Downeast View Points

Downeast Maine, comprising the northern and easternmost coast of the US, is a singular place of stunning natural beauty – a place where wind and tide dictate the daily lives of many residents and the health of the Gulf of Maine determines their prosperity. Longtime summer resident Claire Deal interviews Downeasters about their work, their connection to place, and how that connection influences their sense of self. If you, too, are a human whose identity is informed by your connection with the natural world – and if you’re concerned with the havoc we’ve caused it, this podcast is for you. While there is much to worry about, there is, indeed, hope – and the folks you’ll meet in Downeast View Points are part of the reason for it.  


It's Kind of Mind Blowing in a Way
Show Details19min 36s
Just an Extraordinary Experience!
Show Details20min 45s
Little Corner of Paradise on the Maine Island Trail
Show Details21min 11s
7th Generation Jonesport-Beals Islander
Show Details25min 16s
Welcome to Downeast View Points: A Sense of Place, A Sense of Self
Show Details4min 2s