable with Tinkering with Your Health
Show Details57min 52s
181. News Round Up w/ Peter and Darian
Show Details2hr 10min
180. Hayley Roberts - Ghosting in the Form of Playing Hard to Get, Cancel Culture, the Normalization of Lying and Aggressive Driving in Boston
Show Details1hr 26min
179. Lyle May - Crimson Letters Voices from Death Row Part 4
Show Details16min 49s
178. Michael Braxton (Alim) - Crimson Letters Voices from Death Row Part 3
Show Details16min
177. Chanton - Crimson Letters Voices from Death Row Part 2
Show Details32min 57s
176. George Wilkerson - Crimson Letters Voices from Death Row
Show Details33min 9s
175. Tessie Castillo - International Journalist and Co-Author of Crimson Letters: Voices from Death Row
Show Details59min 42s
174. Bin Lee and Tina Cesa Ward - Minority Representation in Comics, A Different Take on Artificial Intelligence and The Delegates Comic Books
Show Details49min 31s
173. Kevin and Stephanie Mason - You Met Her Where?!
Show Details58min 47s
172. Jazmine Reed Clark - What Does Support Look Like For You? Performative Wokeness and Podcasting as a Microcosm for Society
Show Details1hr
171. Shelley Murray - Love Through Photos
Show Details46min 46s
170. Sara Ayse Doguelli - Learning About Infinity, Virtual Yoga Practice and The Health of Our World
Show Details1hr 10min
169a. Dr. D’s Cross Fade House + Dance + Chill Mix (Vol. 1)
Show Details33min 32s
169. Raj Subrameyer - Personal Transformation, Inside the Tech Industry, Duck Duck Go and Technology and Racism
Show Details1hr 2min
168. Wendy Kleinke - Examining The Fitness Industries' Past, Present and Future (Part 2)
Show Details56min 38s
167. Dwayne Wimmer - Examining the Fitness Industries' Past, Present and Future (Part 1)
Show Details53min 53s
166. Tamara Torres - An Honest Discussion About Race and Inequality
Show Details59min 44s
165. Simon Milliman - 12 Albums in 12 Months (Part 2 - Weeping Candles), 80's Action Hero Stars and Otis Redding
Show Details1hr 7min
164. Amy Thompson - Leadership and Advocacy in the Health and Fitness Industry
Show Details45min 33s
163. Joe McCarville - Calling 911
Show Details49min 24s
162. Marcus McKay - A Conversation about Fitness and Coaching
Show Details51min 33s
161. Olga Kirshenbaum- Money Conversations, 9 Minutes of Creative Wisdom and Cocktail Recipes
Show Details52min
160. Solocast - How Did You Learn To Be Human?
Show Details20min 10s
159. Tracey Shadley - Organizing and De-Cluttering Your Home, Everything Ins vs. Nothing Outs and The Art of Designing Closets
Show Details47min 15s
158. Vienne Brown - Recent History of Clothing, Hong Kong and China and The Homogeneous Future of Transportation Aesthetics
Show Details45min 48s
157. Ellie Sarmadi - Virtual Fitness and UBQFIT
Show Details38min 2s
156. Wordsmith - Music for the Masses
Show Details1hr 30min
155. Amy Schadt - You Must Watch PBS, The Arts in Our School System, Quantum Physics and Retirement
Show Details1hr 7min
154. Evan Knox - The Importance of Nuanced Conversations
Show Details1hr 1min
153. Laura Rubin - Changing the Perception of Midlife Thinking and Living
Show Details45min 15s
152. Dr. Jim Dankovich - Healthcare, Alternative Medicine and The University of Michigan's Prison Art Program
Show Details1hr 1min
151. Kris Ruby - Let's Talk About Brand Activism
Show Details42min
150. Pamela Losada - Emotional Empowerment
Show Details44min 48s
148. Karon Hawkins - The Process is the Prize and the Prize is the Process
Show Details1hr 1min
149. Domi Hanc - 100 New Things: Polar Plunges, Blanket Forts, Deprivation Tanks and More
Show Details48min 11s
147. Ron Foglia - The Beauty of Merging Science and Spirituality
Show Details46min 41s
146. Tom Evans - Soul Waves
Show Details48min 22s
145. Natalie Garramone - Conflict Resolution and Mediation in the Virtual Work Place and How Does Your In Person Persona Translate to Your Online Persona?
Show Details56min 7s
144. Simon Milliman - A Journey in Music: 12 Albums in 12 Months
Show Details1hr 28min
143. Graham Melstrand - Emerging Legislation in Fitness and Wellness and Discussions on Re-Opening Gyms in this New Environment
Show Details53min 31s
142. Susan Wheeler - Will More People Move from Cities? What Home Means to You and Running Marathons
Show Details45min 47s
141. Darian Parker - Growing Up as a Military Kid, Fitness and Podcasting and an Extended Discussion on Race in America (An Interview by Peter Nowak)
Show Details1hr 54min
140. Aaron Burnett - Unconventional Thinking in Business: Leading with Joy, Love and Grace
Show Details48min 27s
139. Laura McGuire - Clothing and Confidence, Does Your Clothing Comfort Influence Your Professional Ambitions and HipStick
Show Details57min 1s
138. Rachel Druckenmiller - The Unmuted Life
Show Details1hr
137. Michael Bryant - Ironman Racing, Adult Magic and Success Leaves Clues
Show Details1hr 4min
Dr. Darian Parker - A Message of Hope and Healing
Show Details13min 8s
136. Margaret O’Connor - Catholicism and Female Priesthood
Show Details1hr 1min
135. Jennifer Garman - 7 Ways Gratitude Can Transform Your Life
Show Details53min 52s
134. Aaron Weisblatt - A Deep Dive into the World of Documentary Film Making
Show Details1hr 18min
133. Jason Primrose - Accepting Your Superpowers, Why Science Fiction is So Often Distopic and The Future of Sci-Fi Stories
Show Details59min 16s
132. Hayley Roberts - How Do I Sound? Thoughts and Theories about Personality and Could We Be Smarter than Aliens?
Show Details55min 34s
131. Tyler McCune - Networks within Networks, What Have We Learned from the Internet? and Finding Your Skill Language
Show Details2hr 6min
130. Monica Staley - Guardian ad Litem/Court Appointed Special Advocate
Show Details46min 31s
129. Alisha Carlson - Non Diet Lifestyle, Decision Fatigue and Why Looking Healthy Doesn't Mean You Are Healthy
Show Details58min 29s
128. Emily Rose Giddings - Creating Music That Means Something
Show Details39min 34s
127. Emily Adams - From Growing Up Amish to Competitive Powerlifting
Show Details1hr 4min
126. Stanley Ward - The Thin Line Between Comedy and Tragedy
Show Details1hr 34min
125. Karla Green - Bars of the Future, What Makes a Good Bourbon and Drinking Stories
Show Details1hr 34min
124. Lisa Edwards - The Power in Sharing Your Story and What's Your Secondary Gain?
Show Details54min 3s
123. Jessica Moran - Telehealth and Family and Marriage Therapy
Show Details57min 9s
122. Janelle Hardy - Memoirs and Personal Mythmaking
Show Details57min 23s
121. Nick Bogacz - The Pizza Equation
Show Details43min 21s
120. Dr. Ann Marie Barter - What Does Being Healthy Actually Mean?
Show Details54min 57s
119. Michelle Collins - Finding Purpose in Tragedy
Show Details1hr 14min
118. Michelle Zellner - Better Beings Part 2
Show Details1hr 11min
117. Martha Lewis - Are You Sleeping Well?
Show Details58min 28s
116. JoBeth Evans - Transition YOUniversity
Show Details1hr 2min
115. Matt O’Connor - Artificial Intelligence Talk...Will Science Fiction Become Reality?
Show Details1hr 9min
114. Alison Donaghey - Domino Thinking
Show Details59min 31s
113. Jacqui Olliver - Sexual Function and Mental Contamination
Show Details1hr 14min
112. Dr. Cali Estes - Celebrity Addiction Counseling
Show Details1hr 4min
111. Shannon Milliman- Talent Shows, The Highs and Lows of Our Lives and What Do We Do Well?
Show Details50min 56s
110. Raylene Taskoski - How Do You Know If You are Funny? Sex Education and Finding Our Your Warning Label
Show Details1hr 22min
109. Lana Nelson - The Food Codes
Show Details40min 47s
108. Vicki Wusche- UK and US Politics and Philosophies Surrounding the Coronavirus
Show Details57min 55s
107. Hayley Roberts - Psychology and Coronvirus, Stand Up Comedy and the Messianic Black Body
Show Details1hr 35min
106. Dr. Dora Wolfe - Attachment and Trauma, Disagreements on Basic Facts and The Future of Human Behavior
Show Details1hr 4min
105. Peter Nowak - Deep Conversations
Show Details1hr 23min
104. Nicole Trick Steinbach - How Are You Actually Feeling?
Show Details57min 56s
103. Kathleen Gage - Breaking the Mold
Show Details52min 47s
102. Christina Tarantola - Life During the Coronavirus, Energy Boundaries and Faith
Show Details54min 17s
101. Katie Doble - Sex Education and The Fight Against Cancer
Show Details59min 56s
100. Ask Dr. D
Show Details38min 28s
99b. Caits Meissner - Poetry/Justice Writing Program, Pep Talks for Broken People, Staying Creative
Show Details57min 20s
99a. Jan James - Music for the Soul
Show Details1hr 18min
98. Lindsay Weisner - 10 Steps to Happiness
Show Details1hr 14min
97. Nicky Pelletier - Rise and Shine
Show Details1hr 2min
96. Diana Wink - Creatives and Writing, Why We Love Christopher Nolan Movies and Artificial Intelligence
Show Details1hr 6min
95. Amy Goober - Bakeries, Health Coaching and Do You Look Like Your Age?
Show Details57min 25s
94. Corrie LoGiudice - A Heart for Helping Small Business Owners
Show Details48min 36s
93. Kara Michelle - World Travel, Elephant Sanctuaries and Spirituality
Show Details54min 21s
92. Kara Foley - Many Lifetimes of Fitness and Wellness
Show Details47min 13s
91. George Stoimenov - Am I Strong?
Show Details1hr 1min
90. Marlana Semenza - Behind the Lens
Show Details50min 32s
89. Jacky Rom - Writing Crime Novels and Amazon Prime Documentary "Method of Murder"
Show Details41min 41s
88. Courtney Wisely - Don't Stop Believing
Show Details52min 4s
87. Samantha Kalawart - A Journey of Healing and Discovery...From Bee Venom Therapy to Psychedelics
Show Details53min 14s
86. Liz Grantham - The Optimal Me
Show Details59min 33s
85. Dr. Renee Exelbert - Chemo Muscles
Show Details50min 58s
84. Lori Beth Bisbey - Sex from A to Z
Show Details1hr 18min
83. Dina Brenci - Learning To Date Without Using Dating Apps
Show Details57min 18s
82. Andrea Powles-Gullick - You Can't Worry About What You Can't Change
Show Details1hr 1min
81. Lindsay Weisner - Neurotic Nourishment
Show Details55min 52s
79. Jana Short - There's No Magic Pill
Show Details45min 3s
80. Rachel Reichblum - That Good Grief
Show Details47min 19s
78. Nicole Trick Steinbach - Break Up Conversations, Are You an Octopus? and Vulnerability Hangovers
Show Details1hr 34min
77. Joshua Shea - Overcoming Porn Addiction
Show Details1hr 17min
76. Karla Green - Mixology, Vices and Retail
Show Details1hr 22min
75. Josuel Rogers - Best Hip Hop Albums, You See What You Look For and What Is Intelligent Life?
Show Details1hr 37min
74. Natalie Garramone - Conflict Resolution and Mediation
Show Details52min 28s
73. Emma Gardner - Becoming Your Authentic Self
Show Details1hr 9min
72. Wendy Gilhula - Kindness, Anti-Bullying and Pika Bunny Book/App
Show Details54min 8s
55. Joslynn Corredor - Fighting Against Breast Cancer, Rock Climbing and Personal Training
Show Details1hr 4min
71. Rajan Shankara - A Monk's Life, Meditation and Karma
Show Details1hr 18min
70. Sean McCoy - Winning Isn’t Everything, Life is Full of Mystery and Meditation Thru Conversation
Show Details1hr 26min
69. Dr. Anuj Shah - Spirituality and Medicine
Show Details46min 38s
68. Kristen Ruby - PR Branding for Doctors: Why Every Doctor needs to Develop a Personal Brand
Show Details56min
67. Chelsey Janso - Lets Talk
Show Details1hr 2min
66. Jodi Krangle - Voice Work, Sounds Affect Actions/Feelings and Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?
Show Details1hr 9min
Bonus Episode: Darian Parker Podcast Year in Review
Show Details25min 48s
65. Kayla Hulsebus - Building a Healthy Relationship with Food
Show Details1hr 6min
64. Gary Stotler - 100 Miles and Running
Show Details1hr 3min
63. Alexandra Middleton - Anthropology, Brain-Machine Interfaces and Prosthetics
Show Details1hr 1min
62. Morgan Gjerde - College Life, Current Diet Culture and Exercise Research
Show Details55min 54s
61. Tyler McCune - Curating Your Authentic Online Presence, Avoiding Negative Networking and Binging Netflix on Wednesdays
Show Details1hr 30min
60. Megan Flanagan - Sprinters and Distance Runners, Exercise Without Music and What is Meditation?
Show Details1hr 7min
59. Ashley Smith, PhD - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, The Northern Lights and Technology
Show Details1hr 1min
58. Joyce Strong - Facts, Feelings, Needs and Requests
Show Details56min 26s
57. Michelle Parker - How We Met and What Works in a Marriage
Show Details1hr 1min
56. Alex Herrera - From Wall Street to CBD
Show Details1hr 2min
54. Kristy Wegert - My Workout Buddy, Living In your Current Body and Stop Focusing on Weight Loss
Show Details1hr 2min
53. Chase Henderson - Do You Need College? Generational Differences in Technology and the Future
Show Details1hr 17min
52. Sara Ayse Doguelli - Yoga, Limiting and Growth Mindsets and Answering the Question of Who Are You?
Show Details1hr 12min
51. Christy Rutherford - Coast Guard, Harvard Business School and Keynote Speaking
Show Details1hr 1min
50. Michelle Collins - Deep Listening, Being Ready for a Partnership and Feedback from the Last Appearance
Show Details1hr 14min
49. Kimberly Ransom - Building a Gymnastics Gym Business, Olympic Weightlifting and Podcasting
Show Details57min
48. Dr. Michael Hosking - From Distracted Fitness to Flow Based Exercise
Show Details1hr 13min
47. Ashley Kerns - Always Remember
Show Details1hr 3min
46. Hays Estes - The Ins and Outs of a Physical Therapy Professional
Show Details1hr 1min
45. Tina Clements - Consistency, Love and Being Present in Good and Bad Times
Show Details1hr 2min
44. Liam McClintock - Meditation, The Second Philosophical Renaissance and Psychadelic Research
Show Details1hr 9min
43. Nelson Toriano - The Financials of the Personal Training Business
Show Details55min 32s
42. Claire Yongju Jeong - Fascial Stretch Therapy, Party Life in South Korea and New York Subways
Show Details53min 6s
41. Carolyn Brunson - Rebuilding After a Near Death Experience: My Journey with Guillain-Barré Syndrome
Show Details1hr 33min
40. Lauren Fisher - Therapy, Spirituality and Networking
Show Details1hr 21min
39. Wendy Lubell/Darian Parker - Networking, Cannabis as a Business and a Psychedelic Story
Show Details1hr 3min
38. Amy Waterman - Dating and Relationships
Show Details1hr 3min
37. Michelle Miller - My First Workout
Show Details1hr 4min
36. Darian Parker- Checking In With The Audience
Show Details12min 49s
35. Dwayne Wimmer - We Need to Define What Exercise Is and Is Not
Show Details1hr 6min
34. Lenee Braxton - Oprah Winfrey Network Appearance, HBCU’s and Ethnicity and Wellness
Show Details1hr 20min
33. Denishi Blake - Bike and Blend
Show Details1hr 16min
32. Dr. Dora Wolfe - Let’s Talk About Therapy
Show Details1hr 14min
31. Amanda Gail - Financial Fitness
Show Details39min 33s
30. Doug Strudwick - Strong Man with a Huge Heart
Show Details1hr 5min
28. Jocelyn Gebhardt - Making It in the Fitness Industry, Competitive Streaks and Trainer Talk
Show Details1hr 29min
27. Natalie Jaspers - Good Counsel Coming Your Way
Show Details1hr 21min
26. Amy Ashmore - Timing is Everything
Show Details54min 50s
25. Sandy Green - Postpartum Pumping, Transitioning Into Parenthood and Virtual Doula Work
Show Details1hr 9min
24. Nick Corneil - Trainer Plus, Humanity, Future of Fitness and Canada
Show Details1hr 25min
23. Sarah McKenna Rogers - Wellness Informed
Show Details1hr 24min
22. Sarah Dys - Public Health, Climate Change, Adoption, Transitional Demographics and Meeting You
Show Details1hr 32min
21. Emmitt Muckles - Podcasting 101, Gatorade Cucumber Drink is King, Only So Many Words and He Still Has Hops
Show Details1hr 11min
20. Renee Zernicke - Big 10 Athletics, Soccer Players Don't Lift?, Strength and Conditioning Careers and Welcome to the Future
Show Details1hr 13min
19. Michelle Zellner - Gymnastics, Correcting Weird Exercise Technique, Better Beings and Change is Hard
Show Details1hr 36min
18. Katayoon Zia - Growing Up in Tehran, Cleaning Your House and Heart Based Hospitality
Show Details1hr 36min
17. Emily Grolman - Rock Steady
Show Details1hr 12min
16. Crystal Carnahan - Mindful Warrior
Show Details1hr 18min
15. Anthony Capristo- Behavioral Finance
Show Details1hr 31min
14. Michelle Collins - Inhabiting Joy after Tragedy
Show Details1hr 45min
13. Abigail Duncan - Finding the Path in a New World of Fitness
Show Details1hr 8min
12. Stefanie Gordon - News Cycles, Pilates and Parenting
Show Details1hr 13min
11. Gianna Tino - Gianna vs. Gianna
Show Details1hr 53min
10. Ranell Hobson - Joyful Coaching, Aussie Phrases and Presentations
Show Details1hr 12min
9. Emma Pietrzak - Abundance Bells, Fitness and Weed
Show Details1hr 25min
8. Justin Hager - Social Authenticity
Show Details1hr 24min
7. Vera Ross - Change Agent
Show Details1hr 16min
6. Katarina Miller - Nurture Your Network
Show Details53min 29s
5. Lauren Rothfeld - Life After Basketball
Show Details1hr 37min
4. Leneé Braxton - From Surviving to Thriving...A Dance Dance Revolution
Show Details52min 21s
3. Rodney Mcilwain - Fighting Back Through Holistic Health
Show Details50min 20s
2. Dr. Christina Tarantola - Transformation
Show Details51min 27s
1. Julia Eyre - Game of Phones
Show Details1hr 29min
Back for the First Time
Show Details13min 2s