Does This Age Well?

Movie podcast review by Comedian Ali Sultan where he and his partner Kelsey Kuno light heartedly explore older movies to see if they aged well.


Coming to America
Show Details35min 46s
#26 Clueless
Show Details36min 36s
#25 Bond: Gold Finger
Show Details34min 55s
#24 Contact
Show Details38min 35s
#23 Ace Ventura Pet Detective
Show Details30min 25s
#22 The Mask
Show Details29min 38s
#20 Flubber
Show Details20min 32s
#19 Night at the Museum
Show Details27min 20s
#18 Die Hard and laugh harder
Show Details33min 47s
#17 Elf
Show Details44min 25s
#16 You've Got Mail
Show Details37min 53s
#15 The Karate Kid
Show Details34min 32s
Austin Powers with comedian Lukas Ramsey
Show Details29min 44s
The GrandMaster with Kelsey Kuno
Show Details36min 32s
The NeverEnding Story with Kjell Bjorgen
Show Details30min 10s
Troy with Maria Angelica
Show Details29min 27s
Groundhog Day with Kenny Martin
Show Details29min 12s
Sneakers with Ali Hormann
Show Details29min 49s
Blazing Saddles with Alex Swalve
Show Details30min 7s
Space Jam with Shawn Nafstad
Show Details49min 45s
The Matrix with Daina Ali
Show Details47min 21s
The Last Dragon with Greg Coleman
Show Details40min 41s
The Big Lebowski with James Stanley
Show Details28min 43s
My Girl with Khadijah Cooper
Show Details35min 12s
TOMMY BOY with Andrew Wegleitner
Show Details30min 54s
TM Ninja Turtles with Robert Baril
Show Details42min 20s