DM to GM

DM to GM are Russ More (Dumbgeons & Dragons) and Sean Howard (The End of Time and Other Bothers). They're answering your questions to help you feel more comfortable playing the games YOU want to play.


Managing a Murder Hobo Family and Changing the Social Contract
Show Details21min 18s
7 Ways To A Fun Session - A Bar and a Lost Goblin
Show Details18min 48s
Presents... Snyder's Return - Featuring Lauren Urban
Show Details40min 27s
The Guide to Winging It
Show Details28min 2s
Can You Run a Game Without Voices?
Show Details9min 33s
World Breakers!
Show Details13min 58s
You Have 30 Minutes to Prep! Don't Panic!
Show Details16min 22s
e26 - Alignment, What is it Good For?
Show Details24min 44s
e25 - Zero to Hero, A Session Zero Guide
Show Details40min 33s
e24 - Tell Me What You Want - Mailbag
Show Details31min 19s
e23 - One on One Gameplay - Mailbag
Show Details27min 22s
e22 - Our Mashed Potato Episode
Show Details24min 17s
e21 - Talking and Playing - Mailbag
Show Details40min 21s
e20 - Putting the Roleplay back in TTRPG
Show Details31min 53s
e19 - Playing from a Distance
Show Details26min 16s
e18 - Burn Down the Tavern!!! - Mailbag
Show Details32min 19s
e17 - Prepping for D&D
Show Details24min 17s
e16 - Prepping for Offworlders
Show Details30min 13s
e15 - One Shot - Offworlders
Show Details3hr 11min
e14 - Moves in PbtA & Ideas for D&D
Show Details39min 40s
e13 - Playing PbtA - The Basics!
Show Details23min 22s
e12 - Bringing Horror to Your Table?
Show Details35min 42s
e11 - Building Encounters An Easier Way?
Show Details24min 52s
e10 - ...To Module... or To Homebrew?
Show Details40min 26s
e09 - How Do We End It All?
Show Details25min 33s
e08 - One Shot - Lawless Walrus Western
Show Details2hr 6min
e07 - Mailbag with Tiffany Alvord
Show Details33min 37s
e06 - Scott wants to entertain a younger table!
Show Details17min 56s
e05 - yourfrienddevin wants Fallout to meet X-men
Show Details15min 38s
e04 - Cloudy Frog mixing fantasy and tech while letting go of the reigns.
Show Details14min 12s
e03 - Alllexia is threatening to run Fate!/Mike has the worst player in the world
Show Details29min 34s
DM to GM Trailer
Show Details1min 27s
e02 - Kit Is Looking To Wing It!
Show Details30min 51s
e01 - Help Me Bring The Steampunk!
Show Details28min 52s