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Do We Know Them?

It's safe to say that longtime creators and friends, Jessi Smiles and Lily Marston, have seen quite a lot during their almost decade long careers on the internet, giving them a unique perspective on the topic of internet drama. And since there's there's not a whole lot going on in their own lives - join them every Sunday because they'll be providing their profound insight and opinions on the latest internet happenings in their podcast, "DO WE KNOW THEM?" Because let's be honest, they probably do.


23 - The WEIRD World of Nikocado Avocado + TRY GUYS UPDATE
Show Details1hr 4min
Our Reaction to this ENTITLED Influencer + $90k Taylor Swift Tickets?! (Ep. 22)
Show Details1hr 1min
21 - Def Noodles ROASTED & BLOCKED Us ft. Nick DiRamio + This Nikita Dragun Situation is NOT OK
Show Details1hr 53min
19 - Travis Scott CHEATING Timeline?! Ned Fulmer Exposed AGAIN (HALLOWEEN EPISODE))
Show Details1hr 7min
18 - Olivia Wilde's SPECIAL Salad Dressing + INSANE Pink Sauce Update
Show Details1hr 23min
17 - Todrick Hall Exposed By Former Employees + TwitchCon Foam Pit Disaster
Show Details1hr 4min
16 - Try Guys Update + Ned Exposed AGAIN?
Show Details1hr 9min
15 - The TRY GUYS Cheating Scandal Explained
Show Details59min 46s
14 - Adam Levine CHEATS w/ IG Model + Taylor Holder Allegations
Show Details55min 9s
13 - Ray J EXPOSES Kim Kardashian Contract!? + Don't Worry Darling UPDATE
Show Details59min 35s
12 - Lea Michele Can't Read? + Don't Worry Darling FULL DRAMA BREAKDOWN
Show Details1hr 30min
11 - Our Reaction to the SECOND Def Noodles Roast
Show Details58min 58s
10 - Sheri & Yung Gravy VMA PDA + Def Noodles vs Kavos CRINGE
Show Details55min 35s
9 - Catherine McBroom Goes TOO FAR & Monty Lopez Is (Still) A Clout Goblin
Show Details54min 25s
8 - Our HONEST Reaction to the DEF NOODLES ROAST
Show Details1hr 23min
7 - Andrew Tate is THE WORST + Our Most Embarrassing Stories
Show Details1hr 1min
6 - Def Noodles UNFOLLOWS Us + Addison Rae's DAD vs Yung Gravy
Show Details1hr 22min
5 - The WEIRD Downfall of Def Noodles
Show Details1hr 4min
4 - WTF is Pink Sauce? + Reacting to Your Hate Comments
Show Details1hr 20min
3 - Addison Rae's Cringey Dad & David Dobrik's Legal Trouble
Show Details1hr 6min
2 - Was ACEFEST Really a SCAM?
Show Details1hr 16min
1 - Why 8 Passengers & Family Channels are AWFUL
Show Details57min 15s
Do We Know Them? (Trailer)
Show Details1min 37s