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Do Your Crap

In this podcast, Micah Folsom helps you learn and DO the unsexy habits that will help you build a legendary life. Each week, Micah will help you bust through the crap that's holding you back and break down the simple habits and mindset shifts that will help you rock every aspect of your life.


Elevate Your Branding With Sensory Strategy with Danielle Barich
Show Details38min 11s
Get Connected With Your Soul Journey with Dr. Elisa Hallerman
Show Details44min 16s
Become a Habit Mechanic to Maximize Your Potential with Dr. Jon Finn
Show Details41min 26s
One Question to Help You Make Progress Towards Your Goals Every Single Day
Show Details10min
Everything You've Never Thought About When It Comes to Grief and Healing a Broken Heart with Sharon Brubaker
Show Details32min 52s
From Renting Your Headspace to Owning It With Modern Stoicism with Andrew McConnell
Show Details42min 20s
Three Essentials You Need to Reach Your Fitness Goals With Brittney Carbone
Show Details38min 9s
Are Your Goals Going DEEP Enough? with Micah Folsom
Show Details17min 10s
Go from Surviving to Thriving with Kim Walsh
Show Details40min 14s
How to Build an Epic Business Online in Today's Social Media Climate with Dr. Joshua Estrin
Show Details29min 9s
Fearless Leadership: How To Turn Limiting Fears Into Connected Confidence with Adrian Koehler
Show Details55min 43s
Taking your Business from Solopreneur to Next Level Impact with Kurt Wilkin
Show Details31min 17s
5 Rules Holding You Back From Feeling Good Naked with Chardet Ryel
Show Details42min 55s
Instantly Get Rid of Comparison w/ One Shift with Micah Folsom
Show Details13min 32s
Raising Your Emotional Thermostat With Brad Bizjack
Show Details31min 25s
Get in the Right Room: Don't Miss Your Miracles with Micah Folsom
Show Details26min 1s
Is PD Actually Hurting Your Goals? With Brad Bizjack
Show Details28min 16s
Be the ONE Who Does the Hard Things with Mark Drager
Show Details56min 10s
Simple Habits - Life Changing Transformation : From Addiction to $30 Million Success and Happy with Jefferson K. Rogers
Show Details42min 8s
Four Lessons I Learned Launching our Homegrown Beef Boxes with Micah Folsom
Show Details27min 37s
What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Understand about Money & Finances with Danielle Hendon
Show Details41min 44s
Instantly Make Success Easier By Doing This One Thing with Micah Folsom
Show Details19min 11s
Lessons from an 8 Figure Entrepreneur Who Started at Ground Zero with Seneca Hampton
Show Details1hr 6min
Homeschooling CEO Mom: How I Game Plan to 'Do It All' Without Losing my Shiz with Micah Folsom
Show Details15min 40s
How to Scale to 6 Figures and Beyond While Working Full Time in 8-10 Hours a Week with Holly Haynes
Show Details25min 7s
Building a Team & Hiring to Expand your Growth & Impact with Jen Dillard
Show Details34min 4s
Screw Success Club & Flip the Script with Micah Folsom
Show Details22min 32s
Ambition Has Seasons with Angie Lee
Show Details38min 19s
Why Do You Self-Sabotage and How Can You Use It to Help You Grow? with Heather Chauvin
Show Details52min 4s
Healing the Hustle with Jessica Butts
Show Details45min 47s
The Power of Your Thoughts, Beliefs & Feelings with Krystal Jackson
Show Details54min 17s
Why Boundaries are Essential for Entrepreneurship with Micah Folsom
Show Details20min 54s
How to Power Through Ebbs and Flows of Motivation While Growing a Business with Renée Warren
Show Details35min 25s
Health is More than Food and Movement with Lauren Cunningham
Show Details51min 27s
Turning Your Pain Into Your Purpose with Alyssa Messick
Show Details31min 11s
Stop Suffering for Success with Amber Hawley
Show Details43min 58s
Leveled Up Life with David Atkins
Show Details39min 57s
6 Figure Marketing Plan for Coaches & Course Creators with Josh Coats
Show Details1hr 1min
Solo: Sharing the Pep Talk I Needed w/ You : How Much Life Are You Missing as You Chase that Six Pack and External Validation? with Micah Folsom
Show Details21min 37s
Your Money Stories Are Getting in the Way of Building Wealth and Financial Independence with Mel Abraham
Show Details53min 13s
Solo: The One Daily Question to Keep You Connected to Your Goals with Micah Folsom
Show Details18min 45s
From Fit Pro & Magazine Covers to Gaining 30 Pounds on Purpose and the Lessons That Came From It with Felicia Romero
Show Details39min 16s
Solo: Lessons from Losing Our Indie Pup & Navigating Painful Experiences with Micah Folsom
Show Details23min 14s
Transform Your Messaging Online So People Actually Hear You with Brandon Lucero
Show Details38min 37s
What it Takes to Bridge the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Wanna Be with Kacia Fitzgerald
Show Details51min 9s
The WHY Behind Recent Changes & the Power of Our Identity with Micah Folsom
Show Details18min 21s
Building a Life Using Social Media Without Social Media Becoming Your Life with Natalie Barbu
Show Details40min 19s
SOLO: Tips to Create Your Best Summer as an Entrepreneurial Parent with Micah Folsom
Show Details28min 49s
No-Guilt, No-Yelling Parenting Strategies for a Peaceful & Happy Home with Amy McCready
Show Details58min 49s
The Power of the Mind-Body Connection with Dr. Serena Sterling
Show Details36min 49s
Leading and Eating with Grace and Compassion with Jen Hope
Show Details47min 5s
Stop Feeling Split in Two: How to Prioritize Raising Your Family While Building a Business with Elizabeth Hartke
Show Details1hr 2min
Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Spirit in Our Kids with Elizabeth Hartke
Show Details51min 17s
Living Life Aligned + Energetic Time Mapping with Melissa Giller
Show Details42min 37s
Pep Talk: Your Pace Shifts with Seasons with Micah Folsom
Show Details16min 5s
Breaking Through Money Mindset Blocks with Choyo Wilson Daniel
Show Details29min 39s
Everything You've Never Learned About Listening with Christine Miles
Show Details46min 48s
Unpacking Entrepreneurship and Building an Authentic Brand with Anthony Sabatino
Show Details43min 14s
How to NOT Diet and Finally Find Your Sweet Spot with Nutrition with Toni Marinucci
Show Details46min 2s
What I Wish I Knew About Gut Health Years Ago with Dr. Meg Mill
Show Details44min 34s
PEP TALK : What You're Not Changing, You're Choosing with Micah Folsom
Show Details31min 21s
How Money Affects Your Relationship with Ed Coambs
Show Details43min 46s
Change Your Stories, Change Your Life with Brad Bizjack
Show Details41min 1s
One Thing Killing Your Goals and Your Joy with Micah Folsom
Show Details25min 12s
Success GPS - Your Path to Faster Success with Brad Bizjack
Show Details48min 56s
Finding Light After Tragic Loss with Becky Graff
Show Details35min 45s
The Selling Staircase Framework: Sell Confidently (and w/o Sleaze) with Nikki Rausch
Show Details56min 20s
Connecting with your Superconscious with Dr. Libby Adams
Show Details56min 13s
Stress is Happening FOR You with Stephannie Weikert
Show Details57min 14s
Go from Unfulfilled to Unstoppable with This Simple Shift
Show Details19min 22s
Debunking Nutrition Myths & Setting Yourself Up for New Year Goals with Melissa McAllister
Show Details50min 14s
Reflect, Release, Restore & Rise Up
Show Details27min 13s
6 Components to Run a Better Business and Speed up Your Success
Show Details39min 17s
How to Use Human Design to Find More Flow in our Lives
Show Details40min 48s
Gut Health, Hormones & Nutrition!
Show Details45min 37s
Schemas & Navigating our Emotions in an Empowering Way
Show Details47min 35s
Break Up w/ Either Or
Show Details16min 24s
Raising Empowered Children, Potty Training & Sex! We Dig Into It All!
Show Details42min 41s
Life on the Other Side of 'Should Be'
Show Details59min 19s
Unpacking How our Thoughts Impact Everything
Show Details50min 52s
The Easiest Way to Speed Up Your Success
Show Details1hr 1min
Selling Doesn’t Have to Feel Sleazy
Show Details51min 36s
How to Accelerate Success Without Working More Hours
Show Details44min 52s
How to Actually Hit Your Goals
Show Details52min 38s
7 Things Keeping You Stuck in Your Business
Show Details36min 29s
Are You Missing Your Miracles?
Show Details19min 15s
Reclaiming Your Life
Show Details45min 27s
Sales & Marketing w/ Soul
Show Details47min 32s
Self Discipline is Your Superpower with Business Coach & Former Pro Athlete, Dre Baldwin
Show Details52min 28s
A Deeper Dive into My Story
Show Details1hr 3min
Are Hormones the Culprit? Interview w/ Hormone Specialist Megan Bliss
Show Details49min 30s
Monetizing Your Social Media with Jordan English
Show Details43min 12s
Alignment & Life Pivots with Mompreneur Ali Levine
Show Details46min 54s
Struggling w/ Body Image? This Quickie is for You!
Show Details12min 52s
Authenticity is Your Super Power w/ Jessica Zweig
Show Details45min 40s
Social Selling Without Feeling Spammy w/ Kayla Ybanez
Show Details43min 46s
Manifestation & Money Mindset w/ Minnie Sami
Show Details47min 43s
Shatter Self Doubt to Accomplish Your Goals
Show Details19min 48s
Busyness is Killing Us with Garland Vance
Show Details50min 27s
All about Pregnancy, Unmedicated Childbirth & Postpartum!
Show Details1hr 5min
What It Takes to Build a Life You LOVE: Interview with Clay Steves
Show Details58min 44s
Becoming the Biggest Version of Ourselves : Interview w/ Transformation Coach Desiree Cocroft
Show Details53min 14s
How to Use EFT Tapping to Clear Energy Blocks with Theresa Levine
Show Details37min 50s
Reframing Anxiety: Having It Vs. Doing It
Show Details19min 19s
What REALLY Drives Your Actions and How You Feel? Deep Dive Into Values and Rules with Brad Bizjack
Show Details1hr 5min
Navigating Social Media as an Introvert with Matt Johnson
Show Details46min 55s
Simple Things to Prevent Overwhelm and Burnout
Show Details28min 32s
All About Nutrition & Postpartum Weight Loss
Show Details45min 25s
Rev’s Birth Story
Show Details39min 31s
Give vs. Get | An Essential Shift to Transform Your Energy & Success
Show Details19min 59s
Stop Waiting for The TITLE to Give You Confidence
Show Details17min 47s
Stop Relying on Motivation
Show Details16min 48s
Integrity: A Powerful Way to Build Confidence & Self-Belief
Show Details18min
From Happy to Struggle to Stronger than Ever With My Husband, JD Folsom
Show Details40min 58s
Avoiding Roommate Status in Marriage and Bringing Your Passion Back with Brad Bizjack
Show Details1hr 3min
One Weekly Ritual to Improve Your Time Management Skills
Show Details18min 33s
Building a Community & the Science Around Connecting with Dr. Caroline Addington
Show Details47min 46s
Eliminating Toxicity in Your Life with AmyJo Mattheis
Show Details49min 32s
Diving into the Mindset of an Entrepreneur with Mike Smerklo
Show Details33min
Identifying your Purpose and Quantum Goal Setting with John Templeton
Show Details47min 19s
Improve your Life in an Instant with this Simple Shift
Show Details23min 35s
New Year, New Vision: The Missing Link to Your Success with Brad Bizjack
Show Details55min 14s
Reflecting on 2020 & How Our Belief and Confidence Shifts Our Entire World
Show Details23min 46s
How to Shift the Story You’re Living By
Show Details23min 8s
Living From the Inside Out w/ Push Coach Josh Coats
Show Details1hr 7min
Transform your Life in the Power Pockets
Show Details25min 4s
How to Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs w/ Mindset Strategist Brad Bizjack
Show Details1hr 17min
How to Gain Clarity Around Your Vision
Show Details31min 28s
How to Overcome Judgement and Start Sharing Your Story on Social
Show Details22min 13s
Tips to Make Your Side Hustle Your Main Hustle
Show Details25min 51s
The Power of Appreciation & Gratitude
Show Details39min 26s
How to Build Your Confidence & Self Belief Every Day
Show Details19min 18s
Protecting Your Energy with Kyle Sullivan
Show Details39min 42s
Discipline Creates Freedom
Show Details18min 29s
Creating a Healthy Environment on Social Media
Show Details18min 46s
Qualifying Yourself Through Experience and Calling
Show Details27min 22s
One Simple Mindset Shift to Create Powerful Habits
Show Details21min 49s
Honoring Our Emotions & Identifying Sparks of Joy
Show Details21min 29s
How to Get The Most From Your Personal Development
Show Details18min 42s
Grace & Intention Through Different Seasons of Life
Show Details27min 7s
Building Self Belief with Kyle Sullivan
Show Details29min 44s
Rebecca Bender’s Personal Experience with Human Trafficking
Show Details59min 4s
Becoming Unstoppable w/ Business Strategist Kelly Roach
Show Details31min 32s
Breaking Up With Being Content Part 2
Show Details39min
Taking Ownership Gives You Your Power Back
Show Details18min 8s
Breaking Up With Being Content and Crushing the Terror Barrier
Show Details32min 8s
Are You Letting Your Past Self Identity Define Your Future?
Show Details24min 47s
Showing Up On The Days You Just Don’t Feel Like It
Show Details26min 50s
I Feel Overwhelmed, Now What?
Show Details26min 6s
Creating a Vision for Your Life
Show Details21min 40s
We Are ONE & We Must Do Better
Show Details11min 45s
Master Your Morning
Show Details29min 57s
Allow These to Refine You Instead of Defeat You
Show Details24min 33s
Taking Control of Your Thoughts
Show Details22min 43s
The Importance of Habits
Show Details35min 23s
A Child's Perspective on Mom Guilt
Show Details30min 25s
Feeling Like You're Failing As a Mom
Show Details33min 1s
Shifting Your Relationship With Fear
Show Details27min 14s
How I Found My Way and Why a Podcast
Show Details19min