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Don't Say Too Much

Enjoying your family is everything. This podcast shares our family with you. The dad is pre-retirement in a post-retirement career. The daughter is trying to raise a third-grader while she enters life. The son is determined to leverage high school sports into a scholarship and the mom is a mom to everyone. If you share your time, we will share our stories.


Ep. 004: Talking about the Election with a Millenial
Show Details24min 40s
Ep 003: Third Grader Explains who Jackie Robinson Is
Show Details21min 23s
Ep. 002: Pretty Sure We Really Haven't Figured Out Masks
Show Details20min 25s
Ep. 001: My Grandson Might Have Caused the Virus
Show Details29min 1s
Doing The Hard Part First Talking to My Son
Show Details5min 57s