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Down By The Creek

Have you ever thought to yourself "gee wiz, I sure do wish I had a friend to join me in reliving the cringe worthy glory of Dawson's Creek!" No? well to damn bad! Join novice Creeker, Alvin Williams, alongside an assortment of special guests as they break down Dawson's Creek episode by episode. Look forward to a little analysis, a lot of mockery, but most of all tons of fun! Seriously. This is a Dawson's Creek Podcast.


113- Decisions, Shmeshmisions
Show Details1hr 56min
Minisode 13
Show Details26min 23s
112- U R So Beautiful
Show Details1hr 26min
Minisode 12
Show Details10min 50s
111- Scare Tactics
Show Details1hr 49min
Minisode 11
Show Details8min 57s
110- Double Trouble
Show Details1hr 38min
Minisode Ten
Show Details17min 49s
109- Roadtripsters
Show Details1hr 53min
Minisode Nine
Show Details14min 59s
108- Boyfriend #2
Show Details1hr 27min
Minisode Eight
Show Details10min 53s
107- Daring Detention
Show Details1hr 15min
Minisode Seven
Show Details24min 34s
106- Baby One More Time
Show Details1hr 39min
Minisode Six
Show Details28min 57s
105- Rock You Like A Hurricane
Show Details1hr 39min
Minisode Five
Show Details16min 36s
104- Discover Me Discovering You
Show Details1hr 34min
Minisode Four
Show Details18min 39s
103- Kiss My Sass
Show Details1hr 16min
Minisode Three
Show Details14min 13s
102- Dance, Dance
Show Details2hr 4min
Minisode Two
Show Details5min 30s
101- Pilot Pandamonium
Show Details2hr
Minisode One
Show Details7min 32s
Introducing: Down By The Creek (1/20/21)
Show Details55s