DMTK: Chef’s Night: Arc 03 / Episode 028 - Storm in the Rift

Season 3 | Episode 28
1h 9m | Apr 23, 2020

While the rest of the party continues to play detective (and hunt Teddy), Comara looks a little bit deeper. Into herself and the ocean

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition 



Art: Cayla @veranox on twitter / Intro Music: Josie Franzen

Additional Music: Produced by Nathan and Cayla

Produced and Edited by Nathan and Cayla


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What is DMTK: Chef's Night?

DMTK (or DM's Test Kitchen) Chef's Night is a spinoff of our main channel, where we give DM's a chance to play! Nathan hosts an ever changing party of DM's from around the world as they explore the forsaken overworld. Through each arc, the party will change, so if you're interested in getting involved, please reach out through our website or social media

What is Dungeon Master's Test Kitchen?

Dungeon master's test kitchen or DMTK for short is an actual play podcast made by a group of five friends. The podcast combines elements of how-to and review with an ongoing narrative and story.

The hosts will battle through a never-ending stream of systems, bringing along their cast of unlikely heroes in a quantum leap-esque adventure as they try to return to their respective home worlds. All while trying to not get killed for their big mouths and sketchy moral compasses

As they play through all that the massive tabletop world has to offer they will also be providing reviews of the systems they experience as well as resources and quick start guides for those that want to give it a shot themselves

So whether you just want to enjoy a good meal and some ambiance or are looking to jump into the kitchen yourself, we have a table for you

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DMTK: Chef's Night