D&Dark Presents Call of Cthooby Doo Finale: A Pup Named S̵̢͆k̵̤͌e̷͚̅l̶͉̒j̷͇̀y̷̻̕e̴̘͐k̶͓̚ ̵͍̚D̵̛̥y̸̬̒ù̷̦ȕ̴̱g̵̛̱h̴͓̒

1h 9m | May 3, 2024

Contains: Elements of Cosmic Horror

Originally released December 8th 2023 as a Patreon Exclusive, we are making the whole One-Shot publicly available to compete in the CRIT Awards. Check out our Patreon for other mini-campaigns like this one.

The gang heads to Davis Delights to solve the mystery and unmask the monster...  


Danger Dan Jerz - The (Crypt) Keeper of Arcane Lore

Aaron Kaufhold - Fred Jones

Grayson Norman - Velma Dinkley

Daniel Cruz - Daphne Blake

Ben Magnet - Norville "Shaggy" Rogers

Jordan Nelson - Scooby Doo

Theme Song/Outro:

"Fight For Your Life" by Nicole Carino as "The Hex Girls"

Additional Music:

"Scooby Doo Where Are You Theme Ukelele Cover" by Albert Gyorfi

"Run" by Adventurer's Music Pack

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