The DPHA Drip

The Decorative Plumbing + Hardware Association (DPHA) is a community of decorative plumbing and hardware professionals who believe in the positive impact of bringing people together.

The DPHA provides an opportunity to make connections with dealers, manufacturers and representatives within the decorative plumbing, hardware and home fixture industry. We offer a gathering place and a platform of shared interests.

We believe that the education of professionals within our Association – and exposure to new products and new ideas – is a cornerstone to professional development and success.


The World of Virtual Showroom Consultations
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The Internet's Impact on the DPH Industry Part 2
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Design Trends: Halfway Through 2020
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The Internet's Impact on the DPH Industry Part 1
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A Global Perspective of the DPH Industry
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How to Sell More to the Same Customer: Outside the Box Products DPH Showrooms and Reps Can Start Selling
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DPH Manufacturing During COVID
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Showroom Dealer Panel
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2021 DPH Design Trends
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Social Media in the DPH Industry
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