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Down For The Count

Down For The Count is the BEST wrestling talkin’, slobberknockin’, sports lovin’ show! Hosted by Brandon Medina & Dan Sealana.


Goodbye For Now: The Last(?) Down For The Count
Show Details54min 38s
Special Guest Damian Priest
Show Details13min 6s
A Cult Of Personality
Show Details43min 37s
Don't Call It A Comeback
Show Details35min 58s
Matt Hardy Returns to Down For The Count
Show Details11min 56s
Ready To Fyte
Show Details42min 5s
Clueless WWE Writers And Too Much Hell In A Cell
Show Details57min 34s
Hell In A Cell Preview, AEW's New York debut, Dan's "Erotomania" and more!
Show Details45min 39s
Special Guest Drew McIntyre
Show Details15min 43s
More Shocking WWE Firings!
Show Details44min 32s
Special Guest Lance Archer
Show Details16min 29s
Bracing For Backlash
Show Details48min 30s
Show Details40min 16s
Special guest Bianca Belair
Show Details14min 17s
AEW's Big Botch And Peyton's Pain
Show Details26min 57s
Matt Hardy interview and AEW Revolution preview
Show Details56min 49s
Show Details56min 48s
Thaw For All
Show Details47min 12s
TOGETHER our love will last FOREVER
Show Details56min 52s
February Fallout
Show Details56min 57s
Rumble '21 Preview
Show Details48min 58s
Show Details48min 57s
Will Rona Ruin The Rumble?
Show Details45min 15s
Have A Hart
Show Details49min 52s
SPECIAL MINISODE: Jimmy Hart interview
Show Details8min 43s
2020, we've got TWO words for you!
Show Details47min 10s
Regifting our favorite 2020 interviews
Show Details48min 1s
Latina Heat (with special guest Shaul Guerrero)
Show Details47min 57s
For The Nasties
Show Details46min 40s
All The Best In Your Future Endeavors
Show Details48min 13s
More blood, please!
Show Details48min 23s
Stop! I love him!
Show Details48min 42s
It's Halloween, Playa!
Show Details42min 8s
Wrestling Goes To Hell
Show Details48min 38s
WWE Champion Drew McIntyre & WWE Superstar Braun Strowman Join DFTC
Show Details48min 38s
New Podcast Feed: Down For The Count
Show Details53s