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Don't Wait to Write - Your Pocket Writing Coach

A podcast to help you write more, worry less, and share your work with the world.

Hosted by writer Amber Petty (New York Times, Greatist, Bustle, Snooki's blog - jealous?), this show comes in three parts:

  • Mondays: 5-Minute Writing Exercise (you'll be shocked how much you can do in 5 minutes)
  • Wednesdays: Reframe & Relax ("meditations" to help you chill out your inner critic and take writing a little less seriously)
  • Fridays: Find Out (answers to listener questions, writing advice from years of experience, and ways to actively put your work out there)

Whether you're a freelance writer, a copywriter who wants to do more than figure out new ways to say "Buy Now", or a person who's always wanted to write but never gave it a shot, this show is for you! Each week, you'll write a little, gain a little confidence, and add new tools to your writing tool belt.

A writing tool belt is probably just a pen and a backup charger for your laptop, but you know I mean.


5-Minute Writing Exercise - Snow Pants
Show Details6min 44s
Writers, This is the Easiest Marketing Thing
Show Details7min 37s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Too Much
Show Details6min 39s
Yes, There Are a Million Newsletters. Yes, Yours Can Still Stand Out
Show Details13min 39s
5-Minute Writing Exercise: Supposed to be Grateful
Show Details7min 22s
How I Make Money As a Writing Teacher by Giving Out Things for Free
Show Details11min 21s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - A Piece of Writing You Loved
Show Details7min 45s
Twitter's a Trash Hole, Here's How to Keep Your Following as a Writer
Show Details9min 56s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Write Like You're 12
Show Details8min 48s
When to Throw Writing Notes in the Trash
Show Details15min 10s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Best or Worst Halloween
Show Details7min 51s
How to Take Notes From Editors (Without Hating Them or Yourself)
Show Details12min 17s
Realistic Writing Affirmations
Show Details8min 3s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Your Least Favorite Movie
Show Details6min 47s
What to Expect from a Freelance Writing Career & Lessons from Angela Lansbury's Life
Show Details19min 27s
When to Push Through and Write & When to Rest
Show Details12min 34s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Victims of Our Own Talent
Show Details7min 31s
How to Deal with the Pain of Radio Silence from Editors
Show Details14min 51s
Writing Reframe from An Editor's Point of View
Show Details6min 32s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Let It Come From You, Then It Will Be New
Show Details7min 22s
Ghosting II: When You Really Are Ghosted By Editors & What To Do About It
Show Details8min 36s
Relaxing Meditation of an Autumn Fantasy
Show Details8min 19s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Spooky!
Show Details6min 32s
Advice I Hate - Be So Good They Can't Ignore You
Show Details8min 39s
The Courage to Make Cats - A Writing Reframe (and Andrew Lloyd Webber Week Continues)
Show Details8min
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Angel of Music (RIP Phantom)
Show Details7min 16s
Writing Possibility and an Invite to Freelance Writing for Creatives (time sensitive)
Show Details10min
What If It Goes Right - Writing Reframe
Show Details9min 29s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Something Incredible
Show Details8min 20s
From Frasier Lists to Full-Time Writer - 3 Wonderful Writing Success Stories
Show Details15min 50s
After 6 Months of Writing - A Writing Visualization
Show Details10min 36s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Back to School
Show Details9min 34s
Editors Aren't Ghosting You
Show Details10min 15s
A Lesson from 50 Shades of Gray - Why Not You?
Show Details11min 18s
5-Minute Writing Exercise: Dumb Holidays
Show Details9min 13s
Your Guide to Dealing with Trolls
Show Details20min 43s
Take a Compliment - Writing Reframe
Show Details11min 18s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Your First Crush
Show Details6min 46s
The Pitch is Back - How Anyone Can Pitch Articles to Editors
Show Details18min 26s
Your Seat at the Table - Writing Reframe
Show Details10min 14s
Write About Something You Don't Care About - 5-Minute Writing Exercise
Show Details8min 5s
Just One Spec - How to Get Started With Freelance Writing
Show Details11min 24s
Dream a Mediocre Dream - Writing Reframe
Show Details6min 58s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Check Your Texts
Show Details7min 23s
Blame it on Google Translate - A Way to Make Rough Drafts Easier
Show Details7min 28s
Picture the People Who Are Worse Than You - Writing Reframe
Show Details8min 51s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Pretend It's Your Best Friend's Idea
Show Details7min 45s
How Snooki Helped Me Get Into the New York Times
Show Details14min 13s
The Wisdom of Smash Mouth - Writing Reframe
Show Details5min 36s
5-Minute Writing Exercise - Write Like an A-Hole
Show Details8min 57s
Trailer & Contest Announcement
Show Details2min 57s