Diving Into Data

Diving Into Data puts the world under the lens of data and analytics. Host TC Riley, Director of Analytics at MarketScale, dives into current news, B2B trends, and popular topics, examining how they can be analyzed through data. Presented by MarketScale.


There Are Two Sides To Every Story
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The Data Dividend Project: Delightful, Delusional or Disaster?
Show Details40min 2s
How Data Drives a COVID World
Show Details34min 47s
The Times They Are A-Changin’: Employees & Education
Show Details33min 55s
Why Is This Still Not Working?
Show Details34min 25s
Is it Probable or Just Possible?
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Wait, Are We Back to Normal?
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The Guiding Light of Data
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Are You Content With Your Content?
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Being Smart About Artificial Intelligence
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Taking Advantage of a Bad Situation
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Unemployment and Inflation and Bear Markets, Oh My!
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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Economy and Sports
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Using the NFL Combine to Define What Data Matters
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How the ‘Elam Ending’ Changed the NBA All Star Game
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How New XFL Rules Change the Calculations Made by Coaches
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Using Data to Breakdown the College Football Playoff
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Using Data to Create Sports Ecosystems
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Did Major League Baseball Swap the Baseballs for the Postseason?
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Fantasy Sports, Digital Signage, and Tariffs
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