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We're the conversation you never knew you needed. We're the best friends you never had. We're here for a good time and a long time. Culture, Gaming, Life, Music, etc. You name the topic we're probably gonna talk about! We're Down with the get Down! Are you?


I Needed This
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Wakanda Temporarily
Show Details1hr 9min
Don't be afraid to be an individual
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Black Adam "The People's Champ"
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Kanye West Is A Genius
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Red Pill dudes need to take Accountability too
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Everyday We Stray Further Away From God
Show Details35min 27s
If you don't F*ck with the New Growth you're R@cists
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Conversation Rules the Nation
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Bullying Creates Character Development
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You can't treat her like a Queen if she's acting like a pawn
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Sometimes you gotta jump the shark
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Is Black Pandering Good Pandering?
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Putin I’ve come to bargain
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Off the Top
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Superheroes Overrated InstaThots Why Not??
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He's a 10 but he just started his first podcast
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